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The problem with having a late afternoon flight tomorrow? You tell yourself you have plenty of time to pack and thus sit at your computer and write your opinions of the newly released BSG 2.5 deleted scenes. Once again, located at Sci-Fi's Pulse site.

And I know you all know that I’m Lee biased, but, honestly I think his cuts from ‘Black Market’ were some of the unkindest cuts of all.

The underlined titles are taken from the Sci-Fi site.

Black Market

The First Time: Lee isn’t drunk, but he has obviously had a bit to much to drink. A combination of drowning his sorrows and working up the nerve to hire a hooker it would seem.

Lee: I’ve always wondered how this works
Shevon: Everybody says that the first time

OK, as I suspected, this was the first time Lee hired a prostitute. Even though it’s legal in their society and I’m not blind to Lee’s faults, I just didn’t see this as the norm for him.

Lee: Not really sure what I expected
Shevon: Approaches him, sits in his lap, seduces him, for lack of a better word…”That’s what makes it so much fun.”

And Lee kisses her. Actually, Lee seemed much more into the moment here than with Dee later, but I’m getting ahead of myself. ;)

The scene has an overall feeling of Lee being unhappy and aimless and looking for something, but he’s not sure what. This would have served to show that Lee didn’t meet her and instantly pin hopes of redemption on her. I think he was simply seeing her as the means of some instant gratification, both as a sexual partner and as someone to listen to his woes. Which brings me to…

Living up To Dad: Man I wish this scene had been left in. Lee, drinking some more, is confessing to Shevon that he still has a lot of issues when it comes to his father. Honestly, I thought he was getting over his feeling of inferiority and self-doubt at this point, but apparently not.

Lee: My dad says it’s all about commitment…flying vipers, command, life. It’s not just about making the right decisions, it’s about going for it once you’re there.

Hearing those words I was taken back to KLG and Adama criticizing Lee for playing it safe, not losing control. It shows that Lee is still thinking about what he said to him and, even with the stand he took with the president and his various accomplishments, he still feels he’s not the man he wants to be.

Lee: He makes it look so easy. I’m just damn tired of trying to live up to that.

Now, imagine if we had this statement instead of vague images of dead pregnant girlfriend? What if it wasn’t guilt that was weighing him down and made him want to let go, but feeling as if he will never live up to his father’s example? And when he receives the Pegasus command in ‘The Hand of God’ is the expression on his face a reflection of him feeling as if he’s equal to his father?

Transit: Shevon, Paya, and a bunch of kids on a Raptor. Originally I thought this meant they were leaving Cloud Nine (I assumed they died there), but now I recall the last place we saw them was on the Prometheus (that’s the name, right?) so they probably are dead.

Scar - I have to say, the cuts for this ep all made sense to me. We didn’t miss anything, imho.

Late Start: Kat informs Kara she was 17 minutes late for the briefing, thought she was down for the count and, therefore, started the briefing without her.

Gym Talk: More Kara/Helo. Kara wonders why Kat has such a hard on for her (that should launch a few more fanfics ;) and Helo makes the brilliant statement that Kat has to knock the top gun off her pedestal. Thanks for stating the obvious Karl.

Good To Go, JoJo: More of Kat’s pep talk.

Dead Signal: Slightly extended cut of Apollo listening to the pilot’s chatter

Another Auction: Kara informs the pilot’s that there will be an auction of JoJo’s belongings. (The whole auction idea that Ron? David? wanted to play with would have taken too much time.)

Okay to Launch: We watch Kara prep her vipor for launch. Why did they film this?


Two Whole Days: I have really mixed feelings about this scene. As Lee is packing for their getaway (I love his “I hate packing” line, it’s so real :) he asks Dee if she’s talked to Billy yet. I have to agree with sarmoti here, Dee needed to clear the air with Billy before planning on taking up with the next guy. However, I like that we get to hear her feelings about Billy.

Dee: We talk. It’s nice. He’s sweet. He really came through for me after the attack. I’ll always love him for that, but…

Now, being a Lee fan, this is why I’m happy it was ultimately cut. Off of the “We talk” remark, Lee turns to look at her. Lee gives the impression that he’s a bit concerned. Let’s face it, Lee has been avoiding Dee up until this point and he’s refused to talk about much of anything with anybody so he may have felt it was directed at him. And after the “I’ll always love him” statement he cuts her off with a kiss and then says, “You were saying?”. Is Lee worried? His demeanor and actions indicate he still sees Billy as competition, but one kiss from him will eliminate all thoughts of Billy from Dee’s mind and prove he’s the better man! Whatever. That coupled with Lee spending two nights with a woman who still has a boyfriend, he comes off as an ass here.

The Captain’s Hand

Dinner Conversation: Tigh and Adama discuss, over dinner, the problems on Pegasus. Adama sent Lee there because Garner is so inexperienced and he needs a “deeper bench” (sounds too much like a U.S. sports reference to me). And Tigh asks him if he is still thinking about making Lee the Pegasus XO to which Adama replies that Lee will hate to lose his flight status. Tigh had an interesting line - “And we use to think the Pegasus was here to save us.”

Putting aside I don’t think the scene added much, do you know how annoying it is to hear actors speak dialogue with their mouths full? I swear there was slurping!

Winning Is Everything: Tory and Laura discuss the election and the smart vs. the right thing to do. Laura asks Tory, as a woman, what she thinks of the decision she made. Tory responds that she’s not there to be “your friend, or your counsel, or your conscience. I’m here to help you win.” In other words, she’s no Billy or Lee.

I’d also recommend checking out the clip of the acceptance of the Peabody Award. And do not miss the South Park guys shout out to the show in a separate clip. Sure, they said “Battlestar Galactica” about ten times, but the best bit was hearing Jon Stewart say at the end, "’South Park’ just mentioned ‘Battlestar Galactica’. Somewhere somebody’s blog just blew up." :)
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Great write up! I still need to watch the Peabody clips.

Lee seemed much more into the moment here than with Dee later

Yeah, I thought that scene with Shevon was actually kinda hot, whereas the scene with Dee made me think "Ew." Isn't that sort of....BACKWARDS? But I'm sure my impressions were influenced somewhat by the fact that, as you said, Lee is a bit of a jerk in the Dee scene, whereas with Shevon he was more vulnerable and sympathetic. OH LEE.

Hearing those words I was taken back to KLG and Adama criticizing Lee for playing it safe, not losing control.

Me too. Why oh why did they cut this scene?

“deeper bench” (sounds too much like a U.S. sports reference to me)

Well, Pyramid players have to sit somewhere too. :)
Putting aside the leg stroking and the shirt unbuttoning and the lunging kiss and, um, where was I? Oh, your point about Lee being vulnerable and sympathetic in that scene. I have to agree that it does make him more attractive and thus contibutes to the hotness of the situation. If you get into his head there you think "poor lost, confused boy" whereas the other scene all you get is "cocky ass" and I thought we left that Lee back in the mini. It's the same with Jamie, he could have the looks, but if he was a talentless asshole I wouldn't find him attractive or interesting at all.

Well, Pyramid players have to sit somewhere too.

I suppose, but I had a vision of some seven foot guy showing up in the Pegasus CIC.
Thanks for writing these up. I'm going to have to check out the Black Market ones (which will force me to remember that the episode exists--boo!) because it does sound like they provided a lot more character continuity.

See you tomorrow! Eeeee!
I would recommend the BM clips so you can see what might have been. And the Lee/Dee may provide for some quality mocking.

And Eeeeeeeee!!!!
Great write up! I'll definitely watch the clips myself, but I'm sure I'll agree with you, especially about the Lee stuff. Mixed emotions, mixed emotions.
i too thought that the black market deleted scenes added a lot to the episode. i've recently re-watched it, and it made so much sense now. poor lee... :(

my favorite deleted scene has been that with tory and roslin. we kind of got a vague idea of the fact that tory isn't billy, but this time it was proven. sort of.

the peabody acceptance speach was great. i loved how the cast was all cute behind RDM. have you seen the photos? teh cute! :)

sorry, i just woke up, i make no sense. :)
When I have time I think I'll watch the deleted scenes for 'Black Market' and then the episode and then make that MY canon. ;) I had formulated an explanation in my head for Lee's suicide attempt in RS Pt2 and these deleted scenes only strengthen my take. Why did they have to throw in dead pregnant girlfriend? Did they really think they needed to give us such a literal reason why Lee would be in his current emotional state? And the deleted scenes make it seem that Lee was just looking for someone to turn to and share his burdens with (which I can accept) not that he was looking to replace anyone in his life.
totally agree!

i think that the reason i didn't connect with this ep the first time i saw it was the pregnant girlfriend. she came out of nowhere. we got to see how the feeling of insecurity and confusion built up in him, we got to see that he and the old man aren't really very chummy, and IT MADE SENSE. but the pregnant girlfriend not so much.

i feel rather sorry for lee at this point. i don't think he's "inlove" with dee at all either.
Yup, Black Market would have been SO Much better. It was a show that had mucho with the squandered potential.

And based on your recap, I'd say that the deleted scenes with Dee tell me that TPTB really had no idea where they were going with the whole Lee/Dee thing. It was poorly conceived no matter how you look at it.

Have a safe journey, sweetie! Go forth and be naughty for me! And get some pictures of La Bamber, damnit!

Jamie's wondering at the MTR event about Lee's weight gain *after* getting into a relationship with Dee makes me believe he's not so sure why the characters are together either. I was really willing to accept the relationship if they showed me why these two people are interested in each other and why they want to be together, but, even in the deleted scenes, we get nothing. :(

And thanks! :)
Yeah, Dee and Lee I just don't get. I like Dee by herself, and I like Lee by himself (obviously!) but when you put them together, I get nada. Plus, the comment from the MTR from Jamie? Priceless! I wonder how RDM et al will wank that one away, lol.

No deleted scenes of Sharon. Of course, they only released deleted scenes for four eps, so maybe they'll be footage of her in the future.
Came here from galacticanews...

Great recap/discussion. I am also a bit perplexed as to why they cut Lee's discussion with Shevon about his father. It'd have explained things a bit more. The Lee/Dee scene cracked me up because I don't think I've ever seen anyone *dive* into a kiss that fast. It was hilarious. And "You were saying?" is so movie-cheesy/high school.

Anyhoo, was wondering if you'd mind if I posted a link to your recap/discussion to All about Tahmoh? I was going to write up something similar but you've done a terrific job...
I don't think I've ever seen anyone *dive* into a kiss that fast. It was hilarious.

Yeah, it seemed very forced and unLee-like. And while the chemistry he showed when kissing Kara is understandable, it should have told the writers something that the kiss with the hooker was more believable and passionate than kissing Dee. ;p

Feel free to post a link to this. I consider it a compliment. :)