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Bamber Spam

Early this morning I saw wisteria_ post a link to video footage of a photo shoot/interview with Jamie Bamber at the TV Guide site (Thank You!). Jamie Bamber Photo Shoot. Scroll about three quarters of the way down the page to find the link.

I just finished watching it and I HIGHLY recommend checking this out if you are a fan (and FYI, surprisingly, he does not talk about spoilers beyond the season finale). There was some discussion over at Wisteria’s LJ about his hair (no, it’s not fabulous, but it’s in keeping with the end of season hair) and how he doesn’t look very happy during the photo shoot (agree – he looks like he’d prefer being anywhere but there). The first five minutes is kind of a yawn fest (the entire thing runs just over 24 minutes). However, when they move locations and we get him in the jeans/tee/open shirt combo leaning against a wall? OH…MY…GOD. And as if I wasn’t already in a big pile of goo, they then move to another local and we get the black tee shirt and arms (though they appear to be a bit slimmer – not complaining!). One of the photographers comments that he will be featured in high school lockers. :)

I had heard the interview portion was at the end of the of the photo shoot footage so I assumed it was only two or three minutes. Nope, it’s about thirteen. Some of the news is old (he’s asked to recap the show for people who’ve never seen it), but there’s some interesting info including the photo shoot is the result of him being named one of the sexiest men on television. Bout damn time! He’s utterly adorable speaking about this especially when he goes on to talk about how Kerri (his wife) was the one who was really excited to get the news. She’s now taken to poking him in the arm and making comments about how she’s with one of the sexiest men around.

Katee, Grace, and Tricia are going to be featured in a separate article about the sexiest women on TV. He says very complimentary things about them all and talks a bit about the Lee/Kara relationship (nothing new). He also talks about how well he and Richard Hatch get along and how he teases him about his Apollo’s relationship with Starbuck and how those two seemed more than buddies on screen. ;) I’m sure Dirk would love hearing that. :p

He shares his job history before becoming an actor. My favorite: He dubbed a French film into English when he was 8.

He also recounts an interesting story about how he was recently walking down Sunset Strip (?) and a guy in a bar saw him and came out of a bar to shake his hand. He just assumed he guy had had too much to drink and was extremely friendly. As he walked away he heard the guy say to his buddies “That’s Apollo!” He seemed genuinely flattered and touched by that.

Oh, and I love the interviewers last remark before they stop filming, "You are so fabulous."

Btw, anyone know of a way to copy/save the footage? If I can’t right click/save I’m lost.
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