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Is the season over yet?

I’ve had one of my worst work weeks ever. I am sooooo far behind and buried under paperwork. I’ve come home exhausted and irritable every night this week. I’ll most likely have to work Saturday. Yet I am not at all stressed. How could this be?

::Looks at calendar::

Oh, it’s the one week anniversary of my freedom from tyranny! :)

Catching up on some TV viewing…

My first response to this episode was House has another friend??? I did not see that coming. ;) And this friendship is a very different one from the one House shares with Wilson. Wilson is House’s equal in nearly every way, including the emotional damage and f***ed up personal life. Crandall is not someone you can imagine House spending much if any time with. His explanation as to how they became friends is plausible though. We’re often ‘attracted’ to someone for a single reason - something that is of benefit to us. But I got the impression that the two have at kept in touch over the, what?, 25 years or so they have known each other. And I don’t think it was House’s guilt over screwing around with Crandall’s almost fiancé and waiting for the opportunity to make amends. His behavior towards him indicates he likes this guy and, interestingly, in many ways he treats him better than Wilson.

And why is it that House can be brutally honest with those closest to him, those he has day to day contact with, yet this man he lies to, to protect him, to make him happy. Then again, House’s bluntness is often because he feels people are avoiding the truth about them and failing to deal with their issues. Crandall seems to have a handle on who he is and he isn’t running away from something, rather, he is embracing responsibility.

I seem to be the only one who found the extended shots of Cuddy’s ass gratuitous. Then again, I had issues with the towel scene in BSG’s ‘The Final Cut’. Much like Jamie’s abs and hipbone, Lisa has a great ass. And even though House lingering on Cuddy’s ass was perfectly in character, I still felt it went on for too long. Yeah, I’m full of contradictions. :p

The thing that bothered me most in the episode was House torturing that girl. Yes, I’m calling it torture in this case because House seemed to be enjoying what he was doing on some level. I generally can accept when House causes his patient’s pain - it’s to get to the truth of the illness when they refuse to be truthful with him. Did he actually just see her as his other patients who lie and thus interfere with him doing his job There were extenuating circumstances here. She was terrified (as evidence by her nightmarish images) of being returned to the streets of New Orleans. She wasn’t trying to hurt Crandall or rip him off, she simply wanted a better life and who could blame her?

I certainly hope this new level of pain he’s experiencing wasn’t causing him to act out against others. And speaking of the pain, it’s interesting that Cameron is the only one who knows House’s habit of pacing when the pain grows worse and that it is getting progressively worse.

Foreman seemed like his old self again. Which I was a little disappointed by. Or maybe they just glossed over his recovery this week? In fairness, we didn’t see him hands on with the patient, but a line from House stating that he’s not allowed to touch patients yet would have helped clarify.

OK, the baby is just too cute. I generally hate babies on my shows, but the kid was sparingly used and cute and Jack made her laugh and she made Vaughn smile and I shall let it go this time because of all that.

Vaughn and Dixon and Marshall! The boys are back together!. And I loved Dixon’s crack to Vaughn that the elaborate plot by Jack to protect him may have all been to keep him from marrying his daughter.

The beautiful man is dying!

OMG, was that priceless. As was Sark speaking Italian. Guh. However, THAT was his plan for getting into a maximum security (and apparently co-ed) prison?! I don’t know much about the Italian system of justice, but do they really arrest you and bypass processing and take you directly to prison?

For any of you who have criticized Michael Vartan’s acting, he’s Olivier compared to Balthazar Getty. The guy finds out the truth about his wife’s murder and he stands there as if he was in the check out lane at the super market.

Oh, and I don’t know which to be most annoyed with, wasting time on two characters no one gives a rat’s ass about (are they really trying to start a romance between BG and RN with a series winding down?) or the fact that the dead wife story was ripped off from Lethal Weapon 2.

The hype about the first ten minutes was true. Wow. It wasn’t the shoot out that impressed me, but that all those people weren’t saved at the last moment. A lot of people died or, more precisely, who they were died. And families were gut-wrenchingly torn apart. No mercy was shown. As I alluded to with last week’s ep, this all seemed to draw parallels with the Nazi’s and their effort to create a master race. It was quite chilling.

And the bastards at ABC referred to this as a SEASON FINALE?! So now we may never know Larkin’s fate. I have a theory though. I don’t think she would have become a hybrid. See, in their eyes, with her pregnancy, I think she would be seen as damaged goods. Kira was saved because of an imperfect heart valve. I don’t think an alien would wish to be held back by potentially having to carry a fetus to term. But, before realizing she’s pregnant and what a hassle that would be to deal with, the healing process begins and thus Larkin survives her injuries. Or I could be wrong and Russell is the odd man out in the family.

Maybe we'll find out what could have been with commentary on the DVDs. Which I shall definitely be buying now.

Kevin Bacon should have stayed separated from this by six degrees.

The thing that infuriates me about most finales is that shows seem to forget what has come in the years before and just focus on what they see as a clever idea for the finale. I could have bought the two year separation between Will and Grace, they’ve had petty fallings out before (or at least when I was still watching regularly). However, after they make up it’s because of scheduling conflicts they realize the friendship is over. WTF? Yes, you have your own lives now and maybe you won’t be able to see each other until June, but you just chuck a twenty year relationship because of that? Then there kids meet in the exact same way as they did and because of that they go back to being best buds again. Whatever.

Marissa’s dead. Ryan is free. A nation rejoices. Let me add a Hallelujah!

And I’m cutting it close, but a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to a swell gal, wisteria_. Hope you had some fun after the not-so-fun work week. :)
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