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Battlestar Galactica Mini Thoughts

I watched the mini again early last week. It seems to be the thing to do as of late. I’m sensing all this rewatching on my Flist might have something to do with the loooooong hiatus. I also realized I am physically incapable of watching ‘Galactica’ without taking notes. Granted, I did make a few “Why didn’t I catch that before observations?!”, but I’m also certain I was jotting stuff down for the third or forth time. Of course, some of it has to do with fic research. ;) Anyway, since there has not been a copious amount of discussion as of late, I figured I’d post my observations. Sorry if I’m being redundo girl on some points.

General observations

Callum Keith Rennie was billed over Grace Park.

Katee was a bit heavier. Please don’t anyone think I’m saying she was heavy, she certainly wasn’t, it’s just that she’s thinner now.

Jamie’s accent has gotten better. I know he struggled more then than he does now and he mentioned in an interview recently he sometimes cringes when he catches an ep and hears his ‘mistakes’. I didn’t notice at the time because I didn’t know he was British, but you can pick it up if you listen close. Not that I focus on him or anything.

Capt Kelly! Who disappeared for a season! I wonder if he’s still alive?

The Tigh/Starbuck fight seems really forced.

Heard in the pilot briefing: “Lt Anders will be replacing Lt Thrace.” Hee! OK, maybe Anders is like Smith for them. :p

Lee and Helo acknowledge each other in the briefing as if they know each other. Since they wouldn’t see each other again until ‘Home’, it turns out to be an important moment setting up that they would, in fact, recognize each other and have a history.

Adama practicing his speech and repeating “The Cylon war is long over…” That really came back to bite them in the ass.

It looks like the scene of Laura going to the bathroom and breaking down before arriving on Galactica was originally suppose to come later in the show. It matches with the shot of her coming out of the bathroom and finding out from Billy that something happened on the Colonies.

I still don’t get Billy feeling he had to tell Laura about Cami being on a ship with no FTL. The woman just confessed to she’s dying. She’s been thrown into the presidency and the responsibility of saving what’s left of the human race. And you have to make her feel worse?

When Adama encounters Laura for the first time after the attacks he calls her Ms. Roslin. It makes sense since as soon as he acknowledges her as the legitimate president, he’s relinquishing authority and control.

Things that still make me scratch my head, but do they mean anything?

Six on Caprica: “It’s about time. I wondered when you’d get here.” Who is she speaking too? Are the writers forgetting this happened or two years from now are we going too find out she was talking to another model of one of the main cast. Adama? Laura? Kara?

Why was only one nuke fired at Colonial One when it was initially attacked? Yet Doral was very eager to have her removed from any sort of leadership position.

Leoben talking to Adama: “What if God decided he made a mistake?” OK, big slip up there. He said God instead of Gods. But what bugs me more is that Adama replies with “God didn’t create the Cylons, man did.” Hmmm, maybe Adama is a Cylon and doesn’t know it.

Gaeta instantly attaching himself to Baltar. Gay or Cylon, pick one, I’m just sayin’.

At the end, Adama says the Cylons know nothing about earth. But he believes there could be Cylons among them. Er, you may have given the human race hope, but didn’t you just give the Cylons yet another reason to hunt you?

In the closing shot, one of the Six’s says it may take decades to track them down. Actually, it seems to have taken about a day. :p

Some Lee, Kara and Lee/Kara opinions (perhaps not popular ;).

I think I was more sympathetic to Lee in the mini this time around. It probably is partly to do with what I know comes after this. It also strikes me that some, if not all, of the hostility, anger, and bitterness Lee feels towards his father (and, by extension, himself) could have been avoided.

Kara’s words to Lee upon seeing him after two years, “Did they kiss your ass to your satisfaction” after he arrived on Galactica and “Same old Lee, you haven’t changed” when she discovers he still hasn’t seen his father, tell me Lee has his share of faults. However, part of Lee’s estrangement from Adama had to due with him placing sole blame on him for the accident that killed Zak. Adama was the only one who didn’t see that Zak was not cut out to be a pilot. Adama alone failed him. But Kara failed him too and didn’t say anything until after the world ended and thought they may all yet die. I understand how incredibly difficult it would have been for Kara to immediately step forward and admit her role in Zak’s death, yet it bugs me that she maybe could have helped Lee and Adama patch things up earlier and did nothing.

Huge credit to Ron, Michael Rymer, and Jamie for, in a little over a minute of screen time, conveying that Lee is not happy to be aboard Galactica and that there is some very bad blood between he and his father.

Considering that Lee just recently made captain and then is made CAG, responsible for keeping the pilots alive in order to help ensure the survival of the fleet, I’m surprised he didn’t crack sooner.

When Lee returns from the dead and Kara is so happy to see him, I get Kara’s joy, but I still don’t get a shippy vibe. These people have had most, if not all, of the people they know killed. They’ve lost nearly all of their connections and here Kara is being given one back. Heck, if she had kissed him, I would have understood (it’s why I think Dee kisses Billy to his surprise – someone she knew before, even briefly, survived), but I still see friends rather than potential lovers. Plus, they haven’t seen each other in two years people! :p

I’ve seen people complain that Lee never reacted to his mother’s death. Not true. When he picks up the picture of he and Zak with her as children, he gets choked up. He didn’t have time to mourn before and, unfortunately, he didn’t have time to mourn after given what we see going on in ‘33’.

I’m torn on the Lee/Adama tradition of hugging it out rather than talking about their problems. Jamie made an interesting point regarding their reunion in ‘Home Pt2’ and that it was probably best they didn’t say anything because it would have just led to a fight. They function better when they don’t talk about things. It may be true, but it’s certainly not healthy. Lee even makes an attempt to talk about what’s transpired, but Adama tells him “Save this for another time son.” OK, we’re still waiting Bill.

Even though you know that Lee and Kara survive the final fire fight with the Cylons, it’s still damn exciting to watch.

I’ll try to keep the Lee/Laura squee to a minimum. ;)

“The lady’s in charge” just never, ever gets old. I love that he says it with a smile. I mean, the world just ended, he doesn’t know what the hell his or anyone’s next step is going to be, and he walks in and finds this woman making plans for the future and damn if he’s not impressed. And a little turned on. Shut up!

“Tell him this comes directly from the president of the Twelve Colonies and it’s not a request.” A great line not just because it’s an excellent example of her acclimating to her new role as president very quickly, thus instilling faith in those around her, but she’s giving Lee a way to stick it to the old man. ;)

After Lee’s Trekian solution to warding off the Cylons, before he can even get out of his mouth what he thinks they should do next, she tells him what he’s thinking and adds “I’m right there with you captain.” And he has smiles off that. 

Lee: “Colonel, at least give us a couple of disaster pods.”
Tigh: “Us?”

Hee! See, even Tigh gets it.


I was one of the folks who complained after the season finale aired that it made no sense that Lee, Laura’s one-time confidant *and* Pegasus’ commander, was not at Baltar’s swearing in. Maybe there was a reason for it. I could rationalize that, even with any problems he may have had with Laura’s choices, he still feels she is the best person for the job and even though a firm supporter of democracy and democratic practice he couldn’t see Baltar sworn in as president. But what really struck me is that none of the people at Laura’s swearing in were present at Baltar’s. Billy and Elosha are dead. Lee is inexplicably gone. Is the show making a statement about how much things have changed? How hope is lost? How Laura is alone? Or maybe I’m hoping too much that there is a point here.

Six, in reference to Doral, tells Baltar “I don’t remember seeing him at any of the Cylon parties.” Brother Cavil said almost the exact same thing to Tyrol in reassuring him that he wasn’t a Cylon - he hadn’t seen him at any of the Cylon parties. We found out Doral was a Cylon, so is Tyrol really off the hook?

Laura to Adama: “Are you planning on staging a military coup?” Who knew!

You know what I’d really like to see in a flashback? How Baltar and Six met. They were involved two years prior to the attacks (hmmm and Zak had been dead for two year – coincidence?). I wouldn’t mind getting some glimpses of their life then and how she worked to take down the defense system.

And I was hoping to get these up earlier, but this post took longer than I thought it would…

TV Reminders:

  • 'Doctor Who' is available for download!
  • ’Elizabeth 1’ - Part 1 premieres at 8est on HBO with numerous showings to follow. (Part 2 airs Monday.)
  • ’Mammoth’ airs at 9est on Sci-Fi. The only reason I mention this is that Summer Glau stars.
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