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Since the title of the ep can be construed as spoilery, I'll just say thoughts on Ten's latest adventure.

Ok, I know the Cybermen are part of the Doctor's past and that they are very bad and I should be scared, but they look too much like something out of a B 60's sci-fi/horror flick for me to be on the edge of my seat. I did like the cliffhanger since I have no idea how they are going to get out of their predicament.

I felt the story for this episode was far superior to the last two outings. There didn't seem to be the gaping plot holes or WTF? lapses in logic. Then again, when you deal with parallel universes and alternate realities you have more leeway.

I wish Jackie had been more different than her counterpart. Mickey and Pete seemed to fair much better. And I was highly amused that Mickey's counterpart was named Ricky since Nine referred to him as such on more than one occasion.

Here's my obligatory enough with the Torchwood references already. I get you are doing a spin off and I don't need to be reminded constantly. Bored now.

I find it interesting that when the Tardis stopped working they were pretty much screwed. Ten basically admitted he doesn't have the knowledge that the others of his kind did. Why? Is it because they each had a unique gift and relied on each others intellect? Was he distanced from the others for some reason? Did he goof off too much in Time Lord School?

Ten gave up ten (hee - just got that) years of his life to charge the power cell. Um, which life? Doesn't he have like three more to go?

"You can only chase after one of us and it's never gonna be me." Mickey actually sounded a little jealous/hurt there. Not that he's interested in the Doctor in THAT way, but part of him must want to be valued as much as Rose and he's aware that will never be the case. Heck, he asked to come with them, he better learn to deal with being the second banana.

The waiter suit looked very similar to a tux. Ten in a tux? Nice. :)

FYI, if any of you are planning on attending Dragon*Con the membership cost goes up $10 tomorrow.
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