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JAMIE BAMBER is on Celebrity Poker Showdown!!!

How did I not know this?!?!?! I just happened to be scanning my onscreen guide and saw 'New' and looked to see who was on and Ahhhhhh!!!

It gets repeated if you miss it.

ETA: OK, Jamie in sunglasses? Guh. The image drove Jason Alexander to comment how good he looked in them (they're Jason's glasses) and Bryan Cranston, in all sincerity, proclaimed him "hot". I don't know whether to be amused or disturbed.
Is that the same one with Jenna or a different one?

I figure someone will upload the CPS with Jenna so I don't have to record it. :p
OK, you got me, who is Jenna? And there is only one woman at the table and it's someone from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

I'm waiting for Jamie to lose. Bryan Cranston and Jason Alexander are both on and they can play well.
<--- That's Jenna (I hope that works out right). She plays Pam on the Office. She's supposed to be on sometime, but I'm not sure when.
Grrrr. That thing I read said she'd be on the May 31st ep. Hmmm. She's supposed to be on with Jorge Garcia. Now I must get to the bottom of this.
I'm wondering if Bravo changed the schedule because Jamie's appearance was suppose to be on June 7. I looked at the schedule on CPS site last night and Jenna is participating in Game 4 I believe. So, the 21st?
I didn't see her on the preview for next week either. If I remember I'll give you a heads up. :)

Phew. Jamie isn't the first one out. And Kevin Sorbo has proved himself an idiot. :p

Naw Kevin's a genius.....

So it sounds like this show is another reason why it was better that the meetup was delayed eh? ;-)
Oh WOW. I would pay money to see that. *prays that someone uploads it*
If I find a torrent I'll let you know. :)

This episode is actually rather boring. The group as a whole isn't as chatty/funny as they usually are. But Jamie looks terrific (white sneakers, blue jeans, fitted black dress shirt, and the longer hiatus hair). And right now he's drinking champagne.
Jamie looks terrific (white sneakers, blue jeans, fitted black dress shirt, and the longer hiatus hair). And right now he's drinking champagne.


How long until Vancouver??
! I have this thing about seeing my actors in other stuff -- took me until last week to finally watch Katee's "Cold Case" episode that I'd had on the TiVo since January, and I only watched it because I had a BSG fandom friend over.

BUT I TiVoed the poker thing and am about to start it. Will it make me cringe on his behalf? Because if not, I think I can summon up the courage to watch. ;)
You are clearly falling down on your fangirliness. How could you not know this? ::takes away your crown::
I know! I feel so shamed. :(

And what the hell are you doing using that icon on my LJ?!??!?!?!?! >:(
Ah, but RDM has to let them be in the same room together first.

I know. :)

And you can't run THAT fast in your condition!
Okay, am I dreaming, or did some woman from the audience just yell out, "C'mon, towel boy!"

This is more fun than I thought it would be.
Hmmm, I thought she said "hot boy" which triggered the whole "hot" discussion. I did hear someone shout out something like "Come on Apollo" which I appreciated because it meant there were people there who knew who he was. :)

I understand what you mean about seeing actors in arenas outside their show/movies. Jamie didn't make me uncomfortable at all. He didn't try to make stupid jokes and didn't drink too much. ;) He could have played better though. I was screming "Fold" when he had the two kings. And when he did the profile segment he spoke about being a nice guy on the outside, but becoming very angry on the inside if he's losing. Did you notice he did get pissed when he lost hands? There was a definite change in his facial expression. Also, I picked up on a shyness factor. It took him awhile to loosen up and seem comfortable being there.
I was surfacing sites last night and learned that I have to go off LJ once in awhile. His semi-official site and the Sci-Fi board had posts about his appearance. I also caught links to the photos. :) Interestingly, at the Sci-Fi board one of the posters had a new banner with an incredible photo of him that seemed recent, but I can't find anywhere!
I'm so glad you posted about this. So THIS is what I miss when we have Noggin on all day, lol. I'll definitely try to catch a repeat unless that torrent is found...