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Why is it I end up watching at least part of The Ten Commandments every year? It was definitely more impressive when I was a kid...and we didn't have cable. For it's time, it must have pretty spectacular in terms of effects and grandeur, but, good grief, the dialogue! And the acting!

Gorgeous day here today. I'm thinking we'll have another week of this before it hits 90. :p And I braved the grocery store. Going the day before Easter is not a good idea, but I needed food and tomorrow will be just as bad with all the really last minute shoppers. I did have one interesting moment when a teenage girl and her mother passed me. The girl was discussing a falling out with a friend and, apparently, didn't know it had gotten to the point they were no longer friends until the friend had defriended her journal. Hee! I know we all talk about defriending, but it was the first time I hearD it talked about in casual conversation in public. It was an odd experience. I have to say I was also impressed because with all the horror stories you are hear about teens and sites such as My Space, here was a mother who obviously knew what her daughter was doing online and a daughter who felt comfortable talking with her mother about it.

Now, before I get to the new 'Who' (Series 2 or Season 28 - take your pick!) I figured I'd share a few thoughts on last nights airing on Sci-Fi.

Maybe the Daleks were much more intimidating back when effects and creature creation were pretty low tech. And I can imagine, let's say, tens of thousands swarming at once fear inducing. However, one Dalek with a plunger as a weapon? Not really scary.

What was interesting was reintroducing the Dalek in this era when good storytelling generally means blurring the line between good and evil; portraying the heroes and the villans in shades of grey. It's the foundation of BSG. Everyone is flawed. So, now we have sympathy for the Dalek - alone in the universe and very confused. Rose reaches out to it. The twist then becomes that the Dalek's little act becomes reality as her humanity, what makes her the good person she is, contaminates the Dalek. It makes it better than it was - it doesn't kill her - but it cannot function as this new individual. It's use to being part of a collective with one purpose, to exterminate anything that isn't like it, yet it is no longer it. It can't adapt, so it chooses to die.

I liked that the Doctor and Dalek where similar creatures in some respects. They are each the last of their kind (as far as we know). And while the Doctor may have ultimately been responsible for the death of their races (I can't even fathom having to make the decision to eradicate your own people in an effort to save the universe), it's the Dalek's single minded quest that left him no other choice than to do what he did.

As much as the Doctor hates the Dalek(s) and wants to see it destroyed, you see the remorse on his face as he talks about having to kill them all. At heart I think the Doctor cherishes life and wishes to preserve it in all forms. His hatred stems from what the Daleks forced him to do and what he has become because of it.

I also liked the Doctor informing the industrialist "And you took her down with you." It may have been directed at another, but he was obviously talking about himself and how, once again, he'd put Rose in a position where she could die.

And can we please put a moratorium on making the police/military look so stupid? There had to have been some in that group of 200 that were slaughtered who knew when to retreat.
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