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Clueless....This Weeks 'House', Not Me ;)

With House and Wilson we’ve moved past the subtext, innuendo, and teasing to ‘Oh My God, just do it already!’ This is just plain cruel because the show just ain’t going to go there. Putting aside THAT level of consideration, it struck me that Wilson’s reaction to House kicking him out spoke of some deeper hurt. He’s had three wives leave him. The first two it’s been hinted at were caused by his infidelity, but the latest cheated on *him* and threw him out even going to the extreme of firing the maid who reminded her of him. Now his best friend has told him to get out after one night. He has to be wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

I liked no_detective referring to the duckling uprising as a bloodless coup. I was less shocked that they, particularly Foreman and Cameron, openly disagreed and were unwilling to yield to House and more stunned that House allowed Foreman to tell him what the treatment was to be and allowing him to carry it out. I don’t think it was an admission on House’s part that he was wrong, rather a sign of frustration with himself for not being able to prove why he was right. If that makes any sense.

I have to say, once again, that Cameron is being written much better this season. I really enjoyed her taking a stand and not wavering. She didn’t care if she pissed off House nor did she worry about what he’d think about her after. And I didn’t feel it was just a new tactic on her part. She still obviously cares about House, but she’s not obsessing over him. There was a reason the camera focused on her silent reaction to the wife’s statements “People pretend to be the person they think their partner wants.” and “People don’t change, at least not in any way that really matters.” It’s a bit sad that she needed to hear someone else state the obvious, but I think it finally hit her – she can’t make herself into the person House wants (I’m not sure that person exists plus he’d see right through the charade) and he’ll never change. I won’t fault her for hanging on to some hope that there might be a chance for them, but she’s realizing she has to take him as is and she can’t remake herself.

My mother called me after the episode asking why the wife was trying to kill her husband. She had to leave the room a couple times during the ep and she was sure she missed something. I liked that we didn’t get the ‘why’ for two reasons. One, it’s more realistic. How often do murderers/potential murderers reveal there intent two minutes after being confronted with the evidence? Secondly, while House may have liked to have known why she did what she did, it wasn’t of prime concern to him. It’s the patient’s illness and the ‘how’ they became ill that consumes him. It’s solving that mystery that he cares about.

Other random bits I liked:

Chase almost applauding House’s juggling until he realized he was the only one about to do it.

House’s TIVO list includes ‘Spongebob’, ‘The O.C.’, and….’Blackadder’!

Cuddy looking really impressed with Cameron as she’s fighting House.

House thanking the maid for telling him where the box was located. It was as close to ‘I’m sorry’ as she was going to get and even though she’d only known him for about two minutes, she knew it.

Some random TV news I picked up today that made me happy…Prison Break got it’s second season pick up from FOX (not a huge shock considering the good ratings after their prolonged break)…Slings & Arrows will be back for a third season! Alas, it also seems to be its final season. That better mean a boxed set of DVDs will be forthcoming…and I don’t know of anyone on my Flist who would consider ‘Stargate’ casting news spoilery, but, just in case…Richard Dean Anderson will be back for the 200th (200th?!) episode as well as a guest turn on ‘Atlantis’.

Oh, and 'Scrubs' will soon be available on itunes. Too late NBC, I already downloaded it the old fashioned way! ;p
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