The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

BSG 2.5 Deleted Scenes

Thanks to a post by sarmoti I was made aware that Sci-Fi has posted deleted scenes for 'Black Market', 'Scar', 'Sacrifice', and 'The Captain's Hand' at their Pulse site. It took me awhile to figure how to get to them. Go to Sci-Fi home page click on 'Launch Sci-Fi Pulse for more video' then click on the link for Battlestar Galactica, deleted scenes, 2.5.

I only had time to check out a few scenes (and I was still late for work), but I'd highly recommend the ones for 'Black Market'. Jamie's enthusiasm for this ep makes much more sense. Some very important and fascinating stuff was cut.

Of course, I'll have more to say later. ;-)
Tags: bsg s2 deleted scenes
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