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Too Sleepy For A Good 'House' Pun

'Sleeping Dogs Lie' - There's a double meaning in that! Actually, there are many meanings to that. The interesting thing about this episode is I didn't become interested until about the last twenty minutes. The case at first bored me, then infuriated me. There were just too many things wrong with the medicine. You can do a colonoscopy without knocking the patient out. Announcing you have a donor liver based on same blood type? Nope. Heck, family members are often not a match. And I'm still getting over Cameron's remark about how the dog isn't a rat and therefore can't be carrying the plague. *I* know it's the fleas that carry the disease! Sigh.

Once again House's theory that everyone lies was proved to be true. The girlfriend knew she was about to be dumped and chooses to save her relationship through guilt and indebtedness. Yep, I can see them celebrating there silver anniversary now….NOT.

Cameron’s behavior I’m torn about. Yeah, she was a bit whiny reminding everyone in ear shot that Foreman stole her paper. I can empathize a bit because I’d be pissed off and bitching too, but it was inappropriate while treating the patient and it was her own damn fault for a) not pushing to get it published sooner and b) sharing so much information with Foreman on what she was doing. I give her credit in the end for realizing that the anger she was directing at Foreman was, in part, anger at herself for letting this get away from her and for admiting she went too far in her venting.

And here’s where a point from earlier in the episode comes back into play. Cameron and House disagree over their obligation to inform the patient’s girlfriend of the patient’s intentions regarding their relationship. Cameron argues it’s the ethical thing to do. It may be morally repugnant to her not to say anything, but is it medically unethical? I have to side with House on this and say no.

Now we have Foreman’s ethics being challenged. Did he steal information from Cameron? No, they both worked on the case together and, as we learn from Wilson, they had very different approaches to the paper. Was Foreman obligated to tell Cameron what he was doing? Again, I think I have to say no. However, would just telling her “By the way, I’m working on a paper regarding this case too” been the right thing to do? Yes. Everyone, accept Foeman, could seem to agree on that point. And I think Foreman is missing the bigger picture. He may not see Cameron or any of them as friends, but they are colleagues, he has to work with these people and he *needs* them to get to where he sees himself down the road. In other words, don’t burn your bridges dumbass. Even a half hearted apology would have probably patched things up with Cameron and now how quick will she be to assist him?

I liked that they cut to the shot of House sleeping through all of this. Wilson made an excellent point to House. He may not want to be bothered, he may wish to just sit back and watch the floor show as they battle, but he’s also helping to create an environment of mistrust and a team that is not working together and communicating as they should be. I do think House was correct in stating that Foreman would still have done what he did no matter what kind of person House is because that’s the kind of person Foreman is. And, yes, Cameron did learn something from all this. However, was the price paid for the lesson learned too high?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t recall Cameron ever having gotten the better of House before. So, I was pretty stunned when she called him on sedating the patient and it not being about the patient’s welfare, but his own needs – “you don’t get to solve this puzzle, game over, you lose.” And last week’s ep was a prime example of House’s unwillingness to lose. Our Cameron is not only getting quite the mouth on her, she’s making some insightful observations. I like it. ;)
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