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Doctor Who's

I find I really don't have anything to say about the episode that aired on Sci-Fi this past I won't say anything. ;)

10 and Rose are so cute together! And, is it just me, or does she seem more relaxed around him?

The Doctor loves 'The Muppet Movie'! Does 10 seem more a pop culture junkie than 9? Granted, they both know a hell of a lot about history (and both have a tendancy to get their date mixed up or is banging the TARDIS with a hammer causing that? ;), but 10 just seems so geeked when talking about movies, music, etc.

I thought I was being all clever picking up the early Torchwood reference until we had the scene setting up the spinoff at the end. So, it's an orginization that views the Doctor as an enemy? Huh. That should be interesting.

Loved Rose asking the Doctor, "Where the hell have you been?" Seriously, he didn't sense something was up sooner?

I liked Queen Victoria up until the end and then she got a wee bit too bitchy. Too bad her hubby wasn't still around because he would have loved sitting down with the Doctor and having a nice long chat.

The production values seemed better on this one. I cut them some slack on the werewolf CGI (which, honestly, seemed as good as what I saw in 'Van Helsing'), but what I found most impressive was the cinematography and the excellent use of shadows.

I have very little knowldge as to the history of 'Who' yet I still find myself excited for next week's ep. :)
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