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Some Interesting Con Tidbits

So, I'm perusing various Con reports. Unfortunately, a lot of it is the same old information we've heard from every other Con. I don't blame James. Can I please beg of people to stop asking him about season 6? It's over with folks, please move on.

But, there were a couple of interesting things about James film career (past and future) I hadn't heard before. First off, the reason Spike had to obtain his soul in Africa was due to Joss writing him out of the show so he could play the villain (Picard's clone)in Star Trek: Nemesis. For some reason, James ended up not getting the part. Not a great film, but not a bad one either, and it couldn't have hurt his career.

As for Venetian Heat, apparently, neither Sean Bean nor Derek Jacobi will be his love interest, but do play a soldier and priest respectively. I love Derek, but may I say Yay! to him not being the love interest. Curious to know who will be cast in that role though if it's not Sean (who must be the love interest of the wife).
The Sunday Q&A had more iteresting questions. some I'd not heard ebfore. Or they were asked in a slightly different way. James is going to answer the questions the fans ask, if they can't be creative, it's not his fault. :) I so want to ask him about the process of recording the audio for the Harry Dresdner books. He's so into what he's doing, would love to know how he gets into the moment when he's not playing opposite anyone.

And speaking of not his fault, let me please rant at some apparently ignorant fans and Vulkcon who are blaming James because some people didn't get their second autograph Sunday. One of the slackjawed pea brains actually yelled at poor Andy Hallet! It seems to me many of these con organizers are trying to make as much money as they can, and are overbooking events, such as photos (hello Flashback!)and autographs. From what I've heard, they sold extra autographs to people, when the folks that had their original ticket didn't even get an autograph. Sure, they need to make money, but putting on a con is not going to increase your bank account. They apparently had JM one time before, so know he likes to chat with fans. They needed Julie Caitlin Brown in a major way! Also, if you are a fan and got one autogrpah the previous day and didn't get your second, suck it up. Take it up with the con organizers, not the guests. One report I read said they overheard Andy Hallet and his manager/agent? discussing he had to leave, but Andy didn't want to. He thought it wasn't fair to the fans, it was bad enough they couldn't personaize their autographs, which is why he and James take a few moments to chat with each person.

Not to mention the few fans that felt compelled to suround James at the cocktail party so he couldn't mingle as he wanted. They're giving out lot a bad name! Julie Caitlin Brown, where are you?

Okay, rant off. Sorry for ranting on your LJ Asta. ;)

LOL. Rant away! Yeah, I saw how things went horribly wrong on Sunday. They should have never sold additional autographs. Or, if you are and you know your stars have to leave at a certain time, move up the time for autographs. But, wait, they couldn't do that because they sold photo ops for the morning. :(

Vulkon, which seemed to have done a good job in Cleveland, got greedy here. Plus, I heard about how James got mobbed at the Cocktail Party and never was able to mingle. Where was Julie? She may be bossy, but she keeps things on schedule. ;)
Cindy - how FAB of you to be interested in audio books. They are very hard work to record - especially unabridged - and I can tell you that however long the final listening time is, James will have spent two to three times longer than that in studio, over the course of a few days.

I keep meaning to order that first tape but not getting round to it. What could be better - my favourite actor reading an audiobook? Cos I lurrrrrve books on tape if they are done well. Mind you - I am hypercritical, so I'm also a bit nervous about it. And being a good actor (as JM is) doesn't always equate with being a good audio reader as the techniques are totally different. However, I'm pretty confident that it will be good because of the theatre background - but you never know.

GG gets off soapbox before stuff is thrown at her and runs away.
GG, run and get them! I don't think you'll be disappointed at all. Id' read the three books that had been out up until that point, so I was a little nervous to hear him. I didn't want to be disappointed. He is SO good! I laughed, I cried! ;)I was NOT disappointed.

I'm very interested in the creative process of that type of thing GG. I think it's fascinating. How do you know so much about it? I know from the quality of his work, James worked like a trojan.

They sold the audio books at Flashback in Chicago. I was raving (in a good way) how wonderful he was, to the woman behind the table. How I thought he sounded like he had a blast doing it. He captured totally the essence of Harry. She was there, and said he was like a kid in a candy store. Really excited. On a side note, I'd e-mailed Jim Butcher last year to tell him how much I enjoyed his book and the audio version. He e-mailed back and said wasn't it COOL? (capitals were his)He was wowed when he heard and delighted with it.

Don't leave your soapbox GG. :)

I used to commission audio books as part of my job, which not only involved choosing who should read which title, but also briefing the production team and overseeing the recording session.

These incredibly hardworking actors get sealed into a (usually tiny) soundproof studio, are expected to sit still for several hours, to keep centred on the mic, to keep a standard distance from said mic, to move as little as possible, to not make slurpy noises or any other bodily rumbles - and at the same time, make sense of a long text, characterise and make it all sound effortlessly smooth. I always used to leave sessions exhausted and somewhat boggly-eyed - and my role wasn't HALF as demanding.

I really miss doing it now, but life moves on as it always has to. (And SURELY you must have seen my famous ASH photos, taken at one such session? If not, let me know and I'll email them to you.)
No GG, I haven't seen your famous ASH photos. Please do e-mail them to me. :)

That sounds like an interesting job you had. At least to me. I can only imagine how hard the actors work. James does such a smooth reading. If one didn't know better, you'd think he just sat down and read it right through in one sitting. That whole creative process just facsinates me. That's going to be my question to James if I ever get to another con. All about the creative process of doing audio books. Hey, it's a different question than if he thought Buffy loved Spike. LOL!

Thanks for sharing!

GG, you have to listen to Storm Front. It's wonderful - he's wonderful. I actually forget it's just him playing the parts, he's that good. I'm in the midst of listening to it for a second time right now - preparing for the release of Fool Moon next month is it? :)
Right Asta. 'Fool Moon' is being realeased in August. I believe Jim Butcher is hoping they'll be available for DragonCon. He'll be there too.

GG, get Storm Front, believe me, you will NOT be disappointed. James not only does a wonderful job with Harry Dresden, he is so good at the other characters' voices - he distinguishes between the them beautifully without resorting to vocal histrionics. They are in CD form, not cassette, hope that's okay for you. Cindy has already ordered Full Moon, and I can't wait.
Actually, my first reaction was that the Star Trek role wouldn't have been great for his career, because it would've pigeonholed him further into the sci fi genre. Just my gut reaction, though.
I agree, it wouldn't have been great for his career. But, it would have meant exposure, which I consider good. Though, you have a point about pidgeonholing. That's probably why I didn't get too upset when I heard it. Now, had he mentioned he lost a role in PotC, that would have disturbed me. ;)
""Actually, my first reaction was that the Star Trek role wouldn't have been great for his career, because it would've pigeonholed him further into the sci fi genre. Just my gut reaction, though.""

ITA. Maybe James does too, because that was pretty much his answer on why he'd probably not play Charlemagne Bolivar on 'Andromeda'.:)

'Course he probably doesn't know they pretty much have done away with story arcs on that show, so chances of seeing Charlemagne are slim to none. ;)

I am so excited to hear Full Moon. James is Harry Dresden, IMO. Also, you ladies probably already know this but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case. Death Masks: Book 5 in the Dresden series is now available.

I ordered mine from Amazon on Saturday so I imagine its most likely in stores too. Get one quickly. And enjoy the Harry goodness. :)
Thanks! When I picked up Dreamwatch at Waldens I asked about Death Mask. They said it should be in soon, maybe end of this week.

Ah, spending the weekend with Harry. :::sigh:::