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I liked Foreman. And when I say I liked Foreman I mean that in the sense of I liked this person. I’ve always liked the character (true I like every character in some way except Vogler). But, in this episode, it struck me that this is a person I could see myself spending time with whereas I’ve always felt Foreman served as an interesting character, but he really wasn’t all that likeable. Having said that, I could not see this Foreman lasting for the simple reason he lacks drama and thus the show lacks drama. It was nice for an episode though. And I loved House becoming so frustrated by his compliance he threatened to use the ‘N’ word if he had too.

Another interesting aspect of the episode is that no matter how much House belittles/terrorizes/angers/traumitzes/hurts/humiliates/aggrevates Chase, Cameron, and Foreman the fact is he needs them to be who they are. House wants to play God, he wants to be right, but he also seems to realize he cannot achieve *his* success on his known. If he did believe he could do it all himself, why hire them to begin with? As much as he challenges them, they challenge him to think and dig deeper. Foreman turning into a yes man would be a disaster for both – each ceasing to learn from each other.

So why does Chase need to work two jobs? Even if his father cut him off (or maybe his dad didn’t have the money he thought he did when he died) why would he have need for the extra money? You know House won’t let this go.

Cameron didn’t play a significant role in this episode, but, once again, I felt she was well written and I appreciated her not immediately condemning or judging the mother harshly for the actions that led to her son’s death.

Speaking of the mother, great actress they got for that part. Her actions rang very true to me when she found out her son was dead. And I may have gotten a bit choked up when she informed House she didn’t want to live. She just couldn’t with the knowledge of what her actions caused even if she wasn’t herself at the time. The father telling her to tell there son he was sorry indicated he was resigned to her decision. Something tells me he'll be hitting the bottle hard after this.

Cuddy wants a baby. OK, I’m not sure how I feel about this revelation. What House does with the knowledge is interesting though. Is he serious about being a potential sperm donor? Or would he simply be insulted not to be asked? And his not telling Wilson the truth shows that on some level he does actually care about people's feelings. Usually when he’s cruel it’s for, in his mind, some greater good (and, let’s face it, in Cameron’s case the jokes, criticism, and hurtful words seemed to have made her a stronger person), but what would be gained by making jokes about Cuddy’s desire to be a mother? Nothing really and not only would it hurt her, but I think he knows Wilson couldn’t take another rejection right now.

cathyteach2, I’m guessing you didn’t make it to the end of this episode?
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