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I should be on my way to work, but then I recalled that the BSGers were at The Museum of Television and Radio event last night and I *had* to look for reports. I even went to the TWOP site! So far, not much info accept they showed a Season 3 preview clip that, duh, contains spoilage. Now, on Monday, the MTR site will have a webcast of the event posted. Personally, I hope they include the preview clip, but maybe they won't. For you spoiler phobes, if you want to wait a day to hear if it's safe to watch, I shall let you know.

blondeheroine posted this link to the trailer for Hugh Jackman's next film, Scoop. I want to see this film *now*. Not only is there a lot of shirtless goodness, but Woody Allen appears to be funny and not chasing after women a third of his age.
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Hugh Jackman!! *dies*

That actually looks like a cute movie. I'm not usually a big Woody Allen fan, but I love Scarlett Jo. Regardless, I'll definitely watch it for the Hugh Factor. ;)
I actually have no idea if Hugh Jackman dies in that movie or not. That was just me *dying* at the hotness that is Hugh Jackman. I'm not the spoilery sort of person; I usually try to avoid them at all costs!
Damn. I thought I was finally going to have a kerfuffle breakout on my LJ. :(
However, what do you want to bet that Woody goes after Scarlett to "save" her at the end and there's tongue action?

I don't know. Ever since he married his step daughter, he seems to have stopped stalking young women on screen. We may be safe. :)
Why are you working on a Saturday!?!

Please ignore my rampant hypocrisy in asking this question.
Why are you working on a Saturday!?!

Because I'm going to be with YOU on Wednesday. :p

Or it could be Thursday if the storms hit before my flight leaves. :(