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More Birthdays and More 'X"!

Happy Birthday!!! to two great ladies cathyteach2 and divahag. Both of you I had the pleasure of meeting thanks to the Buffy fandom. Cathy hung out on The Board That Shall Not Be Named and Ms Diva (Ms Hag sounds soooo wrong, especially if you knew her) fortunately commented on the official Angel magazine I was purchasing as she was ringing me up at the bookstore. We struck up a conversation and the rest is history. It's been a pleasure knowing you both. Hope you each had terrific days with your families. :)

And, as stated yesterday, I saw X-Men: The Last Stand again this afternoon and had a few more observations.

I forgot to mention before that I had read that the film utilized some new 'anti-aging' software in the opening scene of the film. Xavier and Magneto did, in fact, look younger and without the obviousness of latex and makeup. It's cool that they can do this now, but it scares me a bit as what they may start doing to actors on screen.

It struck me that Wolverine took on the leadership role in this film. Yes, Xavier intended to pass the running of the school to Storm, but it's Wolverine who led the assault on Magneto and his group and rallied the X-Men to the cause. There were many parallel scenes in this film with the previous ones and you can directly compare the scene where they are in uniform getting ready to board the jet with the same scene in the first film. Then Wolverine only agreed to join the group in order to save Rogue. Here, it's about saving mankind and the greater good. True, he wished to save Jean, but he was only willing to sacrifice himself for that particular goal.

We also see Wolverine put his military training to use which was interesting because in the past he seemed to want to distance himself from whoever that person was.

I loved how each made their entrance as they formed the defensive line.

Another line I loved - Cyclops to Logan, "We all don't heal as fast as you do."

I forgot about another BSG refugee - Bill Duke! He goes from running the black market to working for the government...makes sense. ;)
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