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'Who' and Fic, but not 'Who' Fic

My intent was to get up at a reasonable time this morning (I did), watch the latest 'Who' (I did - more on that in a minute), then sit down to write is where things go off the rails a bit. There was laundry to be done, a shower to be scrubbed, and my mother deciding to drop by. Of course, dropping by usually means she's here for at least a couple hours. And she was. And then I needed to eat and pretty soon writing by 11 turned into 4:30. Sigh. But write I did. Five pages and nearly three thousand words. Now many of those words shall need to be rewritten (trust me on that), but I did succeed in the goal to get started and get the basic idea down. Though, unfortunately, I decided to turn on the TV at eight to watch The West Wing (mistake) and it threw me off my rhythm. When I kept rewriting the same line over and over I decided it was time for a break. So Lee and Laura are left in the middle of having sex. ;)

And sekrit message to k_julia - I think this could work as a prequel of sorts to that crack fic idea we discussed. Not sure if you want to hear more about it now or wait until the story is complete and tell me what you think. Most likely you’ll tell me it doesn’t belong and just edit the damn scene out. :p

Now, back to Doctor Who. Once again, I was thoroughly entertained. Ten is making the loooong wait until the return of BSG more bearable.

Favorite lines:

“Don’t want to say magic door.”
“I got chills”
“You’re not keeping the horse” / “I let you keep Mickey!”
“You sound just like your mother.”

Moments I loved:

Mickey trying to act like the action hero while carrying a fire extinguisher

Arthur the horse and his reaction to the Doctor putting his hand up too stop him. Seriously, look at the horse’s reaction.

Was it just me or when the Doctor was saying “Mr Thick Thick Thickity Thick…” did you not envision Hugh Laurie as Prince George?

The Doctor riding to Reinette’s rescue on a white horse. Yes it was cliché, but it made me laugh.

The Doctor reading Reinette’s letter. It struck me that her death served to reinforce his words to Rose last week about growing old (or not in his case) and how he’s unable to spend his life with anyone.

Moments that made me go hmmmm:

Reinette falling in love with the Doctor after two visits with her when she was seven. Not really buying it.

Can the Doctor really do a mind meld a la Spock? And could the recipient really get into his head?

Was it wise to do back-to-back episodes focusing on the Doctor and lost loves? Considering we had an entire series with Nine where the subject of love was barely touched upon this seems excessive.

The Doctor is worth the monsters. Look, he’s cute, he’s smart, he’s funny, but I don’t think so.

Plot WTFs:

Punching a hole through the universe. Wouldn’t that, like, destroy it?

The ship was 37 years old so that told the clock people they needed to harvest Reinette’s brain when she turned 37…O…K….

The Doctor announces that can’t use the Tardis because they are part of events now. What? Please someone tell me this is canon and not just in service to the plot this week.

And the biggee…the Doctor taking Reinette with them. Now, I know time can get screwed up when he’s around, but it’s usually because he just happens into a situation or because he’s trying to stop something worse form happening. To remove a historical figure from her time seems stupid at best and selfish at worst. And, hello?, everytime you leave her years past. What were you thinking saying you'd be back in two minutes???
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