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OMG, the bastards killed Jack!

On the other hand...You beat death, but you couldn't beat me. Damn great final moment. And Sloane gets to live forever...alone and buried under several tons of rock. It's been done, but I like it. He shot Jack! He deserves it.

Oh Syd, poor, incredibly stupid Syd. Which mission caused the brain damage? First there was leaving Debbie to be easily discovered. They're called closets, use one! Then she tells Irina she's no longer her mother and vows to stop her...only to turn around the second it looks like she's going to die and offer to save her. WHAT?!

And Irina was the Queen Bitch of the Universe all this time? I'm just surprised her final evil plan didn't involve sacrificing Isabelle on an alter.

Marshall rocked.

My friend divahag pointed out this classic Rachel moment:

rachel: "what happened to your wife was a crime"

well, yeah. she was murdered.

I don't know though. Rachel's response to the date that will never be, "I would have said yes if you asked." was the line that had me reaching for the remote to heave at the screen.

And I just learn Tom's name and he done get blown up! I wish I cared.

Merrien Dungey, why did you bother?

Sark's balls seemed to be on loan. He didn't want to shoot Marshall and Rachel? Huh? What? I blame Lauren for this!

Peyton may be able to scare Ilyria. Well, at least I thought so until the snake showed up. Who else thought "Snakes. It had to be snakes."? ;)

All and all, it could have been worse.
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