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I think I'd have to watch this episode at least two more times before being able to properly analyze. Damn them for believing there is such a thing as an intelligent audiance! For now, let me just say I loved it. The twist, if you can call it that, I think most of us figured out right away, but it was an incredibly well written episode and Hugh Laurie deserves that Emmy NOW, so I was able to forgive some predictable bits. Oh, and thank you dear writers for this line, "I’m almost always eventually right ." That sums of the PotW stories quite nicely. ;)
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Agreed about the Emmy for Hugh, but I hope the writers get one too, in spite of their lame medical plots. The characterization and acting on this show is amazing, which is one reason why regular viewers could be so sure they'd figured out the twist. It's so glaringly obvious the moment any one of them is out-of-character. (The lack of the hospital to behave like a real hospital is no real clue, of course, since it never does.)
The characterization and acting on this show is amazing, which is one reason why regular viewers could be so sure they'd figured out the twist. It's so glaringly obvious the moment any one of them is out-of-character.

Excellent point. It's funny it took House so long to figure it out. OK, sure, if Chase is in ass-kissing mode he may agree with everything he says, but all three of them? The lack of arguments and people stomping out of the room was a sure sign something was wrong. Plus, his shooter was sounding more and more like him which he eventually picked up on.
I watched the East Coast happy. I love this show, the clever writing, the great acting.

Can't wait to watch it again.
Hopefully I can work on some more in-depth analysis this weekend. And maybe we'll be able to chat about it face to face in a couple weeks. ;-)
I'd have been ok with him really killing the guy, too; that would have made for an interesting season three. Especially since no one gives a shit about the plots, they just wacth for House.
House gets away with *a lot* of crap he couldn't get away with in the real world. And I it would have been interesting if he had really killed the guy, but I think it's way too big a f*** up for the show to overlook. Worst case scenerio he'd end up in prison, best case fired.

I wonder if they are going to deal with the leg pain going away? That would be intriguing because I don't believe House's misery and demeanor has much if anything to do with that. It's a crutch that gives him the excuse to be miserable.
"best case fired."

Wouldn't have a problem with that. People would watch House bag groceries. You would. I know it. :P
OK you have a point. :p And it did strike me that 'House' and 'Prison Break' are both on FOX and the latter may be in need of a new doctor so House could get arrested and still have work. ;)

Oh! And I know your secret identity now!
Why isn't it September yet? A pain free House, how would that set his entire way of life on its head. I'm still dizzy from watching it.
I'd love if they explored a pain free House. The leg gives him an excuse to be miserable. Take that away and he'd have to explore his real issues.
You and me both! I need to watch it at least three more times. I loved it. If Hugh Laurie does not win an Emmy, the award will finally cease to have any significance for me. Looking forward to your comments!
I think that guy from Deadwood did a much better job than Laurie and he didn't win one last time out; hell, you're lucky just to get nominated if you're not on the show guaranteed a win for the category.
You mean Ian McShane? Oh, I love his performances too! I'd have a difficult time deciding between him and Hugh, but it would be nice to have such talented actors to vote on instead of the same old ones they nominate every year.
oh, yeah. i mentioned to you last week that i was pleased with the sherlock holmes reference when he was about to dose on morphine--but then an interesting case caused him to put away the syringe. but then when i found out the guy who shot house in the finale was named "moriarty," as in holmes's arch-nemesis, i thought it was a little heavy handed.

but, gloriously it turns out that house's arch-nemesis is actually house--the moriarty he constructed from memory and his own really poetic and verbose sense of ethics. house the machine vs. house the human being. great writing and great acting.

one of the loveliest moments was when we realized the woman he was talking to was moriarty's wife--when house was sitting in the car with her as she was killing herself.

do you think it's possible house made that part up? would he know that she killed herself? and if he did make that part up, then he's facing demons of his own creation.

oh, i love what this episode says about his feelings for cameron. that machine surgical foreplay was oddly sexy. maybe you can use something like that in some lee/laura porn. hmm?