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More car ramblings, keep moving...

So, I had ABC on for a few minutes and discovered that Invasion returns in two weeks (YAY!) as does Alias (Yay?). Yes, I probably shall start watching the latter again just to see if they can get the train back on the rails. If nothing else, I can mock it.

My car has been returned to me. Trapper (yes, that's the dealership service manager's name - I thought of you writteninstars ;) called me this morning to inform me my part arrived from Ohio. Actually, I didn't give him time to say that or even hello before I jumped into "How's my car?" I could have lived without the repair work being described as "We just have to slap the part in." Um, for what I'm paying you better be using platinum plated tools and carrying it to the car on a pillow.

My mother exhibited some of her head scratching thinking at the dealership. As I was trying to find a place to park I remarked that there were a lot of cars there (by which I meant more than usual) to which she replied that many are probably for sale. Gee, ya think? :p Then she noticed how "cute" one of the new models is and said something about buying one. I thought she was referring to me getting a new car and I informed her unless she was buying me one I wasn't about to start making monthly car payments. No, she meant she should buy one for herself and keep the car she has now as a back up.

Me: "Your going to pay insurance on *two* cars?"
Mom: "Yes. I'm never getting rid of this one."
Me: "But you are *always* complaining about money!"
Mom: "Yes, but I have that tax return coming."

Seriously, I know she's not going to buy a car. And I know whatever the return is it's not enough to outright buy a car. But I have to wonder how a woman who hasn't worked since 1971 is doing better than ME financially.

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