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Wednesday TV Recap

It’s sad. I use to really care what happened to Sydney now I was just sitting there thinking, "Just shut up have the damn kid already."

Her scenes in the first hour bored me. I will admit it was fun watching Marshall, Dixon, and Weiss in the field. Yes, GG was just the typical The Show Is Ending So Let’s Have Everyone Back appearance and I had trouble believing with so many resources they needed him to come in and flash his badge and save the day, but I loved seeing him.

Again, why did they bring Balthazar Getty and Rachel Fucking Nichols (TM danceswithwords) on this show? I did like Amy Acker though. Not a Fred mannerism in site! And her asking where Syd was registered amused me.

I was thrilled to see Irina return in the second hour. She adds so much to the show. And while I did find the scenes between her, Syd, and Jack entertaining, once again, I have to ask, how stupid is Sydney? Seriously, have you learned *nothing* over the past seven years? All the crap you just went through and you’re buying mom showed up just for the birth of her first grandchild? Not to mention, the family birth at the end was just too much.

OK, anyone think Vaughn was really dead? Anybody? I didn’t think so. However, what little I saw of the show after he was ‘dead’ does not seem to make sense with Syd knowing he’s been alive all this time. Yeah, I have to think the JJ wasn’t so positive they could get him back after firing him. Now, I just wish they had really waited until they had him back filming instead of using a stock footage shot.

They finally put the entire cast in the credits! How nice of them.

And best moment of the night and making it almost worth my time, Jack handing the gun to Syd and saying "Here, cover your mother." I think the neighbors heard me laughing.

The plot thickens! The government has been aware of the existence of the aliens for years. And they know Tom is one of them. Interesting that they’ve let him go about his business. Have aliens infiltrated the government? My ‘X-Files’ training tells me yes. Of course, they could also have been using him to lead them to others like himself in an effort to monitor their activities. Tom, who thinks he’s been the man in charge, has actually been a pawn this entire time.

And which world does Tom belong in? He seems very intent on protecting both sides in all this, yet it seems he’ll have to choose one at some point. I don’t see him backing Zura’s call to arms.

Interesting that ‘Invasion’ is treading similar ground to BSG – are we any better than them? After seeing the aliens being experimented on, I had to wonder. And can you blame them for wanting to go to war?

I understand Jessie being confused and angry, but carrying and shooting a gun? Implying that he’s gotten to the point he’d use it on another living being? It seemed awfully heavy-handed to me.

HE'S GONE! HE'S GONE! We got rid of pretty boy, now can we get rid of the Jessica Simpson wannabe?
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You perform the great public service of reminding people that the show is on, and every time, I manage to forget. I didn't get home until 9ish last night anyway, and hadn't set the TiVO, so I continue to miss the trainwreck. I think the universe is trying to tell me that Alias ended after Season 2.
Once again, you did not miss much. I'll continue watching just to see how they tie up the billion loose ends, but me heart is no longer in it. I don't even have an 'Alias' icon any longer!
Yes, Invasion was much more interesting now that they got rid of psycho pregnant girl and went back to the core families. Not only Tom but Mariel may soon have to decide where they stand, do they side with "their kind" or back up the "normal" humans. And judging by the events at the High School, the whole town may be imploding.
Jessie, with the gun, is just like Dad. Shoot first and ask questions afterwards. Something bad is going to happen.
I thought that final shot of Jessie, drunk, with the gun, going into the house and locking eyes with Rose was another heavy handed moment. As was pregnant Larkin trying to reason with him. There's enough family drama going on without an accidental shooting and someone, once again, fighting for their life.

And I'm glad the psycho pregnant girl is gone too. I think she was needed to show that the aliens are evolving by being able to reproduce now, but the character wasn't particularly fascinating.
The show has the ability to surprise me, which is why I watch it - nowadays shows are too predictable or just plain bad. I'm very interested in seeing how Mr. Control Freak Tom reacts to all of this.

In an Alias-related moment - I wasn't sure if you knew that Bradley Cooper is starring on Broadway in "Three Days of Rain". The news may have gotten buried in the all the attention a certain Julia Roberts is getting as the billed star ;) If you get to NY this year before it ends I can recommend the play itself, as I saw it years ago here at the Steppenwolf Theater. Bradley received very good notices from the two Chicago critics who saw the play.
I knew about Bradley appearing with Julia. I'm glad to hear he's getting good reviews (he, like Vartan, I think may have benefited from being fired from 'Alias'), but I read that Julia is getting slammed. Not that I'm surprised. She's a decent actress, but I just didn't feel she'd have the acting chops for the stage.
Bradley and Michael seem to be doing just fine, even better having left the show. Good for them. As for Julia, the main criticism of her is her inability to project beyond the fourth row, not surprising due to her lack of stage experience. I'm not sure that is something she can learn even in the long term.
"Here, cover your mother."

ha! you so funny.

y'know, i just loved the alias episodes. i have NO IDEA if this is because it's been so long or if there was some actual merit to the episodes. i seem incapable of scrutiny. i loved every freakin' alias moment.

i have no shame.
Thanks for watching Alias so I didn't have to. I think the only episode I saw all season was the one with pod!Sark which was enough to make me laugh my arse off. Bill told me when he saw the promos for the rest of this season, "I promise not to mock you too hard for watching it...if you want to that is...unless of course, they have another giant floating red ball of doom over Russia."

And yeah, I don't even have my spy!daddy/spy!mommy iconage any more. That ship has sailed...

On another note, it makes me wonder if I should stop watching Lost at the end of this season. Right now, I am still really enjoying it (and actually enjoying it more than I did at the beginning of s2). I don't want JJ to kill that love as well.
I'm waiting to see if Sark or Pod!Sark returns. Maybe he and Blondie will walk off into the sunset together? ::gags:: Though, in the 30 seconds she got to spend with Wiess, I swear she was checking him out. The whore!

I'd say quit watching 'Lost' now before the shark ends up on the beach talking to Locke. :p
Hey, I'd totally be checking Weiss out, too! ;)

And the thought of Locke having meaningful conversation with a shark on the beach *could* work, so long as nobody tries to jump him ;)