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I'm really, really sleepy so deep thoughts must wait, but I needed to say a few things about tonight's ep before I pass out.

It's official, Wilson is more screwed up than House! At least House acknowledges what's wrong with him. And while I don't condone Wilson's past cheating, it's interesting that it had little to do with the sex and mostly to do with the need to move on to the next person who needs fixing. And in fixing people he, in essence, is sabotaging his relationships.

So, who caught on that Wilson was sleeping with his patient right away? I have to admit I didn't. Not until Chase opened up the closet and I thought, "Those look like Wilson's clothes."

House vs God and House won! Well, maybe. ;) Loved Chase keeping score on the whiteboard. And House didn't even get pissed off with him messing with HIS board.

This was the first time in some time that I was interested as much in the patient and his case as I was with the exploring the personalities of our regular cast of characters. I also really liked that they broke with the normal format and we got to explore two patient cases, how they intersected with each other, and how protective House and Wilson can be of their turf.

Cameron didn't have much to do tonight, but she managed to, once again, make an excellent point when she told Foreman that he can't tell her they are colleagues and not friends and then expect her to sit around and chat about her belief in God and the afterlife.

It's both funny and sad that House's regular Thursday night poker 'buddies' remain nameless to him.

OK, the dad seemed completely useless as a parent to me until his final statement about having faith in God and trusting his son as much as he would any fifteen year old. :)
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