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Quick Update

It dawned on me last night that, once again, I have not posted here for many days. I almost posted last Friday but who really wants to read mw whine about 11 hour days at work? My friend and I had one of our post work bitch sessions on why the hell we stay here. Apparently all the aggravation my boss causes us is slightly outweighed by mucho vacation time, full benefits, and arriving and leaving as we please. Plus, I genuinely like the majority of people working here and those I don't I can call on their crap.

I got my taxes done this weekend. Woo and Hoo! I swear every year I'll do them earlier, but inevitably wait until about two weeks before they are due. And this is the first year I'm getting less back then I expected. My employer giveth more and the government giveth less back. :/

The money I am getting back looks to be going towards car repairs. My check engine light went on for the second time in three months. Of course it can't be that they screwed up fixing something the last time, no, it's an entirely new problem.

I haven't rewatched this past weeks 'Doctor Who' yet. After my exhausting eleven hour day I fell asleep on the couch half way through the ep. Since it's a two-parter I think I'll just save my thoughts for this coming Friday.

I'm slowly getting my mother on board the Bamber bandwagon. When I was talking to her yesterday afternoon she pointed out, as I predicted shw would, that 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' was airing at 6 (I already know this, of course ;). And she actually watched it again herself. Interestingly, the Poirot film that aired right before it featured Christopher Eccelston. Apparently, when it comes to Sci-Fi Friday, if you are Canadian you must have appeared on 'Stargate'. If you are Birtish, you must appear as a murder suspect in a Poirot film.

Oh, and I saw Ice Age: The Meltdown Saturday. Not as good as the first film, but I found it enjoyable with a couple of laugh out loud moments. And we saw a trailer for some animated film featuring the voices of Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, and Robin Williams. The trailer features Robin, as a penguin, singing 'My Way' in Spanish. Even if Hugh wasn't involved that would get me in the theater come November.

OK, back to work. Blech.
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I'm slowly getting my mother on board the Bamber bandwagon

Lords, woman! Is no one safe?

I'm afraid I'm working on a full blown addiction to BSG. I've been going back and watching the season one DVDs AND listening to the commentary. I caught myself browsing for a BSG book at Amazon. I haven't been this bad since Buffy!

I'm off work this week and home with the boys for spring break. I find myself not really missing the shop, and I'm wondering if maybe I'd be better off moving on. It's not like I make any money--I'm mostly in it for the discount on yarn. I find myself sometimes dreading going to work--mostly when my boss is there, otherwise it's pretty good.

Perhaps all this work discontent is just a blip. Just wanted you to know you weren't the only one. At least you get benefits and vacation!

P.S. Where are these Poirot's airing? Cable or PBS? I love Agatha, but didn't realize Mr. B. was in one. I shall have to look for it. See what you've done to me?
Lords, woman! Is no one safe?

I think the answer to that would be no.

It may be selfish and wrong of me but your new obsession makes me very happy. :) The more people I can discuss the show with the better. I actually haven't watched any BSG since the finale (my brain needed a break), but I think i may pop the mini in one of these days. I'd like to see just how far we've come in terms of character development. And there's pissy bitter Lee! Who I don't really miss. ;)

I find myself sometimes dreading going to work--mostly when my boss is there, otherwise it's pretty good.

Hee. Yeah, I know what you mean. My boss didn't come in until after 1 today and I felt like throwing a party. ;p

Poirot is airing on A&E's Bbiography channel. They run episodes just about every Sunday. Yesterday they ran four of the two hour movies. Between Jamie's appearance and my mother making me watch some eps at Christmas I'm kind of getting into the show. I even watched another one of the movies, 'After the Funeral', last night. Granted, it did have a cute guy in it which helped.

I know some of the Poirot films our available on DVD. Maybe you could Netflix them? And Jamie's appearance I have on tape and would be more than happy to make you a copy. It's a small role, but he's cute in his little suit. :)
I started with the mini (although I didn't check to see if it had commentary) and made my way thru all of S1. I finished up last night. I really enjoyed "geeking out" and listening to the commentary. It was great to hear the little back stories and reasons for things. I also watched the deleted scenes--that was interesting. I think they really showed how things could have gone, but didn't. I like the direction they went with overall--I mean, thank heavens we didn't actually have Boxy all season! I was suprised they even filmed him so late into the season. I'm still finding myself easy to please. I'm content to just go along for the ride with BSG. That doesn't mean I won't obsess! I just won't get my knickers in a twist. Much.

I'll check for the Poirot films on Netflix. I've watched very few films even though I'm a big fan of the books. Something to look forward to! Cute guys are always a big plus.
The mini does have commentary and it's perhaps the best commentary they have done thus far. I think the big revelation was that the last we were to have seen of Helo was as Sharon flys away, but they grew to love the character and Tehmoh so much they quickly signed him to a contract for season 1. His absence from the series would have radically changed events.

There were a few deleted scenes I wish had made it into the final episodes. I'm thinking specifically of the scenes between Laura and Billy and Laura and Lee in KLG. It's not so much that they were needed (I can't think of a single deleted scene that I thought *should* have been in an episode) and perhaps were even redundant in some respects, but they did help flesh out the thinking and ideology of the characters and you can see why they acted as they did later.
Ack - sorry to hear about the work stuff and the car problems. But I am very amused that you've turned your mother into a full-fledged Bamber fangirl! She'll be getting an LJ and shopping around for icons of biceps any time now...

Apparently, when it comes to Sci-Fi Friday, if you are Canadian you must have appeared on 'Stargate'. If you are British, you must appear as a murder suspect in a Poirot film.

You know, I don't even have the Sci-Fi channel (yet - I think we're getting cable when we move because the new apartment's rent is actually lower than our current one, wheee!) but this description strikes me as totally accurate.
I think there is a law in Canada that if you are an actor you have to appear on a 'Stargate'. And when you start tracking down Jamie Bamber appearances watching a lot of British TV you realize how small the acting pool is over there. Which makes me wonder what will happen with their TV industry with so many Brits coming here to...appear on TV. Oh well, I;m sure FOX will buy the BBC any day now. ;p

Get cable! Get cable! Then you can discuss BSG with me in real time! :-)

Sorry work has been so yucky. I've been putting in some insanely long hours myself, and it really kills your energy.
Seriously. And by the time I get my energy back it's Sunday night and I have to get up and go to work the next morning.

This week is spring break for most school systems which means many of the attorneys have taken the week off. Hopefully, it will provide a breather and let me catch up on stuff.
Argh, long hours and car repairs -- that's a real double-whammy! Thank goodness, you're at least going to get a bit of a tax refund even if it less than expected.

I still haven't seen the 'by now not so new but not to be confused with the version from the 70s, which I do vaguely remember' Doctor Who. Somehow, even though I have more time on my hands these days, there still aren't enough hours in the day for me to do everything I'd like.
I think I'd need a year off of work to catch up on everything I want/need to do. Of course, it seems I got more accomplished before the internet entered my life and I met all you people! ;p
Word! Initially, I was only going to take a month or two off, but now I'm inclined to put off looking for a new job until July ;-)
Hmmm, this could be good. If we ever decide on dates for the Vancouver trip we can use your assistance in stalking. :)