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'House' Is On Soon So This Shall Be Quick

Wow. Tonight's American Idol blows. Did nearly everyone think they could just coast this week?

After the debate that raged over Ella Enchanted's merits, or lack thereof, between x_h00ine and thegoyle in the comments of a recent post, I succumbed and watched it on TV earlier this evening. I'm torn. I was forced to flip channels several times out of embarrassment for the actors, but Mr Dancy was quite charming (yes, I know it's a pun, but it's true!). Though he should never, NEVER, sing or dance again. And as much as I'm growing to like him (he showed much more personality here then in the other two productions I've seen him in) I don't think I'll be able to drag myself to the theatre to see Basic Instinct 2.
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But you and The Goyle were so entertaining! And this is all about ME remember? ;)

I read some reviews of BI2 over at imdb from people who had seen the London premiere or previews and all but one said it was one of the worst movies ever made. One person said they enjoyed 'Gigli' more; another claimed it was worse than 'Battlefield Earth'. I'm thinking Hugh should ask for his name to be removed from the production.
It seems like at least once (if not more) each season, there's something funny in the AI water and everyone sucks beyond the telling of it. Usually it's when they choose some weird theme for them to pick songs from, but this week should've been fairly easy. I guess they all thought so too.
I think Simon said it best when he reminded Ms Pickler that they had thousands of songs to choose from and she chose 'Suds in a Bucket'.
Bearing in mind Ella Enchanted is aimed at kids at least half our age, I quite enjoyed it. It was pretty, particularly Mr Dancy! Also his singing is so bad that when the song was recorded with the potential to be released as a single, Anne sang with a blond boy (I think the younger brother of a Backstreet Boy?)...
When I read "it is bad, but it is not as bad as JM," I was thinking about James Marsters! I was sitting here nodding and laughing. Even though I now realize you were speaking of Jesse McWhatever, it's still funny. At least to me.
Hee. Yeah, for a moment I thought she was taking this opportunity to slam James too. And it still works. ;)
I've watched my fair share of kids movies and they didn't annoy me as this did. It would have been better had they not gone for so many cheap and easy jokes. The actors gave it there all though.
Ella Enchanted was slightly cute. My kids liked it. The book is SO much better, that I couldn't help but be disappointed. Still, it was better than a lot of kids' stuff these days. I cannot remember Mr. Dancy's singing and dancing. Perhaps that's for the best!
I cannot remember Mr. Dancy's singing and dancing. Perhaps that's for the best!

It is amusing, but I can't decide if I'm laughing with him or at him! He really was quite adorable in the film though. Damn, just what I need, another Brit to obsess over! :p

I feel like I should start watching 'Due South' so we can chat again. ;)
Idol was wretched. I did not enjoy a single performance. Song choice, song choice, song choice. When will they learn?
Well, one young lady learned the hard way tonight. ;) Now can we please get rid of Ace?