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If the Queen Bitch of the Universe Pageant was held right now, Janet would be crowned the winner. She's officially my most hated character on television now. Not that I ever liked her to begin with, but the comment about the one good thing to come out of their son's death is that she didn't have to see him grow up and become just like Tommy sealed my hatred. There is *nothing* good to come out of a child's death. And then we find out she's sleeping with his brother?! And she expects him to support her! I said it in the first season, why the hell can't she work? ARGH!

Susan Sarandon is guest starring this season? That line between TV and film actors is just completely gone now, isn't it?
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What? You don't want to mention that Marisa Tomei is also guesting? And she's such a fine actress. ::dies laughing at own joke::

I also want to know exactly why this bitch, Janet, can't work? The kids are quite old enough to take care of themselves for a few hours and also to help take care of the house. If I recall correctly, her reasoning for not working was that the house would go to shit and the kids needed her to take care of them. Well, tragically, with Connor gone, her kids are all old enough.

::hates the brother probably even more than Janet 'cause he's blood::
I think Marisa needs to take her Oscar and beat you over the head with it! ;p

Apparently Janet suffers from WhinyLazyAss which renders her incapable of work. Next thing you know she'll get a case of the vapors, have to take to her bed (with Tommy's brother), and the kids will need to wait on her.

And I loved in the preview her threatening to take the girls away from him. Isn't the eldest like 17 now?
Yeah, emotionally this is why I stopped watching the show about halfway through last season.

It just wasn't feeling healthy to purposefully tune in for an hour to be so angry with characters.
I've been annoyed and saddened by other characters, but my anger seems to reserved for Janet. Maybe the difference for me is Tommy isn't trying to be hurtful he just fraks up more often than not. Janet seems to take pleasure in trying to hurt him, and while he has *a lot* of faults, I don't understand her cruelty.
Her behavior has gone way past whiny to punitive. I've read that some are offended at her portrayal, but let's face it, there are women, and men like her in the world. That she could say such a thing is beyond me. I've been thinking about it ever since. And I've been suspecting Johnny has had his eyes on Janet for a long time, hah! And she's making Sheila look like mother of the year!

Speaking of Sheila, she didn't annoy me as much as she did last year, and she seems to be away from the clutches of her abusive girlfriend. She still seems a bit smitten with Tommy, but I hope he's smart enough to leave her alone.

You're right, there are women like Janet in the world which is maybe a reason she pisses me off so much. And I don't understand why she is blaming Tommy for Conner's death. He's not the guy who got behind the wheel of a car drunk.
I understand - the fact that the Janets of the world are a reality makes it that more maddening to watch. And I agree, how could Tommy control whether a drunk driver was coming? I remember spending entire summers riding my bike (without a helmet or knee pads) and was never in danger. Conner was just an unfortunate, tragic victim of circumstance.