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Oh, What A Beautiful Day

Even though I have a splitting headache right now, there is much to be happy about. To begin with, there are birthdays to be acknowledged. Many, many...many years ago (I kid!) we were blessed with one Ms writteninstars. We've known each other for five years now (I know this only because we bonded over season one of 'Alias') and it seems like it has been much, much longer and I mean that in the best possible way. And I'm very disappointed we weren't able to meet up in May as was seeming to become our tradition. I hope you had a great day with the girls and kept Ms Goo from stealing the bag! ;-)

Today is also the birthday of no_detective who thanks to Hugh Laurie I have gotten the opportunity to get to know and meet! Her meta is the best and it's why I overlook her strange fascination with SGA. ;) Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to see each other again this fall.

Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

This afternoon I saw X-Men: The Last Stand for the first time (I say first because I have plans to see it again tomorrow...shut up) and I loved it. That's not to say it was without fault, I have quibbles (when don't I?), but the good outweighed the bad. A few non-spoilery comments. Hugh Jackman has a lot more screen time. I guess it comes with also being involved in the producing the film. ;) And Halle Berry can finally stop her bitching about the size of her part. Surprisingly, I didn't loathe her getting more screen time. Action sequences did not overshadow character development (though some characters faired better than others in that respect) and the film actually packed more of an emotional punch for me than it's predecessors. Oh, and DO NOT leave before the credits are over. There is one final, significant scene.

I called Xavier dying after seeing the trailer. And I didn't really have a problem with his death because as long as he was around the next generation (Storm, Wolverine) weren't going to come step up to a leadership position. Besides, is Xavier really dead? Did he foresee his death? His connection to the doctor and interest in the patient with no higher brain function was rather vague.

Cyclops died. I wish I cared. I was never a huge fan of the character in large part because James Marsden lacked, imo, the gravitas for that role. I also have to wonder if his quick and unspectacular exit (did they even find a body???) had something to do with going off to film 'Superman' with Singer. If so, I give him credit for coming back to give Cyclops a send off on screen.

I know they are planing a Wolverine film, but this felt like a Wolverine film. I love Hugh and I love Wolverine, but several characters got short shrift here. What happened to the Bobby/Kitty/Rogue love triangle? Bobby's role grew considerably over the previous outings and we finally got to know Kitty, but Rogue works out in the Danger Room then goes off to get the 'cure'. Which, for the record, I don't fault her for. How does one go through life with no physical contact?

I loved the introduction of Angel. Here's a child so desperate to be normal and be accepted by his father that he spends an hour mutilating himself. Too bad the character was pretty much forgotten after that accept to be used for a couple key plot points.

Juggernaut. Wasn't his inclusion suppose to be a big deal? He was underutilized, however, not much more than Toad or Sabertooth in the first 'X'.

Colossus was hot! We need more of him!

All the crap Magneto has pulled and the moment he angers me the most is when he abandons Mystique/Raven because she's "one of them" now. That bastard! All she's done for him and he just leaves her there, naked, physically and emotionally. I love the line later on about "a woman scorned". ;-)

I don't have much to say about Beast other than I think Kelsey was a great choice and he has the potential for being the new thorn in Wolverine's side.

I know a little bit of the history of the Phoenix character and wondered how they were going to deal with Jean's transformation from good to evil. The destrroying a planet thing just would not work in the reality based environment they have created. So the solution they came up with seemed a pretty good one. It called into question important issues about free will, choice, the greater good, and also showed that Xavier may be a very good man, but not a saint. (I also got a little pissed at him for immediately blaming Logan for Jean's transformation to Dark Phoenix.) I had thought I had caught a major continuity error early in the film when Jean, as a child, levitated those cars. In the first film she seemed to have to concentrate quite hard to move small objects. It didn't make sense until Xavier explained how he reigned in her power and put up the mental block. She would have had to relearn everything that was at one time instinctual to her.

OK, the Jean/Phoenix/Logan almost sex scene...BEST X-MEN SCENE EVA! And it had me wondering how this got a PG-13 rating. ;p

However, for my Logan/Rogue fans, I did get a shippy vibe in the scene where she's leaving. He tells her he's not her father, calls her Rogue and then she follows up with "Marie". On one level it had to do with her choice, giving up her mutant abilities and becoming a normal girl again and using her real name, but it just felt like something more.

It might have been a little melodramatic and there was the gratuitous show of Hugh's bod, but, damn, I still got a bit choked up when Logan was forced to kill Jean. He was the only one who could get to her. Putting aside the emotional connection she shared with him (the only other time Jean showed herself was with Scott), no one else has his ability to heal thus allowing him the opportunity to strike the fatal blow.

In addition to some let down with the supporting characters, I have to say my other big problem was editing. The first third of the film felt a little disjointed. In large part this was do to the characters being so fractured and spread out and trying to set up the big showdown. I also felt the big action set piece on Alcatraz Island suffered from too many closeups and you lost the impact of how huge this battle was suppose to be.

Is this really the last in the series? I don't know. It could be the end. Jean and Scott are dead. But is the cure really a cure? Xavier seems to have found another host. Magneto moved the chess piece without touching it. They are/were mutants - what it their genes decide to go back to the way they once were? I would be interested to see how Rogue would deal with her ability to touch being taken away from her again. And what if Mystique switched sides as a way to seek revenge?

Oh, btw, the father in the minivan that gets stuck on the bridge? It's John Pyper-Ferguson - AKA the former Pegasus CAG, Stinger.

Best line: After the guy whose arms keep growing back taunts Wolverine, he responds with a kick to the groin and "Try growing those back." :)

Somewhat secret message to meret, due to headache, coherent thoughts are delayed. Though I have some ideas. ;)

Also, I haven't been as active on LJ as I usually I am. I want you all to know I am keeping up, I just haven't had the time to do much commenting. Work is still extremely busy and chaotic. I have to wonder how much damage would have been done had a certain someone been allowed to stay longer. :/ And I'm also immersed in fic writing...and rewriting...and rewriting. You get the idea. One of these days life will return to what I call normal.
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