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Yet Again Pimping Selenak's LJ

selenak had some marvelous links to other LJ's this morning. One informing me that James, DB, and Drew Goddard have done a commentary track for Lies My Parents Told Me. All together now...."Yippee!" and "Woo Hoo!".

And then there is a brilliant analysis/comparison of Superstar and Storyteller by andrastewhite. jonsiexxx, I think you'll especially appreciate the post. :) Some of the thoughts tie into your own.
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And may I add, "YAHOO!!!!" This is wonderful news. I'm so glad James, DB and Drew will be there, because Fury can be a bit dry. This is gonna be fun! Must have all DVDs now!

That analysis is wonderful. And it shows what a great show this is - that recurring, peripheral characters can have so much impact and can move us to analyze them.
Thanks for the referral, pet. It was very fine, and very much up my alley. Which sounds very rude.
Jones, do you think you could put a few more "very's" in there?

Too late now, SJ. But maybe next time.