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Sci-Fi Friday Related Ramblings

I’m thinking Ioan Gruffudd could soon rival the six degrees of Kevin Bacon - at least in my world of TV and movie viewing. After viewing Daniel Deronda, I decided to look up the lead, Hugh Dancy, on Imdb. I had recently seen a promo on HBO for the upcoming Elizabeth I, starring Helen Mirren, and caught a glimpse of an actor who looked like this Hugh fella. Sure enough, he plays the Earl of Essex. What then caught my attention was that, amongst his credits, he played Galahad in King Arthur. OK, I just saw that movie again on TV recently and am hard pressed to picture him in it. Of course, I also paid no attention to the sickly guy who tried to off himself in ‘The Duchess on the Devil’ either. ;)

My point in all of this is is here I am watching ‘Deronda’ for Jamie, who is acting opposite Hugh, who would later be in ‘Arthur’ with Ioan, who Jamie starred in ‘Hornblower’ with. Then I think about Ioan working on a film with David Duchovny (another actor I like, shut up). It’s all connected….which makes me think of Buffy….and I’ll stop now.

As for the film ‘Daniel Deronda’, it marks the end of a road for me. I believe I’ve exhausted all Bamber appearances that are available to me. And I can now say that, excluding stage work which I have no way of judging, ‘Galactica’ is the best work he’s ever had. ‘Hornblower’ would certainly come in second, blowing everything else out of the water (take that as a pun if you wish).

‘Deronda’ was OK. I could elaborate on the highs and lows, but I’m not sure anyone really cares to have me ramble on about a film you’ll probably never watch. Briefly, I saw people rave about it on imdb and Amazon, but I have to wonder if they watch much TV. ;) One problem I had is that I felt as if I was watching two stories forced together. I would assume this problem is inherent in the text. The production’s reliance on melodrama to try to gain audience sympathy may be it’s own failing. And with the exception of a few, the acting failed to impress.

Jamie’s role was small and that of, once again, the best friend. And for those among us who have been mocking his hair in the ‘Galactica’ finale – it has nothing on the wacky hair of this production. It’s as if the hairstylist looked to Gene Wilder for inspiration and then decided to add bleach. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The odd thing is I had this BSG fic idea before watching this which I pretty much had decided to throw on the scrap heap of ideas until one of his very final scenes. The lines coupled with the way he delivered them made me go ‘Damn. It may work.’

And speaking of BSG (If you’re saying ‘No you aren’t’ then you didn’t click on the cut did you? :p), Ms carrielee informs me that James Callis is coming to Dragon*Con! Of course, he said that last year and we know what happened. I’ll forgive him if he actually shows…and brings Jamie.

I was looking at the Sci-Fi site earlier and I noticed that there is a new podcast up. Which struck me as odd since the season is over. It turns out they taped a writers meeting back in July of 2005. I listened to the first couple minutes and the good news is they talk about the back ten so no spoilers unless you haven’t seen all of season 2. The bad news is I only listened to a couple minutes and can’t report on how aggravating Ron may be. ;)

The BSG Hiatus Laura-and-Lee Fixathon: Sign-Ups have begun over at laura_lee_bsg. I mentioned this awhile ago, but let me reiterate, it’s not just for Lee/Laura fans it’s for Lee *and* Laura fans. I quote from the post, </i>The Laura-and-Lee Fixathon is open to shippers as well as folks who like their relationship the gen way, and contributions include stories, graphics and vids. Like a secret gift exchange ficathon-type-thing-only-with-more-than-just-fic-on-offer, see?</i> I have many talented people on my Flist who I’d love to see contribute and I’d hate to think you’re not doing so because you fear having to make them swap spit or other bodily fluids ;p. Heck, brynnmck is signed up and she’s a Lee/Kara shipper! Come on people, join the fun! And please don’t forget I know where some of you live. =)

I also volunteered to be a backup instigator, Mod, whatever for this. Come see me go mad with power!

Hmmmm, what else? Oh, there was ‘Doctor Who’ tonight.

I’ve mentioned around LJ that this is probably my least favorite episode of the series. It’s not bad, it just isn’t particularly interesting to me because I feel as if I’ve seen it all before. Reanimated corpses. Glowing eyes. Supposedly good otherworldly creatures turning out to be evil.

It doesn’t help that Charles Dickens, a Nineteenth Century soap opera writer as far as I’m concerned, features prominently. On the brightside, he dies in a week. :)

There were some things I really appreciated about the episode. The humorous dialogue was one thing. My favorite line being, “The stiffs are getting lively again.” And I liked that after being introduced to the Doctor’s dark streak, a result of the burdens he carries as the last of his race, we find that he still wants to believe (sorry, had to use it) and trust in the goodness of beings even after seeing so much destruction and death. Yet that trust is used against him. As is guilt over his past. Nice touch on their part to indicate their present existence is a direct effect of the Time War.
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