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Bones, Who, Alias, Invasion - One Could Make An Interesting Sentence Out of Those Words

Busy and exhausting week and I’ll spare you all my venting about work and, specifically, my #$!*^&@^ boss. ;) Anyway, I missed the opportunity to wish dkellergrl and roquelaure (another survivor of The Board ;) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! . I hope both you lovely ladies had wonderful days. 

Now to catch up on TV viewing…

I usually don’t talk about Bones, but since cathyteach2 missed it… I have mixed feelings about this episode. On the one hand, I really like how the cast is coming together and developing a nice chemistry. On the other hand, there was something very cloying about this ep. I can deal with sick kids usually, but this just seemed like a blatant attempt to pull at our heart strings and to maybe ‘humanize’ the cast which I don’t really feel is necessary.

Anyway, the basic plot, Cathy ;), was that Booth’s boss’s daughter, Amy, has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer I can’t spell. It’s generally found in adults after prolonged exposure to asbestos. So how does a 15 year old girl develop this cancer? That’s what Bones wants to find out and Booth tries to shut her down before she intrudes upon the family’s pain with her endless string of questions. What Booth fails to realize is that they don’t mind, especially if it gets them some answers. Turns out the girl broke her leg a year ago in a snowboarding accident and needed a bone graph (huh, I didn’t know compound fractures required bone graphs?) and instead of getting a healthy graph from a twenty something donor like she was supposed to, it was from a 60 year old man suffering from the same cancer. Which leads them to discover that many other individuals received graphs from this same man, some still healthy, some not, and some already dead.

Even though they are able to help others and shut down the business supplying these tainted samples (stolen from the corpses I might add), a business run by the hospital administrators assistant who, in a nice bit of payback, is sick herself, it’s too late to do anything for Amy. Amy is never going to achieve her dreams of driving a car, falling in love, going to Paris, and becoming an artist. I know I should have felt bad hearing all this, but it just seemed so cliché. Of course, Angela, being an artist, forms a special bond with the girl. In an attempt to show Amy, a traditional artist who uses pastels in her work, that computers aren’t so scary she scans one of Amy’s prints and then projects the image on a wall. Amy seems stunned by this and asks her how she did it. OK, a fifteen year old doesn’t know about scanning? Puh-Leeze. And then because she’ll never see the Louvre, Angela creates a perfect virtual reality version of it for Amy to see. Yeah, like someone could whip that up in a day and make it 100% accurate.

As for ongoing storylines, what’s up with Hodgins being so interested in Angela the past couple of eps? Personally, I’m not seeing any sparkage there.

Not much to say here. My main reaction was “WILL!” I really enjoyed seeing Bradley Cooper back. And I really liked how he was saving Syd’s ass for a change. Even with a bomb in his head! Which will apparently always be there?  He seems to be handling it well though. It was interesting seeing him hang out with the entire spy gang. I know he worked for the CIA for a brief time, but I didn’t expect him to seem quite so comfortable. Oh and when he asked Syd to be his best man, was I the only one who had a brief glimpse of Vaughn returning in time for a double wedding? ;)

I also have to admit that the babysitters cracked me up. 

They killed Louis! No, they didn’t. Phew. Should be more squicked that teenage Kira is spending that much time with 26 year old Louis? The hybrid thing doesn’t bother me though. I need help. :p

They’re making me feel sorry for Tom! He really thought he was “containing” the situation by sending people to the island. That he was protecting people, both hybrids and humans. He really does care about everyone’s welfare and wants to co-exist. Now he’s finding out that Zura has been working his own agenda. And he’ll soon discover that all those people he’s sent to the island to stop them from doing damage – he’s given Zura his army.

As I mentioned before, very much like BSG, ‘Invasion’ is graying the lines between the good guys and the bad guys. (And considering David Eik and Shawn Cassidy worked together on ‘American Gothic’ this shouldn’t be a surprise.) Sure, Zura is raising an army to complete the hybrid evolution/domination, but we are seeing how humans, out of fear and anger, are taking revenge against anyone who crosses their path. Louis is a hybrid, but no threat. And look how fast the two boys turned on their own. Maybe Zura has to do nothing. Just wait and let us tear each other apart.

And amidst all the drama this line from Tom cracked me up: “They’re all hybrids. The people not the cars.”

Another episode that attempts to, in my opinion, go for cheap sentimentality. My main gripe is that I consider the Doctor to be a highly intelligent person. When Rose asked to go back in time to meet her father this screamed big mistake to me, so why did he allow it? Did he permit his feelings for her to outweigh his reason? That seems like a stretch when he’s been willing, no matter how much pain it caused him, to let her die if it meant saving many more lives. Basically, I end up ticked off at both of them. Him for agreeing to this insane idea and then Rose for not getting his anger with her for just screwing up history! You just cannot have someone exist when and where they did not previously and not expect it to cause major damage.

The alien of the week or whatever it was didn’t make a lot of sense to me either (and that’s saying a lot on this show). It seems like cleaning the planet of six billion people would take some time. Or do they start at the point of trouble and work their way out?

I did like the actor who played Rose’s dad. Her dad, on the surface, would be considered a loser, but he came off as very sympathetic and likeable. A guy who really was trying to make something of himself, but his ideas were just too big for his abilities. And I liked that he was able to put two and two together quickly, saw Rose was his daughter, and that he just accepted there was a reason that she was there and didn’t dwell on the seeming impossibility of it all. (Then again, if you have dragon like creatures flying around you and eating people, you are more likely to suspend your disbelief. ;)

I was amused how this Jackie was more willing to take orders from the Doctor and entrust her infant daughter with him. Hee!

Little Mickey! Very cute that he runs right to Rose.
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Re Doctor Who - those creatures wield the knitting needles that make the fabric of the universe. I know all about them having read Dead Romance, a spin-off of a spin-off of Doctor Who. My first image of them was this one and so when I saw them on tv I went "Ooooh! I know exactly what those are and what they do and everything! And how appropriate that they turn up here!" I thoroughly recommend the book too. There's a review on the UK listing that explains where the New Adventures series comes from if it helps.
Thank you so much for the recap, Mary! You are the best! Now I don't feel so bad for having missed it. So, the Hodge and Angela thing was continued this week, huh? Weirdness. And I guess I'm just as glad that I missed the child-dying-episode. You know me, I'm just a big puddle of mush when it comes to that kind of thing.

As for Dr. Who, as I mentioned in my LJ, I was weepy when the dad died (again) but then it is that time of the month and maybe the hormones were talking, LOL!
I didn't watch 'Bones' until last night and when they immediately revealed the plaot was all about this girl's impending death I thought maybe it was a good thing this was the episode you missed.

The Hodge and Angela thing was pretty much contained to one scene. Angela is talking to he and Bones and getting emotional thinking about everything Amy is going to miss out on. She leaves the room and Bones starts to get up to go after her and Hodges says he'll take care of it. As they are talking he has that infatuated look on hsi face that he now seems to have whenever he's in a room with her and he gives her the idea about the Virtual Louvre.

I was sad when the Rose's dad died because she got this brief opportunity to know him and then had to watch him die (again) knowing that there would be no third chance. It's just that given the perils of time travel I still have a hard time buying that the Doctor went along with this idea.
It's just that given the perils of time travel I still have a hard time buying that the Doctor went along with this idea.

Yes, I'm with you on this. He was very cavalier about the whole thing, wasn't he? I mean, you'd think he would at the very least have sat her down and explained the potential horrible badness that could result before just saying, "I can do anything!" and smilingly helping her to alter the universe. But aside from that, I did enjoy the ep. :)

Thanks for the Hodge/Angela analysis... wonder where the writers are going with that...
My main reaction was “WILL!”

I actually shouted that aloud. Will + Ana Espinosa + minimal presence of Rachel Fucking Nichols + ignoring the plot meant that it was a fairly pleasant hour to spend. Seeing Amy Acker and Gina Torres on Alias was a funny fandom collision moment, too.
I actually enjoyed the show for the first time in a long time and it was largely due to ignoring the plot. I really don't know what the hell is going on anymore and am probably better off for it.

Seeing Amy Acker and Gina Torres on Alias was a funny fandom collision moment, too.

Ya know, I forgot that those two worked together before! Then again, I do try to forget about season 4 of 'Angel'.
Thank you for the birthday wishes. I'm having a fabulous birthday weekend.