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Wednesday TV and Other Stuff

This feels like one of the longest work weeks ever…and it’s only Wednesday.

I’m also growing to hate the local airport. Don't ask.

But, to focus on the positive, the apartment complex *finally* replaced my broken old microwave with a pretty new one. I can boil water again! ;) My order from Kiehl’s came only two days after placing my order and that was with free shipping. And I won two auctions on eBay without getting into a bidding war or spending more than I wanted. Of course, I’m not sure I want both items (I couldn’t make up my mind) so one may end up a Christmas gift.

Some thoughts on tonight’s TV…

OK, that was a shock. Has America ever gotten rid of the frontrunner before? And Kathrine looked as if she was waiting the entire time for the ax to fall on her. But after the initial WTF? (Hell, maybe Elliott or Taylor will win this thing), I remembered that Chris is better off not being tied into the crappy AI contract.

Seriously people, is it not enough I listen to the podcasts for you? Now I have to watch Rachel and Balthazar “acting”. Who the hell left those two alone in a scene together? And a dramatic scene at that!

After I put the knife down, I tried to pay attention again. It was hard though. I did discover that JJ is either a big ‘Farscape’ or ‘Galactica’ fan thus explaining Nadia walking around chatting with Sloane and aware of things she couldn’t have been aware of. Mia didn’t get paid enough for this.

The highlight of the episode was, oh, I know you are waiting for me to say the return of Michael Vartan and, well, you are WRONG! Sort of. I think I know how they convinced him to come back. They dangled the ‘Oh, you get to kick AnnaSyd Jennifer’s ass.’ scene in front of him. He did look to be enjoying himself. :) I also appreciated the fact that he was not duped by an evil woman again. He knew it wasn’t Syd. Thank you for small favors JJ.

Oh, and Sark made his surprise appearance at the very end. Like every dead/mostly dead/wait didn’t you die twice already? character does on this show.

This show is getting sooo good. ABC will probably announce the cancellation soon. :/

When did I start liking Tom so much? He’s like the anti-Baltar.

The ripping children and parents apart reminded me (probably not unintentionally) of some horrific moments in human history. And though I doubted any one of the main cast would be killed, I did fear for what else may happen to them. The only other show where I have this much fear is BSG.

Great cliffhanger (if a little cheesy). I’m just glad that’s not the last moment for the season/series.

Now off to bed. 'Bones' shall have to wait for viewing another day.
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