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More 'Who'!

OK, this is going to be interesting watching both series simultaneously. Mostly because I get to try to keep track of who has seen what! And is it true that the new series isn't airing in Canada until the fall? I won't even hazard to guess when it will air here. I suppose it depends on how the last series is doing on Sci-Fi and I have no clue. Anyway, to avoid any spoiler drama I'm going to continue to do separate posts for the series. And in addition to putting the title in my cut, I should probably also point out which series it's from.

I really liked Christopher Eccelston as the Doctor. I was disappointed when I heard he was leaving after one season/series and I thought the new guy was going to have to work very hard to make me like him. OK, so he didn't have to work so hard. I may actually like David Tennant better. Don't start throwing things! I know it's not fair to compare because they both approach the role so differently. And I don't feel that there was anything wrong with CE's approach (I say this not seeing much of the previous incarnations). What I like most about DT is the joy he brings to the role. This is a guy who obviously loves his job (I read he was a long time fan) and he's made his happiness part of the characters. That's not to say I didn't see some of the old Doctor. When he discovers the truth about the hospital the Doctor's anger quickly shows itself as well as his need for justice. It was a great way to tie the two Doctors together emotionally.

Great job by Billie playing Cassandra playing Rose. She didn't overplay it which could have easily been done.

I did have a problem with Cassandra's quick turn around at the end. Yeah, it was nice to see her have some empathy for others, but this is a woman who has been self-absorbed for thousands of years and let's not forget she's a murderer. I'm not sure I'm happy with what seemed like a need to redeem her. And the Doctor's sympathy for her, allowing her to see herself as she once was in all her glory, well, I was going to say it didn't fit with his condemnation of her previously, but this is not the same Doctor so, OK, letting that go.

I can deal with the cheese factor on the show, but going 'The Matrix' meets 'Night of the Living Dead' was laziness on the part of the writers.

Did the Doctor really not know it wasn't Rose until her lack of distress over what was being done to the humans? Not the kiss out of nowhere? Or, better yet, how she knew about the schematics of the hospital and what to look for?

Speaking of the kiss, he didn't seem very uncomfortable with it. ;) Much more of a romantic relationship vibe here. I mean, Rose referred to their seeing Earth go boom as their first date. Cassandra eludes to the thoughts going through Rose's head. And the Doctor says "I still got it" after the kiss. Not only is he alluding to a romantically inclined past, but doesn't seem eager to rule it out now.

And does anyone else think the half moon symbol is going to be significant? Will it be like the "Bad Wolf" that popped up in every episode of the last series?
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