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Well, House of Cards Actually Seems Appropriate

Ya know, the tee shirts are great, but I can totally support the tux becoming House's new day to day wear. Sans tie, of course. Good Lord, did the man look good. Adding to the hotness was him being hands on treating a patient again. Actually, they all looked really good. And I'm always entertained by the unusual sight of people all dressed up in their best duds being called back to work.

And some may try to deny it, but there was a definite House/Cameron moment. I actually thought Cameron was going to have her 'Oh my God, he's noticing me!' moment taken away from her. Foreman was standing right behind her and I expected House to compliment him on *his* appearance - whether it be an honest observation or just a way of showing Cameron, yet again, it ain't gonna happen. But, nope, his momentary distraction was all about her and he did nothing to cover it up. And that House was distracted from the mission at hand? Yeah, I'll need to analyze that more.

Since the show threw the Moby Dick comparison at us several times, it kind of undermines our analysis of Esther being House's whale. The show continued to show us that while House may be a wee bit more sensitive to his patient it's a child his main focus is always the ailment and finding a cure. He wasn't haunted by Esther's death, but how his perceived failure led to her death.

I'm a little peeved at Cuddy. She chews out House for nearly killing the boy, but at least he was doing something. She ordered an IV for dehydration and went on playing poker. (I'm not a parent nor an expert when it comes to gastro-intestinal ailments, but that kid didn't just have some blood in his stool, he was hemorrhaging.)

Wilson won the tournament! I was so happy for him. After all the crap he's been through recently, he deserves a moment. :)
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