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Is the season over yet?

I’ve had one of my worst work weeks ever. I am sooooo far behind and buried under paperwork. I’ve come home exhausted and irritable every night this week. I’ll most likely have to work Saturday. Yet I am not at all stressed. How could this be?

::Looks at calendar::

Oh, it’s the one week anniversary of my freedom from tyranny! :)

Catching up on some TV viewing…

My first response to this episode was House has another friend??? I did not see that coming. ;) And this friendship is a very different one from the one House shares with Wilson. Wilson is House’s equal in nearly every way, including the emotional damage and f***ed up personal life. Crandall is not someone you can imagine House spending much if any time with. His explanation as to how they became friends is plausible though. We’re often ‘attracted’ to someone for a single reason - something that is of benefit to us. But I got the impression that the two have at kept in touch over the, what?, 25 years or so they have known each other. And I don’t think it was House’s guilt over screwing around with Crandall’s almost fiancé and waiting for the opportunity to make amends. His behavior towards him indicates he likes this guy and, interestingly, in many ways he treats him better than Wilson.

And why is it that House can be brutally honest with those closest to him, those he has day to day contact with, yet this man he lies to, to protect him, to make him happy. Then again, House’s bluntness is often because he feels people are avoiding the truth about them and failing to deal with their issues. Crandall seems to have a handle on who he is and he isn’t running away from something, rather, he is embracing responsibility.

I seem to be the only one who found the extended shots of Cuddy’s ass gratuitous. Then again, I had issues with the towel scene in BSG’s ‘The Final Cut’. Much like Jamie’s abs and hipbone, Lisa has a great ass. And even though House lingering on Cuddy’s ass was perfectly in character, I still felt it went on for too long. Yeah, I’m full of contradictions. :p

The thing that bothered me most in the episode was House torturing that girl. Yes, I’m calling it torture in this case because House seemed to be enjoying what he was doing on some level. I generally can accept when House causes his patient’s pain - it’s to get to the truth of the illness when they refuse to be truthful with him. Did he actually just see her as his other patients who lie and thus interfere with him doing his job There were extenuating circumstances here. She was terrified (as evidence by her nightmarish images) of being returned to the streets of New Orleans. She wasn’t trying to hurt Crandall or rip him off, she simply wanted a better life and who could blame her?

I certainly hope this new level of pain he’s experiencing wasn’t causing him to act out against others. And speaking of the pain, it’s interesting that Cameron is the only one who knows House’s habit of pacing when the pain grows worse and that it is getting progressively worse.

Foreman seemed like his old self again. Which I was a little disappointed by. Or maybe they just glossed over his recovery this week? In fairness, we didn’t see him hands on with the patient, but a line from House stating that he’s not allowed to touch patients yet would have helped clarify.

OK, the baby is just too cute. I generally hate babies on my shows, but the kid was sparingly used and cute and Jack made her laugh and she made Vaughn smile and I shall let it go this time because of all that.

Vaughn and Dixon and Marshall! The boys are back together!. And I loved Dixon’s crack to Vaughn that the elaborate plot by Jack to protect him may have all been to keep him from marrying his daughter.

The beautiful man is dying!

OMG, was that priceless. As was Sark speaking Italian. Guh. However, THAT was his plan for getting into a maximum security (and apparently co-ed) prison?! I don’t know much about the Italian system of justice, but do they really arrest you and bypass processing and take you directly to prison?

For any of you who have criticized Michael Vartan’s acting, he’s Olivier compared to Balthazar Getty. The guy finds out the truth about his wife’s murder and he stands there as if he was in the check out lane at the super market.

Oh, and I don’t know which to be most annoyed with, wasting time on two characters no one gives a rat’s ass about (are they really trying to start a romance between BG and RN with a series winding down?) or the fact that the dead wife story was ripped off from Lethal Weapon 2.

The hype about the first ten minutes was true. Wow. It wasn’t the shoot out that impressed me, but that all those people weren’t saved at the last moment. A lot of people died or, more precisely, who they were died. And families were gut-wrenchingly torn apart. No mercy was shown. As I alluded to with last week’s ep, this all seemed to draw parallels with the Nazi’s and their effort to create a master race. It was quite chilling.

And the bastards at ABC referred to this as a SEASON FINALE?! So now we may never know Larkin’s fate. I have a theory though. I don’t think she would have become a hybrid. See, in their eyes, with her pregnancy, I think she would be seen as damaged goods. Kira was saved because of an imperfect heart valve. I don’t think an alien would wish to be held back by potentially having to carry a fetus to term. But, before realizing she’s pregnant and what a hassle that would be to deal with, the healing process begins and thus Larkin survives her injuries. Or I could be wrong and Russell is the odd man out in the family.

Maybe we'll find out what could have been with commentary on the DVDs. Which I shall definitely be buying now.

Kevin Bacon should have stayed separated from this by six degrees.

The thing that infuriates me about most finales is that shows seem to forget what has come in the years before and just focus on what they see as a clever idea for the finale. I could have bought the two year separation between Will and Grace, they’ve had petty fallings out before (or at least when I was still watching regularly). However, after they make up it’s because of scheduling conflicts they realize the friendship is over. WTF? Yes, you have your own lives now and maybe you won’t be able to see each other until June, but you just chuck a twenty year relationship because of that? Then there kids meet in the exact same way as they did and because of that they go back to being best buds again. Whatever.

Marissa’s dead. Ryan is free. A nation rejoices. Let me add a Hallelujah!

And I’m cutting it close, but a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to a swell gal, wisteria_. Hope you had some fun after the not-so-fun work week. :)
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Unfortunately I'm still trying to figure out how she died. Sure, the car flipped and was all smooshed, but Ryan barely had a scratch on him and she had few stratigcally placed spots of blood. If it was massive internal injuries shouldn't she have benn coughing up blood or something?
Oh yes, one more thing. Don't stress, pretty lady. Work blows, but leave it there. Plus, yay freedom!
Will and Grace was soooooooooooooooo bad. My mom and I watched out of curiosity, and at the end of the hour we just stared at each other, open mouthed, and ask, "Why?"

There's sixty minutes I'll never have back.
Hee. The icon is perfect!

The finale was just their crowning achievement in WTFness. In eight years *no one* could seem to come between these two for longer than a couple episodes. They often chose each other over family, friends, and lovers. Yet they stop calling each other because it was too difficult to schedule a movie????? And where we're Karen and Jack during all this? Did they cut them out of their lives too? It was all horribly conceived and depressing.
My first response to this episode was House has another friend???

Heh. I thought Cuddy's line was the bestest. "... you and all your friend." I agree with you on the torture; I didn't even quite believe the finger-breaking until Cameron (? one of them, anyway) talked about it, thinking, 'No, they wouldn't.' That was WAY over the line.

I liked Cameron throughout. She was the only one who got what was up with House, but she was remarkably non-smug and calm about it, no vibe of, 'Look, look, I understand House.' That was pretty cool.

Marissa's dead?! Woah. *giggles*
Fortunately I was distracted by something and missed the finger breaking. If I was Crandall I would have knocked him out cold for that one.

but she was remarkably non-smug and calm about it, no vibe of, 'Look, look, I understand House.' That was pretty cool.

Good point! Whereas she use to make a big deal at what she perceived as understanding House she now just makes her observations and moves on. Much more affective. And I don't think for a moment she's given up her feelings for House (look at her reaction to the massage he was getting), but she's not obsessing over him or making him the focus of her life anymore and she seems to be healthier (and less annoying) for it. did I miss your Best Week Ever notice?!? I feel so out of the loop! Congratulations, omg! did I miss your Best Week Ever notice?!?

Hopefully because you were hard at work vidding Lee and Laura! ;-)
Yay freedom from tyranny!

You know, if Cuddy's ass were displayed in such a fashion under any other circumstances, I'd think it was gratuitous too. But at that moment, what stands out is that she's trying to get pregnant via non-romantic channels, ergo it's not a blatantly sexual situation; and she's a single professional (and highly successful) woman who's not bothered by sexist remarks and knows how to shut them down, so much so that she's not even uncomfortable getting House to give her the shot. He mocked her looks and clothes on numerous occasions in the past; and yet this time, we see her ass and he's on his best behavior! I mean, yes, there was unnecessary lingering, but as you said, it was in character. Not to mention that we get to see that House does appreciate her "zesty bod" as much as he respects her decisions; and the two perceptions of Cuddy as a woman are not mutually exclusive. It was quite a feminist moment: she had her skirt up her waist, she was snarky and vulnerable because he knew her secret, and yet - she wasn't objectified. Oh, I love that scene!

Of course, that's just one interpretation. *g*

I'm so glad I stopped watching Will&Grace last year. That finale sounds awful.
Excellent take on the House/Cuddy scene. I admit I did not put that much thought into it. And I was in no way putting it in the same catagory as a show like, say, 'Baywatch', but part of my brain always wonders when the camera seems to linger on peoples naked parts if they are making a cheap grab for attention.

It was more generic skin than "ass," I mean, it's pretty hard to fetishize a random splotch of white on the screen. So I didn't really find it over the top.

At any rate, of all the season finales so far, I think I liked Bones the best and I don't even like the show. I was disappointed by everything else.

And thanks for the ditch comment elsewhere; loved it.
I just finished watching the 'Bones' finale and it was pretty good. It had resolution, yet also set up a storyline for next season. Plus, I liked the brother. I hope we see more of him. I have to say, it's still not the BEST SHOW EVA!, but it's improved a lot over the course of the season.

'Invasion' is probably the best finale I've seen thus far. All the other series finales I've seen have sucked and blowed. I can't wait to see what they do on 'Alias'! ;p

And thanks for the ditch comment elsewhere; loved it.

LOL. You're welcome. :)
Hey Hon. Sorry work sucks, but at least you don't have to put up with your horrible boss anymore. :)

I put a little note in the mail to you on Monday with a clipping from my Sunday paper - did you get it yet? It should give you a moment of enjoyment anyway. ;)
Yes I did get it and THANK YOU! It was so sweet of you to think of me like that. :) Sorry I didn't let you know I received it sooner, but I don't sort through my mail everyday. I figure the bills can wait. ;)
No worries, I'm just glad you got it. I was thinking maybe it needed more postage or something. I liked the little interview - although from this article I am not a fan of his wife. Is she very opinionated and controlling, do you know? Good thing he ignored her advice about X-men!
I'm so happy about Marisa's death on the OC... but here's my problem. What sane normal person doesn't immediately try CPR when the 'love of their life' suddenly breathes their last breath? Hmm?
I'm glad she's dead, but her death scene was incredibly lame. As you pointed out, no CPR. And while I suppose she had massive internal injuries to go so quickly, all we saw is a tiny bit of blood at the corner of her mouth. And Ryan is perfectly fine. It's an insult to people who have actually been involved in serious accidents.
Oooo, your post makes me want to comment =)

House and causing pain: Personally, and this is not a positive reflection on House's character by any means, I think that when House is in pain, he wants to cause pain. He does it when he's emotionally injured (the whole situation with Stacy and taking it out on Wilson), he does it when he's physically injured, and the whole thing with the young girl rang a bit gratuitous but still true to the character - which bothered me.

Cuddy's Ass: I appreciated it, but it was still gratuitous.

Invasion: Wait... the series wasn't picked up for next season? We'll NEVER KNOW? OMGWTF?
Wait... the series wasn't picked up for next season? We'll NEVER KNOW? OMGWTF?

I know! There was talk of the CW maybe picking it up but they apparently went with '7th Heaven' and 'Reba' instead. :( The actor who plays Tom was interviewed after news of the cancellation, but he remained tight-lipped about what was planned for Season 2 other than it would have been even better than this season. Maybe Shaun Cassidy is still trying to find another outlet for the show?

I think that when House is in pain, he wants to cause pain. He does it when he's emotionally injured (the whole situation with Stacy and taking it out on Wilson), he does it when he's physically injured, and the whole thing with the young girl rang a bit gratuitous but still true to the character - which bothered me.

I agree. I forgot to mention last night that I thought it was possible that House caused the girl pain because he wanted to make someone suffer as he was suffering. Which can be human nature and if it was just him verbally abusing her I probably would have been OK with it, but to break her finger?! Yeah, it was too much and turned him from a victim of circumstance into a villian, imho.
Glad to see you! Sorry about work being so busy, but what a difference it is when you're just really busy and not busy and being tortured by evil boss ;)

I was a little bothered at first by the lingering on Cuddy's ass, but moonlash's take on it put it in perspective for me.

Crandall is the opposite of Wilson in many ways, most importantly in personality - he's just as knowing about House as Wilson, but because he's more easygoing he just accepts House without taking what he says or does personally. I think House wants Wilson to be happy too, he just thinks he needs to be brutally honest with him to accomplish it :) As you said, Crandall isn't lying to get out of taking responsibility, doesn't even care if the girl is his daughter or not, he just wants to care for her, so House is going to help him accomplish that, and does so by lying to him.

I am also livid with ABC - how could they say it was just a season finale for Invasion?! Lying dogs. Poor Sean Cassidy, he never seems to get beyond one season for his shows. It just goes to show you, mediocrity gets rewarded (Seventh Heaven over Everwood?!), and creativity and orginality gets the shaft.
I don’t know much about the Italian system of justice, but do they really arrest you and bypass processing and take you directly to prison?

Shhhh. You're letting reality intrude on Alias, and that never ends well.
Just had to say a quick thank you! Hope your weekend goes beautifully, too. :)