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The bad puns, they are back. :)

Damn, Michelle actually did a decent job. She made me feel sorry for the poor kid. And kudos once again to the show for letting kids look like kids. Yeah, I know Michelle is a bit older than 16, but I bought her as such here.

Is this the first time the Patient of the Week’s drama seemed so secondary to the evolving relationships and subtle character changes amongst the House and Co? I love the slowly shifting dynamics. Cameron has not only been growing a back bone, the girl has a mouth on her! Trying to take House on verbally was perhaps taking on too much too soon (though he may have been impressed she at least tried), but, admit it, you laughed when she told Chase, "Too bad it’s not you giving the sample, we’d be done by now."

Chase was trying very hard to *be* House in this episode. He’s moving beyond idolization to putting what he’s observed into practice. His ordering Cameron to “Check it anyway” sounded very much like House. And, later, when House challenged them all to pick ‘good news’ or ‘bad news’ Chase chose the former admitting it was because it sounded like him.

"Foreman’s right." Yeah, I froze for a moment too. I know they were thrown by House having faith in someone else’s ability, but they’ve all been working under House, supposedly learning from him, for how long? They should be at the point where they begin making the right calls. And, actually, since everything they know is a result of everything House knows isn’t he really complimenting himself?

I never felt House was torturing Wilson just for the fun of it. Sure, he had fun, but there had to be more to it than that. He wanted to teach him a lesson; to make him face the reality of his situation. What I hadn’t thought of was that Wilson was moving because he believed House wanted him gone and not because he had accepted getting his own place meant his marriage was truly over. I know Wilson has criticized House for having no life outside the hospital, but why is it Wilson had no where to go while he thought House was otherwise occupied? Wilson is just as alone and miserable as House, accept he’s had the luxury of a bad marriage to mask his problems.

"Everything is connected." Yes, it’s very in keeping with House, but I also had a Buffy moment. At least Michelle’s character didn’t yell at her mother to ‘Get out, get out, get out!’ ;)

Coma guy! Seriously, he better wake up in the series finale and reveal he’s heard everything.
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