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Lee/Laura Fixathon Fic

For The BSG Hiatus Laura-and-Lee Fixathon and jennyo who wanted angry, confrontational sex set right after ‘Epiphanies’, a discussion of why Lee doesn't care anymore, talk about food if possible, and preferred shippy/angry shippy dynamic. Hope you (and everyone else) like it. :)

Title: Sway
Pairing: Lee/Laura – Duh!
Rating: NC-17, M…let’s just say there’s quite a bit of inappropriate touching. ;)
Summary: Angry sex is a bitch to write, but I think I did pretty well with the rest. This is set shortly after ‘Black Market' and Lee’s still in a foul mood when he encounters an unexpected visitor in his father’s quarters.
Disclaimer: I didn’t create them and don’t own them. Thank NBC/Universal, Sci-Fi, and even Ron Moore for, without whom, we’d have Bryan Singer giving us no Jamie, no Mary, but Commander Boxey. Just sayin’.
Feedback: Very much appreciated, be honest – I’m still learning!

Thanks to danceswithwords for all her assistance with the galley. ;) And much gratitude to my invaluable beta k_julia. I’d burn the first draft if I had ever actually printed it out.

Lee headed down the corridor towards his father’s quarters, on his way to start the dinner he had unintentionally committed himself to making. He should have been paying closer attention while they’d chatted the other night.

"What did you say?"

"The dinner for the president. I could get one of the cooks to do it, but I thought she’d appreciate the personal touch."

"Hold on. The president seemed less than happy with either of us just a few hours ago and you want to throw a dinner party for her now?"

Adama looked at him. "We haven’t had much to celebrate lately. Her recovery seemed like a good opportunity. Don’t worry, she’ll see your point about the black market. She’ll be over it soon enough. She can’t seem to stay angry at you for long."

Lee had silently agreed; he’d be forgotten again soon enough.

Caught up in his thoughts, he neglected to watch where he was going and found himself running straight into Tom Zarek. Some of the fresh vegetables and spices he had acquired for the president’s dinner, courtesy of the black market, a point he was eager to drop into the dinner conversation, spilled from the bag he was carrying and onto the ground.

"Frak," Lee said as he scrambled to pick up the food and get out of there as fast as possible. He really couldn’t deal with Zarek today.

"My apologies, Captain. I have found it helps to look where you are walking." Zarek tilted his head and smirked.

Lee didn’t have to explain himself to Zarek. However, he did feel that Zarek had some explaining to do, especially given his proximity to his father’s quarters. “What are you doing aboard Galactica, Zarek? Did you manage to ditch the security detail on the way to the brig?”

Zarek laughed. "I see the Adama wit is in its usual fine form. I’m here to speak with the president. I heard your father was holding a dinner party to celebrate her miraculous recovery. I can only assume my invitation was misplaced." He paused for a response, and when he got nothing continued, “I did hope to catch the president before the festivities though. I have some trade issues I wish to discuss.” At that Zarek reached down and picked up a stray onion, making a point of taking in the aroma before handing it to Lee. "Though I see you are keeping your word about monitoring the black market."

Lee’s annoyance was turning into anger. It wasn’t that Zarek pointed out how he had acquired the items; it was the smugness and air of superiority in his statement. As far as Lee was concerned, Zarek was still a criminal.

Apparently, he wasn’t doing a very good job of trying to appear unaffected by Zarek’s words. "Careful, Captain. Negative thoughts can do such harm to the mind and body. You wouldn’t wish to endanger those boyish good looks."

Lee decided he had enough. “I’ll let the president know you wish to speak to her. I’m sure she has a few things she’d like to share with you as well.” His voice was dripping with sarcasm, but he just didn’t care.

As Lee walked past him, Zarek managed to get in one last shot. "Still playing military adviser, are we? I thought with Hera taking her place at Zeus’ side those days might be over. It appears you still have her back...if nothing else." He walked off, leaving Lee to wonder if it was just Zarek’s aggravating intuition at play or if Lee wasn’t hiding his feelings as well as he thought


"Dad?" he called out, closing the hatch behind him, then walking towards the back of the room. "Dad?" He was relieved not to get an answer. It meant he had some time before he had to play nice with everyone. He slipped out of his jacket and headed to the tiny galley hidden behind the dining area. A moment later, a faint noise caught his attention. Stepping out of the galley, he heard the sound of water running. It was the shower. Great. Didn’t look like he was going to be able to avoid a little father-son bonding and discussion about their non-conversations of late after all.

Trying not to dwell on what was to come, Lee set about the task at hand. It was nearly impossible to prepare a decent meal with the limited rations in the even more limited space of his father’s galley. But he was getting use to making the best of a bad situation. Lee prepared a simple marinade, retrieved the beef he had asked his father to get, and threw it all in a plastic bag to sit for the next hour. To give himself more space, he moved to the dining table and sat down to prep the rest of the food. He went about peeling and dicing the vegetables and wondered if they were still eating at same time when he heard the door to the head open.

Without turning around he asked, “Hey Dad, did you tell the President we’d be eating at eight?”

A familiar, yet unexpected voice answered, “Eight sounds about right.”

Lee turned around to find Laura Roslin standing behind him, dressed only in a bathrobe. He had seen her like this once before, the night she confided to him she was dying of cancer. He’d been taken off guard then at seeing her so vulnerable. Now it was seeing her like this in his father’s quarters that left him uneasy. Lee stood to face her. “Madam President, I didn’t know you were here already.”

Laura walked toward him as she answered, showing no hint of unease in spite of her current state of dress. “I’ve been aboard Galactica since this morning. I’m afraid I didn’t keep on top of things as I should have when I was ill and Billy lined up a few meetings with some neglected individuals.” Lee refrained from asking when his meeting was to take place. “And Doc Cottle wished to see me to determine whether...well, he still has trouble believing the cancer is gone.”

“And is it?” Lee sounded a little more anxious then he would have liked.

She smiled at Lee before answering, seemingly pleased by his response. “Yes, it is. And it looks like I can hold you to your promise.”

Lee was perplexed and Laura was quick to read his confusion.

“That I have your vote in the next election.” And Laura’s smile broadened. Perhaps she was recalling better times. Lee remembered the night he had spoken those words and his attempt at a joke, making her laugh ever so briefly. They didn’t do that around each other anymore.

“Oh. Yeah. Right.” At his flat response, the smile faltered a little, vanishing completely when he added, “It’s not like I’d vote for Zarek.”

Lee should have felt some pain at his bitter response, but he didn’t. And he didn’t give her time to react before heading to what he considered the next obvious question. “And the reason you were in my father’s shower?”

Laura crossed her arms tightly in front of her. He could see the tension rising in her shoulders. Her cordial mood was beginning to fade and she coolly appraised him before stating “As I said, I’ve been here all day and instead of having to go back to Colonial One, then return, Bill offered his quarters to me to freshen up.”

Bill. So, she was on a first name basis now with her former jailer. Lee, the man who had broken her out of that jail, was still addressed as "Captain". He wondered just what else had changed between them.

“And you just happened to have your robe and a change of clothes with you?”

“As I said, I was planning on being here all day. Just what are you implying, Captain?”

Lee decided it wasn’t worth it. If she wanted to play the innocent, let her. He had heard comments from those aboard Galactica and Pegasus about the increasingly friendly relationship between the two and seeing her so at home here, he had a pretty good idea of where things were headed. But considering how tight-lipped he had been regarding his own frakked up life lately, he couldn’t expect to be owed any answers.

“Never mind. It’s none of my affair.”

Lee didn’t have long to wait for a response to that statement. Kara, his father, Tigh, all had tried to stare him down before, but none could compete with the glare he was receiving now.

"Captain, just what exactly are you saying?"

This wasn’t the time. They had to face a room full of people in a couple hours and a fight was the last thing they needed to begin the evening. Lee sought a way to back out of the situation. “I’m not saying anything.” His tone was harsher then he wanted it to be. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself before continuing, “Really. I just didn’t expect...I need to get going here if we’re eating at eight.” He gestured towards the table with his head and then proceeded to gather up some things and moved towards the kitchen.

He waited for indignation, for her to not let it go. So he was surprised to hear her next words.

“What are you making?” Said as if they had not just come dangerously close to a huge argument. Good. Maybe she was hopping on the avoidance train with him.

“A roast. I thought about chicken, but we had beef at the last dinner and it seemed a success. Of course with Ellen and Tigh it could have been the alcohol judging. something wrong?” He could tell she had a question and was formulating as to how best approach it.

“Have you begun marinating the meat?” Lee knew Laura enjoyed cooking. It had come up in conversation late one night during a meeting talking about supplies and what they missed most. Fresh strawberries and cream, she’d mentioned. They’d been equally surprised to learn of the other’s interest and expertise on the subject. It had been a rare moment when they just could talk and be themselves and not focus on who they were.

Lee realized he had been silent for too long and hurried to answer, “Uh, yeah, I did that just before you got out of the shower.”



“It just seems you haven’t given yourself enough time.”

“An hour to marinate. An hour and a half to cook. Plenty of time.”

“Perhaps. But in my experience..."

Before she could explain why he was wrong and how she knew better, he cut her off. “There is a war on, you know? I had to make some substitutions with the spices. If I let the meat sit any longer the flavor of the beef would be overwhelmed.” It was stupid to let the remark get to him, but he was tired of being second-guessed. “If you don’t have faith in my abilities, feel free to do it yourself. Or maybe you can ask my father or Kara for help.”

“What? Captain, what are you talking about? I was just wondering why...what does your father or Kara have to do with this?”

“Nothing. Forget I said any..."

“No!” Laura shouted and it surprised him. He had seen her angry before, even at him, but she was seldom obvious about it. “No more of that. I’ve had nothing but silence from you for months and I want answers. No more avoiding me.”

Lee snorted. “What?” She couldn’t be serious, could she? “Me? Avoiding you?” He looked down at the floor, shook his head in disbelief, and tried to suppress a laugh.

“I don’t find it so amusing, Captain. Then again, maybe it’s some joke I’ve been missing out on.” When he looked back up, the expression she wore was deadly serious, leaving him to wonder where the nearest airlock was located. Still, he wasn’t about to shoulder the blame for this.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Madam President. I wasn’t aware that I was the one doing the avoiding. Maybe I missed the requests to meet with you. Having phone problems on Colonial One? I can arrange to have a tech crew come over.”

“Phones work both ways, Captain. And I have been on Galactica before this. The test flight for the blackbird. Welcoming the Pegasus crew. When I was dying. Or was I unconscious from the pain when you came to visit me? Perhaps Billy forgot to mention you came by?”

She had him there. He hadn’t gone to visit. And how could he explain that. Too painful to watch yet another person he cared about lying in that med bay? Too envious that she was going to be able to escape this so-called life they were trying to make for themselves? “I...I didn’t think my absence would be noticed.” It sounded half-hearted even to his ears. But there was more to it than that, it hadn’t just been him. “As you said, you were aboard Galactica, if you had wanted to see me, you had opportunities to arrange it. You certainly made the time for my father. Though I imagine plotting assassinations takes precedence over catching up.”

“Assassinations?” Laura appeared taken aback by his comment. It seemed he had found a sensitive subject. “Admiral Cain? Is that what this is about?” Her demeanor became more subdued. “It’s not that simple.”

“I wouldn’t know how simple or not it was. You didn’t consult with me on it and I was told it wasn’t open to debate. I guess my job as advisor was terminated on Kobol. Perhaps Billy forgot to send me the memo. “

Now it was her turn to be amused. “Here we go again. Lee Adama, martyr. I’m really happy you have those shining ideals to cling to. Do they help keep your conscience clean? It’s not always so easy for the rest of us.”

“Those shining ideals worked well enough for you as long as they backed up your agenda.” He saw her bristle, at that he knew he had hit a nerve. “Is that it? I didn’t fit into your agenda any longer? You knew I’d fight you on planning a murder?”

Laura snapped back at him, “From what I hear, it’s not much of a problem for you.”

Lee’s jaw clenched, but he forced out the words. “That was different.”

“Was it? We both were trying to protect the fleet, keep people safe.” He sensed that Laura wished to rein in the situation; it was too late for that. Her next words were much more controlled, diplomatic even, typical of her. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re angry and..."

"Yes. I am angry. I chose to walk away from everything and everyone to support you and what I thought we believed in. Now I get second hand reports about plots to eliminate superior officers. And aborting fetuses. At least until they provide you with a miracle cure." Lee stepped forward, getting right in her face. He said, "It seems to me that the only person left to frak over is my father. Or was that the plan for later this evening?"

Lee couldn’t say he was surprised when she slapped him, leaving his face stinging. What surprised him was his reaction. He didn’t yell. He didn’t turn and walk away. Instead he grabbed her by the shoulders, forced her back into the column behind them, took her face in his hands and fiercely planted his lips upon hers.

She struggled against him briefly, but before long he felt her hands slide up his chest and grasp his neck as he assailed her mouth with kiss after kiss. She tried to speak, managing only to say, “Captain”, before Lee cut her off once more. He broke the kiss, took in a deep breath, and rested his forehead upon hers. “Laura,” her eyes locked onto his, “talking hasn’t gotten us anywhere. I think it’s time to explore other methods of communication.”

He kissed the edge of her mouth, and then brushed his lips along her cheekbone, tongue darting out to extenuate his point. As he did so, his hand fell to the belt of her robe and he easily undid the loose knot, allowing it to fall open, exposing her to him. He trailed kisses down her jaw line and neck while his hand teased her inner thigh, dragging his fingertips along her skin until he reached her soft curls. He rested his palm along her opening, causing her to tighten her grip on his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh as she shuddered at his touch. He moved back to her lips, coaxing them apart, exploring her mouth. His free hand came to rest on her breast and he slowly brushed her nipple with his thumb, feeling it harden. He was encountering no resistance, instead feeling her hands reach up to tangle in his hair, forcing him to deepen the kiss.

Lee felt her breath quickening, becoming harder to catch. To see her let her control falter, to want him as badly as he wanted her, was exciting him. So he was shocked when her hands abruptly fell from his head to his chest and she pushed him away.

His legs caught the edge of the chair behind him, forcing him to fall back into it. He sat there a bit stunned as he watched Laura grasp the edges of her robe, bringing them together to cover her. He waited for some sort of response. Was she changing her mind at what he thought was about to happen? He searched the expression on her face, trying to decide if he should be worried. She began moving towards him, stopping right in front of him, and dropped to her knees.

He held his breath as he watched her rest a hand on each of his thighs. Her palms splayed open, she dragged them upwards to his waist, then back towards her. She did this over and over, never taking her eyes off his. Lee could feel the perspiration begin coating his skin, his shirt suddenly sticking uncomfortably to his body. Just as he was about to speak, Laura murmured in a low voice, “So, Captain. I have to wonder now what has really been bothering you more. Our lack of communication?” She paused for a moment, applying pressure to his thighs, forcing his legs wider apart. “Our lack of time together?” She brought her hands to his knees now and, putting her weight upon them, she forced herself up slightly and leaned into him. “Or fear that your father had gotten somewhere first?” With that she moved forward, her tongue sliding along his lips just before she kissed him.

Lee surrendered, opening his mouth to hers and wrapping his arms around her body in a tight embrace. This all shouldn’t have felt so familiar, so easy, but Lee’s tendency to overthink things ended when he became aware of the president’s hand in his crotch, stroking him to hardness. He soon was straining against the material of his pants and she began to fumble with his belt and zipper. He was ready to push her down to the floor and totally lose himself in the moment when, unexpectedly, she broke the kiss, grasped his shoulders, and pinned him to the back of the chair.

Ah. Now he saw it. Revenge. Get him all worked up and then…but instead of getting up and walking away, she wrapped one hand around his length, her thumb and index finger teasing the head, before running her fist up and down with long, leisurely strokes. She smiled at him and in her eyes he could see a hint of something, something devious, and something possibly dangerous. What he didn’t expect was to see her dip her head, bury herself in his lap, and engulf him in the warmth of her mouth. He gasped as his head snapped back, hitting the top of the chair. And as one hand gripped the edge of the seat, the other found its way to her hair. He began to guide her, not that she needed it, and his hips reflexively started to rise and fall in time with her movements. His mind had played out this scenario once before, one night in the brig. He had tried to not to go there, but as he had watched her sleep, her mouth slightly open, he’d begun stroking himself, imagining what it would be like to have her lips wrapped around him. He needed to work on his imagination.

The tension he had felt all day was building, but not in the way he expected. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. He reminded himself that he was angry with her. She’d betrayed him in every way imaginable. They’d been on the verge of something ugly earlier and if she thought she could make him put all that aside so easily, she was mistaken.

The tightness in his belly and balls was telling him he wasn’t going to last much longer and he pushed her away from him. She looked at him, surprised, but still quick to react as always. “I don’t believe you’re quite finished yet.”

“No, we’re not,” he stated coldly. And as he rose to his feet, he brought her with him, kissing her once again and tasting himself on her tongue. He maneuvered her backwards, his father’s bed his intended target, but just short of there they caught the edge of his father’s desk. His father’s desk. He must have spent hours with her there, talking on the phone, reading over reports and correspondences she had sent. With one arm Lee cleared the top of the desk, using the other to lift Laura upon it.

Laura’s eyes went wide and he saw her about to speak. His index finger crossed his lips as the palm of his hand covered her mouth to silence her. He wasn’t going to give her the opportunity to object or manipulate him again. He wanted to maintain control. He replaced his hand with his mouth, kissing her thoroughly as he wrapped an arm around her and lowered her body down flat upon the desk. Then he broke the kiss and rose up briefly, pulling his tanks up over his head and pushing his pants past his hips to give himself room to maneuver.

He was hovering above her now, one hand planted on either side of her head. His cold metal dog tags brushed against a nipple, making her gasp slightly and arch into him, her pelvis meeting his now painful erection. As he stared at her, her hands reached for his chest, fingertips trailing down his stomach causing him to inhale sharply. His breath was becoming ragged and he wondered who really had the advantage here.

Laura’s hand moved lower, but Lee stopped her just shy of her intended target, grabbing her wrist and pulling it up over her head. He laced his fingers with hers and closed their hands together tightly. His free hand went to her breast, thumb brushing against her nipple, before moving down her abdomen. When he reached her waist his fingers skimmed over the skin, teasing her. Laura’s eye’s fluttered shut, her breath erratic, and he could feel her nails digging into his shoulder blade hard enough to draw blood.

Moving down, his fingers applied gentle pressure as he began to rub along her opening. He slipped one finger inside her and she arched off the desk, sharply crying out, “Lee!”

“Like that, Laura?” Lee inquired rather smugly, then whispered in her ear, “Imagine if we had talked sooner.”

By now her legs were wrapped around his thighs, heels digging into the back of his legs. She needed him and she was exactly where he wanted her. Part of him considered standing up and walking away. Leave her exposed like that on his father’s desk. Leave her wanting him. But his body was demanding satisfaction. He removed his hand, took hold of himself and thrust into her, causing her to cry out his name again. Then, more roughly than was his practice, he began moving within her - quick, urgent strokes, driving himself towards release.

He took his eyes off her face for a moment to look down between them, watching himself move in and out of her as she matched each thrust. As he focused on their movements, he saw her hand snake down until it reached her clit. Her fingers began moving in small, circular motions. The sight was entrancing and the reality hit him that he was fraking the president, on his father’s desk. He looked up to find her smiling, staring at him. For the first time in a very long time, it seemed he had her full attention.

Grasping onto her thigh, he maneuvered her leg higher until he found the angle he wanted and dug his fingers into her ass to hold her in place. His thrusts were becoming less rhythmic, more irregular. He knew it was a matter of moments. The hand that he still held in his own he squeezed harder as he bent down to kiss her, tongue sliding into her mouth to meet hers. He deepened the kiss and her fingers began to move more wildly just before he felt her tighten around him. It sent him over the edge and he involuntarily thrust and expended himself before collapsing on top of her.

He lay there for a moment, taking in deep gulps of air, waiting for the pounding of his heart to quiet. He could feel Laura’s heart beating against his own, her arms wrapped around his back, hands making small, calming circles across his shoulders. As he began thinking about what had just happened between them, he noticed the half turned-over clock at the edge of the desk.


Lee heard a slight chuckle followed by, “Yes, Captain, I believe we just did.”

He moved off of her and took in her flushed, sweat covered skin while he hiked up his pants. At a loss for anything to say, he only managed, “Yeah, I, uh...I was referring to the time. I need to go see to dinner.” With that he walked away.

He retreated to the kitchen as quickly as he could. He threw the meat in a pan and tossed it in the oven. He laid out what he would need to prepare the sauce once the meat was done. He did everything he could to distract himself from thinking about what was to come next. He couldn’t hear anything from the other room. Maybe she had gone into the bathroom to clean up. Maybe he could grab his clothes and get the hell out of there until his dad returned. Less than an hour ago all he’d wanted to do was talk; now he would do anything to avoid it.

Before he could finish formalizing an escape plan he heard, "So..." and there she stood, back in the robe, arms crossed, looking at him; for what, he wasn’t sure.

“Does this mean we’ve kissed and made up? Or do we return to the hostility and avoidance?” She smiled as she said it, but he also sensed some wariness under the words.

Lee felt his cheeks flush. “Look, it was nice..."

“Nice? I know it’s been awhile, but I think I could at least deserve a..."

Lee cut her off before she could finish, “OK, fine, it was great. It was great.” He became quiet for a moment before continuing, “But getting...this doesn’t make things right.”

She took a step towards him, “I agree. It doesn’t. Hell of a way to break the ice though.” Her smile widened. “Perhaps at dinner I’ll ask the Admiral if he could free up some of the CAG’s time for me.” She paused and Lee found himself anxious to see where she was heading. “We’ll need to discuss things in a more…intimate setting. You’re right; I have been missing out on quite a lot.” The conspiratorial grin she gave him was almost enough to make him hard again. “In the meantime..." She reached out and took one hand in hers. Her other hand she brought to his mouth, tracing it with the tip of her finger. “I think we have a little while until your father arrives and you need to finish up here. Let’s see what else we can catch up on.”

She kissed him. It was soft and gentle and unhurried. Everything seemed to slow down and it made Lee think about when they first met. Things had appeared hopeless and she had given them - him - hope. And she was doing it again, dammit. He pretty much assumed that they had had a good frak and would return to their separate lives shortly after coffee was served this evening. He had gotten what he wanted, hadn’t he? He didn’t want more. He wasn’t going to allow her to gain his trust again. He wasn’t going to be at her beck and call. And he was going to tell her all of this. But before he could get a word out, he felt her hand slide along his lower back, fingers dipping beneath the waist of his pants to caress his skin. Suddenly, his protestations and potential arguments gave way to more pleasurable images.

He broke the kiss, but he let his lips hover just above her as he asked, “Madam...Laura...what exactly is it you want me to do?"
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  • Podcast for 'Crossroads Pt 2'

    Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late on this one. But it's a loooooong hiatus people. And maybe because of that I didn't feel like slapping Ron as much as I…

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