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A gentle reminder...

New HOUSE Tonight! And new eps every week through May!

There. Happy? :p

Belated birthday wishes to marcee12. Happy Birthday! I didn't forget, I was just too lazy to post this weekend. ;) I hope you had a great day. Hopefully it was nice enough to enjoy the new patio. :)

I just saw the good news that The Adventures of Brisco County Jr will be released on DVD on July 18. And the cover art I voted for was the winner! The bad news? The retail price is $99.98. WTF? Sure, there are extras, but not enough to warrant that pricing. Even with the discounted sites it ain't going to be cheap.

This weekend brought us (in the U.S.) the season finale of Slings & Arrows. OK, I think I see the connection between 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Macbeth' now. It comes down to the play being the thing and two directors finding themselves again. Darren gives up the faux artsy intellectual persona he's created and chooses to show he still has a soul and feelings. He throws out the gimmicks in favor of focusing on the heart of the show - the text. (I really wish they had gotten two stronger actors to play Romeo and Juliet. They paled in compariosn to Ellen and Geoffrey watching and reacting in the wings.)

And Geoffrey gives up the ghost, first in the play (yep, the empty chair really works) and then by leaving Oliver behind. Oliver was a great catalyst to bring Geoffrey back to the theatre. To reignite his love for it. But he as the production progressed Geoffrey realized he had to trust in his own instincts, to trust in himself. Sure he may still be a little crazy (who in this cast of characters isn't?), but he seems to have made peace with it.

I felt more than a little sorry for Oliver. I always felt that Oliver existed only in Geoffrey's mind. But then we see Oliver left behind in the bar, trying to communictae to someone else, yet not being heard. So it would seem Oliver's spirit is left to roam the earth, not really 'living' without Geoffrey to listen to him.

Ellen's cute, but intellectually challenged ex seemed to possess more common sense then either she or Geoffrey. It's pretty obvious that the two, for better and worse, belong toghether, and I liked Sloan's reaction to discovering they were not. Hey, if he was going to be dumped at least he knew it was because the two others were destined to be together.

So I doubt Henry really learned any lesson from the most terrifying night of his life, but it was damn entertaining to watch. I especially liked his understudy going all 'Friday the 13th' and rising from the dead. ;)

Richard's not out on his ass! I never thought I'd be rooting for him to save his job after the first season/series. I'm still have trouble buying how that oddball campaign worked, but the audiance mix reflected what I;ve seen going to the theatre.

And Romeo still doesn't do anything for me. :p
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