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So Far Behind

In just about everything. I was going to do a massive post later today, but since I'm bored at the moment I'll do the random stuff now. House thoughts shall have to wait since my notes are at home. And I'm still trying to decide how I feel about the eps. I certainly enjoyed them, but I think they were hyped to the extent I was probably bound to be let down somewhat.

I still haven't caught this week's Invasion (FYI - Season 1 comes out on DVD this fall. :), but I did squeeze in Alias last night. I'm still not sure what the point of the episode was. Kill off as many people as they can? Introduce AnnaSyd to the general populace? Have Sloane act like an emotionless zombie? Seriously, has Ron Rifkin given up too? When Sloane's wife died he made me feel sympathy for the rat bastard. You could see the pain he was experiencing every time you looked at him. His daughter dies and, oh well, he has a plane to catch.

And what a waste of Mia's time. Nadia is in a coma all season, given a new lease on life, then has it snatched away in a lame ass fight. Now Syd gets to deal with yet another loss of a loved one. If I was her, the next tall building I'm on top of I would leap without the parachute. And how is Irina going to deal with this? Maybe they are setting it up for her to return and off Sloane? Or maybe Jack will have had enough.

Michael Vartan *really* returns next week. And it looks like he gets duped by AnnaSyd. Joy. Let's rehash the Lauren fiasco why don't we. At least he looks good. I can always turn the sound off.

I was rather 'Meh' on this weeks ep until the last few minutes when JD tells Cox why he was really avoiding seeing him and then seeing the whole group hang out together in the bar. But what really made it all worth while was when Cox called JD...JD! Now maybe he's used his actual name before, but it's the way he said it and I love Zach's subtle reaction to the gesture.

I saw the latest trailer for Superman Returns and way not to inspire me to want to see this film. I've liked most of Bryan Singer's work. The 'X-men' films aren't perfect, but they stand out as above average for the genre. Not to mention, he gave us the Hugh's - Jackman in 'X-Men' and Laurie in 'House'. Though both seemed more a matter of luck then any keen insight on his part. This Routh guy he found to play Superman has all the charisma of...well...he has no charisma. And his acting doesn't seem particularly riveting from the bits of it I've seen. To be fair, what I have seen makes the film look like a straight up remake of the original. Then why bother making it? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it will be great. Or maybe this will be the summer blockbuster that tanks. There is one every year.

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to sal101010. In addition to the giant cookie I hope you got some great gifts and had a marvelous day. No 'Bones' this week though. How dare they do that to you?!

And Happy Cinco de Mayo to any of those who celebrate it. We had a little celebration here at the firm. I got roped into baking. I was up to midnight (not that I'm bitter) trying out a new recipe, Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies. They taste great, but are more work than I like.

Not that it affected my baking, but my microwave appears to have gone kaplooey last night. Let's see how long it takes for the apartment complex to replace it. It is one of those things you can live without, but who boils water on the stove anymore?

sdwolfpup tagged me for a meme. Apparently she hates me now. :p This is what I'm suppose to do:

You start with "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write about their 6 weird habits/things as well as include these instructions. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1) I still use my baby spoons. I like taking small bites of ice cream, pudding, etc and they are the perfect size. I don't think they are intended for long term use since the silver has worn off one. Yeah, I can only imagine what that is doing to vital organs.

2) I have to wear a watch when I go out because I *have* to know what time it is. If I don't wear one I feel naked. And I have at least one clock in every room of my apartment. I don't know why I am so obsessed with time.

3) When I eat M&M's I have to see what color they are before I put them in my mouth. I also have a habit of sucking on them. They do melt in your mouth adn not in your hand!

4) This is stretching it, but I can wallk out of the room while 'Star Wars' is on and before coming back into the room know exactly where the film will be at. It's like I have an internal clock set to the movie.

As for tagging folks, oh, go tag yourself.
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My co-worker just updated me on the goings-on on Alias and it made me soooooo glad I've been forgetting to watch it. What is the point of Anna Espinoza without Gina Torres? What is the point of killing off Nadia? What is the point of YET ANOTHER tragedy for Syd? I like most of those characters, and I AM SO TIRED OF WATCHING THEM ALL SUFFER. GOD. After all this time, I should be used to it, but IT STILL PISSES ME OFF. Whatever, JJ.

I pretty much always wear my watch, too. I hate not knowing what time it is. The baby spoons, though? That's just bizarre. ;)
What is the point of Anna Espinoza without Gina Torres?

Exactly. And last night, though it's now JG playing Anna, I thought we'd hear Gina's voice coming out of her mouth, but we didn't even get that!


It actually struck me last night that I think BSG has a lower body count than 'Alias'. And the deaths and resurrections are much more plausible.

If MV was not returning to the show I think I'd seriously just wash my hands of it right now and not give a flying frak what happens to Syd and the baby.
Alias... seriously. I want to stab someone. I was all about giving it a chance; I think it's been much better this season than last. I hate the two waste-of-space new additions (and I always hated Nadia) but I'm glad they're finally bring everything to close with Rambaldi. But last week? When it became obvious that Syd had "known" about Vaughn all along. I literally screamed and threw things. What a fucking joke. Really.
I want to stab someone.

If I could find JJ, I'd give him to you. But he's probably hiding behind George Lucas or Chris Carter now.

Syd knowing Vaughn was alive all this time was a WTF? moment for me. I saw a bit of the ep after he was 'killed' where she's alone weeping over a magazine with his name on it and that is not how someone would act when they know their soul mate is off hiding somewhere for his own safety. I think JG was playing it as if he was dead because after MV was fired they didn't know if they could get him back.

And while I was neither Nadia or the French Chick's biggest fan, their deaths seemed pointless and poorly executed (no pun intended).
who boils water on the stove anymore?

Me. I hate water boiled in the microwave. It tastes of radiation! And no, I'm not kidding. I'm crazy, it's a totally different vibe.
We don't boil water in the microwave OR on the stove. Any self-respecting Irish household has a cordless electric kettle. :) Very handy as they boil quickly and turn themselves off as soon as the water boils.

As for weird habits, yours are not so weird. I guess I have a few.

1) I don't own a watch. I was the only teacher in the school who had to send students to the next classroom to ask the teacher what time it was. LOL!

2) Possibly TMI but I have to be completely naked when I weigh myself in the morning. And I refuse to brush my teeth before getting on the scale in case I accidentally swallow some water and toothpaste. That teensy fraction of an ounce of toothpaste might show up immediately on the scale. ;)

3) I go barefoot pretty much all summer - refuse to put on shoes for anything. The most I will do is wear leather flip-floppy-type thongs for going to the grocery store/bank/etc.

4) I cannot drink water from a glass. From a sport-drink-squirt-top bottle - I can drink it all day long. But never from a glass.

5) I shuffle cards for fun. Not while playing poker or solitaire or anything else. Just shuffling for the sheer joy of it. Drives Patrick crazy!

6) I have to make the bed every day, even if I don't do it until I'm about to get INTO it at 10:00 o'clock at night. Hate getting into an unmade bed, which is funny since I don't think I made my bed once for the entire 4 years of college. Guess I really am turning into my mom. LOL!
OK, the water thing is weird. ;p I can't drink water through a straw. It just seems so odd and gaga inducing to me.
I have my own rant re: Alias, which I might even find time to post today. Seriously, I'm so glad this show is coming to and end before it can suck even more, but I'm thinking that tuning in for the end is just going to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth and I'm better off sticking with Seasons 1 and 2. It feels like they not only wasted Mia Maestro but, as brynnmck said, Gina Torres/Ana Espinosa. Having characters return is only effective when there's a point.
Woo Hoo! A Danceswithwords rant! Make that post!

I think they've wasted everyone ever associated with this show. Accept maybe Marshall. His characterization has avoided pissing me off thus far.
I use tea spoons, but the idea is the same--small bites are better.

I too feel naked without my watch. In fact, I already have a tan line where I wear it.

I preferred the old light brown M&Ms. I just can't get behind the red and blue ones. It's wrong.

I can walk out of the room while Star Wars is on, come back, and still know exactly what a wanker George Lucas is.
I just can't get behind the red and blue ones. It's wrong.

Hey! Back off the Blue M&M. He's the king!

I can walk out of the room while Star Wars is on, come back, and still know exactly what a wanker George Lucas is.


And which came first, the movie or the wanker?
on dessert thing:
was it on parr with your brownies?

on the meme thing:
I can think of one you didn't post, but because I'm a gentleman, I shall not bring it up (and the fact that the only reason I noticed it with you is I share it as well).

I still eat my cereal out of my old Pixie and Dixie cereal bowl :)

And, we have a clock in every room in the house except the bathroom. Plus, I wear my watch to bed because I'm too blind and too lazy to get up and read the bedroom clock ;) I had an evil nun in grammar school who wouldn't let us wear sweaters because they "weren't part of the uniform", yet opened the windows all the way in the winter time so we froze, and said we didn't need to wear watches until we graduated high school. But I wore one anyway - I loved seeing her aggravated :)

I saw the last few minutes of Alias and was wondering what in the world happened to Syd - one minute she was talking all nice to Nadia then she was slitting her throat! Thanks for the explanation, though I think not having Gina Torres there was lame.
I watched the Superman trailer and concluded that NOTHING happens in the movie. Nothing to provoke any excitement whatsoever anyway. I know what its roughly about, and again nothing to provoke any excitement. I'll just go and watch XMen 3 twice.

Number 4 is a cool skill btw.

Ive never heard of anyone boiling water in their Microwave.
They really needed to work harder to keep Hugh Laurie in 'Superman Returns' (he was to play Perry White) THAT would have gotten me in the theatre. Unless I see rave reviews, I'll wait for it to show up on TV so I can mock it.

Ive never heard of anyone boiling water in their Microwave.

Maybe it's an American thing. ;)
I liked the Scrubs episode a bit more than you, i thnk, but the JD/Dr. Cox scene was wonderful. I love their scenes. And him calling him "J.D" was just so great. I thought for a moment they'd have JD react all giddy and jump on him, but I was so glad they let the moment be. Though i was disappointed Dr. Cox shaved. I liked him with the goatee like thing.

And in regard to your weirdness, my friend does #1 as well. And only she can use them. Once I was there and another one of her friends grabbed one, not knowing what it was. She really freaked :)
And in regard to your weirdness, my friend does #1 as well. And only she can use them.

OMG! I'm not alone! ::hugs your friend::

I'm not sure I would freak out if someone tried to use one, but I may get a bit nervous and give them a dirty look. ;)

Part of me wondered if JD would get all giddy over Cox's gesture too, but he seems to have matured quite a bit in recent episodes. He's still a dreamer and a goofball, but it's tempered by his experiences now.
I have acopy of Scrubs season 3 on DVD. One of the things I was sent by BVHE. never was a fan of the show. never got into it.
Again, let me thank you for watching Alias so I don't have to. I may watch the last episode (just as I did with the X-Files) but other than that, I feel too burnt to do more than read snark about the last season.

And I too am one of those who boils water on the stove. About the only thing we use the microwave for is heating milk for cocoa and making popcorn. Just call me retro dork, lol.

How is that weird? Thrifty maybe. But I've known other people who cut their own. I think you have to work harder to come up with one.
Apparently she hates me now.

It's *love*. I want to know more about you. :P

(Ok, yeah, it's probably hate.)

I agree on the Scrubs episode; I expected more out of the resolution and I felt like it didn't click as well until that last scene, which I loved.