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'Who' Thoughts and A Rant You Can Feel Free to Ignore

I have to say, on second viewing, some aspects of these episodes wear thin. The Sliveen’s (sp) zipper effect is amusingly cheesy the first time you see it, but by the, oh, tenth time it’s enough already. fer1213 pointed out that Sci-Fi is making small cuts to the episodes and they’re shedding Rose/Doctor moments. I just don’t get them cutting the main attraction and leaving in redundant effects shots.

And let me get this straight, the national defense system can be hacked with the password Buffalo? Typed over and over again? I have batter password protection on my e-mail! Give us a little credit dear writers.

I know many people watching for the first time find Jackie rather annoying. I actually empathize with her a lot more this go round. Her daughter is traveling with a nine hundred year old alien she doesn’t know in a phone box through the galaxy and when she asks for some guarantee for her daughter’s safety she can’t get one. It’s understandable that Rose would desire an escape from her mundane life and choose to go on this great adventure, but it also makes sense that Jackie would be greatly concerned and voicing her opinion strongly and loudly.

As quick to condemn as the Doctor can be, once again, we see him show compassion and sympathy for the pig. Why? I think it comes down to innocence for him. The pig was taken from the life it knew, tampered with, and put into a situation it didn’t understand. The Doctor sees the same vulnerability, confusion, and fear within us – hence his determination to protect the human race. We don’t know what’s out there and how to deal with it when it hit’s home or Big Ben in this case. (And after seeing too many landmarks trashed in disaster movies, I really appreciated The Doctor’s “Hitting Big Ben, come on.” because it’s just too improbable and obvious.)

And the Doctor came off a bit unlikable at the end of WW3. He screwed up returning Rose home so it seemed as if she was missing for a year and he’s about to run off with her again after nearly causing her death and he can’t be bothered to sit down for tea with her mother? How rude! Though I think the root of his selfishness is self-preservation – trying to avoid too many connections and the emotional baggage that comes with them.

Favorite line: “You’re a very violent young women.” I think I’ve heard that myself once or twice. ;)

To anyone else who has paid any attention to those commercials for the Who DVDs coming out in July, why does it say "The Complete First Series" on the box? Isn’t this like the twentysomethingth series?

And the next series premieres this week?! Hopefully I’ll have my downloading skillz perfected by then. I was trying to download ‘Prison Break’ (somehow an ep that won’t air for two weeks is making its way around the internet). The third try was the charm, but the first attempt never got going and the second turned out to be a zip file which needed to be converted (not a problem) and then needed the password to open. Password? Yeah, the guy who uploaded it also uploaded a Read Me document that informed me I had to register at a forum to get a password and that by me not doing so already meant I was lazy and how he needed to track who was downloading his torrents. Now I have no way of uploading shows myself, but I try to do my part by leaving the torrent on my computer as long as possible to share with others. Maybe I’m overreacting, but it just seemed like this guy was on a little power trip trying to make people jump through hoops for his torrents. And considering there are numerous ones out there for this particular ep it seemed rather ridiculous.
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