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Woo and Hoo!

The first season of Slings & Arrows will be released on June 27! Amazon is already taking preorders. The current price is $20.99. I may see if I can find it a wee bit cheaper.

The adorably pervy poshcat had a birthday this weekend. No, I am not late wishing her a Happy Birthday! because I already wished her one on her own LJ. :p And she may not even be reading this. Apparently, she has "real life" stuff going on. Who does she think she is getting a life? Pfft. ;)

Ok, I now have confirmation that it was k_julia and I who had a brief discussion on the possibility of Lee and Laura having sex in the mini. I dismissed the idea because, ya know, their world was destroyed and they were kinda on the run for thier lives. But Julia didn't think that was enough to stop them.

So I've been having a hankering to rewatch the mini and last night I finally got around to doing just that. I had intended to watch for research purposes (possible backstory for my fixathon assignment plus "The lady's in charge" just NEVER gets old ;-), but I got distracted looking for a possible opportunity for Lee and Laura to slip away together. Of course, right after they meet is out unless we are looking for a porn film scenerio. And then I thought I had the moment until I realized there wasn't enough time between scenes they were both in and it would have had to have been *really* fast and that's just no fun for anyone. On my third attempt at rationalization I thought I found myself a possible winning scenerio. I thought about it a bit last night, but not to the point it kept me awake. To counter the tedium of work, I contemplated it more this morning. Once I did a bit of role revearsal with the characters I found I might have something. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Oh, no, don't think about the on-the-run scenerio or your fixathon request, let's start something new to obsess over! Sigh.

In other entertainment news...I saw Thank You for Smoking yesterday and loved it. I can't recall the last time I laughed that much in a movie theatre. Of course, amidst the laughs I found way too much of it to ring true. Especially the cigarette tie in with the movie. I turned to my mother and said, "It's sad, but I think that could work."

I've also started watching The West Wing again as the series winds down. I have to say I'm impressed with how they have handled John Spencer's death. Since I haven't watched the show for years, I am confused by one thing and hoping some kind soul can help me out. What happened with Toby? I hadn't seen him in the last two eps and at the funeral he's sitting by himself in back and can't be photographesd with the President. What the heck did he do???

I read a brief interview with Katee this morning and since it did contain spoilage I won't link it, but a non-spoilery bit of info I found interesting. Apparently she is shooting BSG and 'White Noise 2' simultaneously. And from the 19th thru the 21st she'll be shooting BSG during the day and the film at night. If her performance seems off or she looks like hell around ep 2 or 3 we'll know why. :p
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