Asta 2

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well, technically, I was never away from you all. It's ridiculous how much time I and my partners in crime spent perusing LJ and the net. And let me add that we are all very disappointed with you all. No kerfuffles. No outrage over spoilers. No wank. It was too damn quite around here!

Oh, have you seen the new SG-1 promo pics at Gateworld? Eeeeeeee!!! So pretty. (See icon)

Anyway, had a wondeful time, wish you were there. Vancouver is a lovely city, but did we see a single film shoot? No. Seriously, where were they hiding these things? And no Bamber to be found. :( Hell, we couldn't even locate the elusive Building C. More on that later as well as details of the trip. Here's a teaser though:

Not the best shot, but look familiar? We stood where Helo shot the rat!

It took all of one hour of being back in Michigan before I had to flee my mothers house. I love her, but it doesn't take long for her to get on my last nerve. After a week away I was getting use to not being smothered. On the plus side, she recorded 'Hex' for me. I'm curious to see what all the hype was about. My mom watched it and, even though she never watched 'Buffy', found it to be a pale imitation. Right down to the inclusion of the lesbian friend. Color me surprised that my mother knew about Willow.

She also got next weeks issue of TV Guide with the Sexiest Men in Television. OK, I don't have a scanner so please excuse the so-so quality of taking a pic with my camera, but if you want to see Jamie's photo, here it is:

And a close up of the text because what Katee and Kerry have to say is very cute and endearing:

OK, off to shower and unpack a bit and watch 'Rescue Me'. Oh, and find a 'Who' torrent. Hopefully I'll be semi-conscious for work tomorrow.
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**gasp** Arms!! Sweet merciful Lord, that man has lovely arms!

Glad you got home alright! And I'm so glad we got to hang out this weekend, even if it was just for dinner. You really need to come out here more often! :P And thanks so much for the DVDs! The blooper reel was a riot, and I've been watching bits and pieces of the Celebrity Poker match. I can only take so much Dave Foley in one sitting, though.
Damn! How did I miss that you've already been on your Vancouver trip! I was going to get some sekrit pointers for you about the best places to hang out.

Glad you had a great time. I recognised that photo immediately - but only because I sat in that very place and had coffee, not because I recognised it from BSG.

Glad you had fun.
Damn! I forgot to check with you before I left! I did manage to find the studio, but I doubt begging would have gotten us on the lot. The 'Stargate' studio was clearly visible. Was that where you shot your famous scene? ;)
Welcome back. Can we in MI still visit Canada?

Love the icon, very classy!

Great photo, even without the link to BSG. Composition is good, and kinda looks like Claudia in the purple top.
I noticed that woman kinda looked like Claudia too. There is a pic of her on the Gateworld site in an ugly green top.
Welcome back! So glad you had such a good time, and even though you didn't see Jamie, you most likely walked the same streets he has ;)
I'm glad you got home safe! I miss you guys already. :(

That is a great shot of the library--I'll be anxious to see the rest of your pics! Especially the Lego sarcophagus ones. :D

That is also an excellent pic of Jamie, and awww. Such sweet things from Katee and Kerry.

HEE. Why am I remotely surprised that someone iconed that Ben and Claud shot?
I miss you guys too. :( And it's totally making my job seem even more sucky at the moment.

The lego pics I think will be best left to e-mail, as well as one other. ;)

The Ben and Claudia shot - only a matter of time. And I'm sure a lot of others will be creative with the image too.
Thanks for posting those pics of the Jamie stuff from TV Guide - I'm now sulking over the fact I live on the wrong side of the pond re getting a copy of this - tis very pretty....le sigh - you're gorgeous pics will have to keep me going *grins*
Welcome back!
Awww! Sweet comments about JB in the magazine. :)

And no Bamber to be found. :(

Rats! Though I guess I should have known when I didn't read any articles about people swooning at JB's feet. ;)

I'll be interested in what you think about Hex. I couldn't even get through the two hour premiere.
hey, now that you're baack, the internet will be interesting again. glad you had a good time!
I guarantee that little interview with Katee will fuel a thousand and seven BSGRPF

Welcome home, kitten! Can't wait to hear all of your adventures!