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Doctor Who

Absolutely gorgeous day here, but I committed to staying home and relaxing after another looooong week at work and running around doing errands yesterday. I opened all the windows to let the fresh air in and for the past hour I've been sitting outside watching 'Who' on my laptop. Thus far, the neighbors have refrained from making any comments as to me spending my weekends in a lawn chair one foot from my front door on a computer. Good thing, because I'm either writing 'adult fanfic' or watching illegally downloaded TV. And how cool is it that I can do both those things outside! :)

Crap. This is a two-parter. Sadly, I don't say that as someone who can't wait to see how this turns out, but, rather, as someone who is dismayed they are dragging this out over two episodes. I didn't even feel as if I was watching a 'Doctor Who' episode, more like a mediocre (I'm being kind) horror film that the Doctor and Rose just happened to drop into. And please tell me if I'm wrong, but have we ever had an episode before where we've had lengthy scenes without the presence of the Doctor or Rose? The show was telling a story, but not *their* story and that's why I watch this every week.

Should I even get started on the villain being Satan? No, for the sake of us all, I think not.

So no one worries, my time online will be curtailed from the 7th thru the 13th. I'm heading back to Seattle to meet up with brynnmck, sdwolfpup, danceswithwords, and shmarollynn. Then we shall head up tp BSG country (AKA Vancouver) for the weekend where I hope to see pukajen again and meet claudia_yvr in person for the first time. Of course, I'd like to meet certain actors while there, but I'm trying to remain realistic.

Now, I think I'll take another pass on my fanfic. See if I can actually have it finished before I leave. Then maybe work on lists for stuff I need to do and stuff I need to take with me. And since there seems to be nothing on tonight, I may pop in 'The Duchess and the Devil'.
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