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Well, I Think We Knew This Was Coming Eventually...

From Tvguide.com:

More Star Wars DVDs, You Will Buy

It's the news Star Wars fans didn’t want to give up hope on, but never expected to actually hear: On sept. 12, George Lucas is releasing on DVD the original theatrical versions of the first trilogy — minus the modern digital effects and politically correct story points (I'm talking to you, Guido) added on in subsequent reissues. Each film will be treated as a two-disc package that includes, if only for mockery, its "tweaked" 2004 version. And if you don’t believe this was Lucas' profiteering plan all along, I have womp rat in Beggar's Canyon to sell you.

Now, this set I will buy as much as I hate to give George one more cent of my money. The originals! No cheesy Jabba! Han shoots first again! :-)
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Makes me very glad I never bought any of the other versions, so at least George won't be getting too much of my money :) Some things are just done right the first time.
I'm relieved that I have yet to purchase the 'Star Wars' films on DVD. I don't even mind that I'm going to have to pay for both versions because a few of the tweaks I did appreciate. However, I still find myself pissed off because Goerge has proved to me what a liar he is. He claimed that the original versions of the films no longer existed (which I knew to be BS - there are copies in the Library of Congres) and now he's releasing these non-existant versions on DVD. How stupid does he think we are? Grrrrrr. And I have to wonder if at Christmas time the Super Deluxe Ultimate Colletors Edition with all 6 films and multiple versions will be released?
Oh, you can bet that will be coming. Some people just don't have enough money. He'd better be careful or he will piss off one too many fans with his selective memory.
I knew they still existed (though he claimed they didn't), but I was beginning to think he'd have to die before his estate would decide to release them! Now the question is will he release the deleted footage from the films he's been hording for nearly 30 years?
Yes, I'm now torn. (no not my ACL)

On the plus, I can get rid of my QVC purchased Widescreen VCR tapes of the original movies.

But as you stated its money in his coffers.

The latter is outweighing the former.....
Well, my need to have the original films that I love in pristine condition outweighs me giving money to that rat bastard.
Aw, shit. I'd sworn never to give him another cent of my money.

I've said it before, I'll say it again:

I've said it before, I'll say it again:


AND MAY HE ROT IN THE SPECIAL HELL! Forced to view his prequels for eternity.
Actually, I wasn't suckered in to any but my original videos, and then widescreens of said originals! So much as I don't want to give him any more money, inside I can only say YES! YES! YES! OH YES!!!!!!!

(yub yub)
Oooh, tempting! I don't have any other versions; I would buy the originals or nothing else.

I have the originals and the original special editions (meaning the ones released to the theatres in 97) on laserdisc, but (fortunately) held off on the recent DVD releases. Maybe I can swear this will be the last time George gets my money. Maybe.
I'm glad that the originals are finally becoming available so that Han shooting first is preserved for eternity.:) But I probably won't be getting this set. The previous set was given to me as a gift, and I think I just don't care enough anymore to buy the new ones. George has apparently finally driven me to apathy.
Finally! I will buy this set. I held off buying the others because I didnt like the tweaks.

And yes!!!! The original Ewok ending song!!

I'm excited by a lot of things (did I mention Han shoots first?! :), but I am perplexed by this excitement over the Ewok song. :p
Its the best! Better than the altered one. I dance to the Ewok song whenever its on :)
The release date is the day before my husband's birthday (and a week before mine)and I IM'd him to let him know what he'd be getting for "his" birthday. His response?

"paid to see each original movie... bought tons of 'star wars' crap... buy the vhs... dvd versions of each... screw him. if anyone derserves to be pirated - it is that fucker"

May I just add a resounding, "so say we all"?

Thanks for sharing the news!
if anyone derserves to be pirated - it is that fucker


::wipes tears from eyes::

I like the way your hubby thinks. ;-)
There's a reason why he's the father of my children; thanks to our combined genes, how could they not be brilliant? ;)

And yup, I can't think of anyone more worthy of being Cap'n Jack'd than our dear Mr. Lucas.

All the Lucas hate here. I'm glad the original versions of the OT are coming to DVD, but I want the deleted scenes. I didn't buy the special editions on DVD and only own Empire on VHS back from 1991. I do have some Star Wars magazines and comics and the West End role playing game. used to have over 60 of the original action figures (from 1977 to 1986).
I have most of the original action figures as well as numerous ships, etc. Luckily they survived the flood in my mother's basement. :)
It's about freakin' time! I've been dying for this ever since my VCR went down the crapper.