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GBP and More!

Happy Birthday!!!Happy Birthday!!!Happy Birthday!!!

To Miss jonesiexxx who is one of my oldest (as in how long I've known her - let's not start anything!) and dearest online buddies. We not only survived The Board That Shall Not Be Named Together, but were vanquished from it on the exact same day. She's witty and wise and very deserving of the XXX in her name. ;) I hope you have a marvelous day filled with fine food and lots of prezzies...except for mine which will be mailed this weekend. :) ::smooches::

And here is a final pleading reminder to those talented folks on my FList who are fans of Lee, Laura, or Lee/Laura to puh-leeeeeeze go check out the Laura-and-Lee Fixathon and see if can contribute. Seriously, it does not have to be a romantic coupling. We're not crazy shippers. Really!
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