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Belated House Ramblings

I wasn't as blown away as I expected to be considering how much hype I've seen surrounding both episodes. Omar Epps definitely gave an Emmy worthy performance. In addition to the believable suffering, he managed to get me to go from thinking him a bastard (for stabbing Cameron in the leg) to making me feel his desperation and terror as he tried in vain to save the dying officer. But I felt the episode veered a little too much towards melodrama in places. For instance, I actually bought Foreman’s reasoning for asking Cameron to be his advocate and I understood Cameron rejecting his death bed apology because of the circumstances under which it was given. Then the show had to go with the cliché – her changing her mind at the last second, just in case he died, and saying she accepted the apology.

I also had issues with Foreman’s sad family history. He has a father who obviously loves him, but really doesn’t understand what he does. And mom can’t be there because she evidently is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. There’s suffering and then there’s TV suffering and this seemed too much of the latter.

I have to say the thing that most ticked me off was Cuddy. I agree that House dragging the dad into her office to guilt her into doing what he wants was wrong. I could even accept her initial decision to wait for the CDC, but when they took their sweet time getting there I had trouble believing she’d sit and do nothing. And I mean nothing. Why didn’t she put her medical degree to use here? What really pissed me off though was chewing out House for not spending more time with Foreman. Let’s see, you won’t allow him to do the autopsy which may lead to a cure. He’s been running every test he can and trying every treatment he can think of. Did he sleep at all? But he’s the bad guy for not talking to Foreman more? I really hope Foreman gives her more crap next week.

And can we officially state that Cameron is being written better this season? This is the third week in a row she got in a great shot. Her quick comeback at Cuddy – that she’s a real hero and that they could be drilling into a dead guys brain instead of Foreman’s – left them all speechless.

Other things I liked include a change in the writing that allows for plot points (large and small) to be carried over from week to week now. The ongoing battle over Cameron’s stolen paper is an obvious thread. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we had House vs. God a couple weeks ago and in Pt 2 we see House in the chapel standing at the pulpit. In a possible step towards humility Foreman begs House to make him unconscious in order to avoid the pain. Now having an idea of what House goes through every day, it won’t be so easy to make the jokes about his reliance on pain killers.

My Favorite lines included…House’s genuinely impressed response to Foreman’s rather lengthy explanation of the caliber of bullet they were dealing with and why it did what it did, “It’s just so cool that you know that.”…“Get out of my temporal lobe House.” (Though I had a John/Scorpy moment with that one. ;)…And because I’m a sucker for pop culture references, “It’s so like rain on your wedding day.”

One more thing I hated was the writers, once again, making a smart person look dumb. House shooting the corpse was bizarre enough, but then putting the body in the MRI machine destroying an extremely expensive piece of equipment? Come on.

Prepping for fic writing I rewatched some BSG today including ‘Black Market’. Seriously, watching that episode makes me brain hurt. I just have a need to make sense of it within the context of the entire series. And I think I may have. I need to finesse my fanwank theory a bit more though.

And it looks as if my ‘Doctor Who’ torrent finally finished. I should say my fifth torrent. Three wouldn’t get moving at all and the other was on pace to take a week.
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