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TGIF! For Many Reasons

First off, Birthdays! A belated Happy Birthday! to inlovewithnight. I now you had a great night with Bruce ;), I only wish I could whip up a little H/A drabble for you. But at the pace I write, I may have it in time for your next birthday. :)

And today we were cursed/blessed with the arrival of brynnmck. Happy Birthday! I wish I could blame my slowness on not writing you a ficlet, but Lee and Kara? It's just wrong. ;p As far as a gift, just pick out something pretty for yourself when we are in Vancouver - not Jamie. ;) But I don't want you (or anyone really) to go totally Bamberless so here is a pretty pic I managed to successfully upload on my first attempt. :)

I snagged it courtesy of sarmoti awhile back. And when I was perusing her LJ earlier I noticed she had more pretty! Check this out.

Torrents! I found one for Celebrity Poker Showdown! Same torrent, but it can be found Here and Here. It's downloading very slowly for me right now.

In entertainment news...I picked up at the TV Guide site that Kathryn McPhee is being approached for films by several Hollywood directors including Steven Spielberg and Joss Whedon. Er, Wonder Woman??? And in GREAT news, Jane Espenson is writing a BSG script! Wheeeee!!! Could we have a lighter ep in our future? :)
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