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The Summer TV Season Thus Far

I think I'm eagerly looking forward to the premieres of Stargate and, possibly, Atlantis which I a) either blame danceswithwords for or b) my lack of enthusiasm over the current slate of new and returning shows. I've tried to fill the BSG/House void and it's not happening thus far. I do adore Rescue Me. I've been a fan of Dennis Leary since his MTV promos. I still recall his Sting rant about him trying to save the rain-forests when he can't even save his hair. Putting aside that he's just plain funny, he has a unique talent for making what, on paper, should be completely unlikable characters, likable, even redeeming. See The Ref and The Job for further proof.

I'm also enjoying The Closer which, like 'Rescue Me', benefits from a great lead and ensemble. Though I wouldn't mind if they dumped Jon Tenney as the boyfriend. I'm just not seeing the chemistry.

Now there's the long list of tried and failed to get my interest shows. Saved which, as many people have pointed out, is a pale imitation/rip off of 'Rescue Me'. What really is insulting to me about this series is the lead is a gambling addict, on the outs with his family, has no close relationships, is a med school drop out drifting through life, and gets the crap beaten out of him in the pilot, but he's happy! At least RM is honest about it's characters misery.

Hex. Did people really like this show? I barely paid attention to the two hour premiere (which could have easily been condensed to an hour) and managed to still follow the rather convoluted plot. The plot that seemed to be squeezed in when the supposed teens weren't talking about sex, watching sex, or having sex. Seriously, when a show makes that subject boring it has problems. Not to mention the very bland cast. I did watch one more ep before deciding three strikes and I'm out.

I've also been watching the Sharpe movies on BBC America. I've come to the conclusion I really don't like this era, at least in terms of military exploits depicted on film. With the 'Hornblower' films I have Jamie and Ioan and the ability to fill in the blanks. ;) Here, there is a lot more fighting and the constant reminder that women were beaten, raped, and murdered on a regular basis. At least the films depict the English to be as bad as the French. And they've made me feel really sorry for Spain.

The Dead Zone returned this weekend and while I know the apocalypse storyline is truer to the novel, I really miss the stand alone eps with Johnny helping folks. Not to mention, his attempts at connecting with his son.

And while I haven't been so high on Doctor Who recently (I'll skip discussion of 'The Satan Pit' since it didn't much hold my attention), my enthusiasm was renewed by this week's installment - 'Love and Monsters'. I'm a sucker for episodes that take place from the outsider's POV or throw in humor where it's least expected. 'The X-Files' excelled at both types of storytelling and I could see elements of that series here. As an added bonus, this episode featured Marc Warren, an actor I've become familiar with watching Hustle and who I recently saw in Poirot and Sharpe's Company. I liked his portrayal of Elton so much (could the dancing to ELO have been any cuter?) I was hoping he could stick around, but then it would kind of interrupt his work on that other show. :/

I know some people don't care for Jackie, but she came off very sympathetic here. Rose and Mickey are gone and you could feel her lonliness as she's left waiting for the occasional phone call or visit. She's grown up a bit too, realizing how desperate she's coming across throwing herself at Elton as she did.

I only wish the ep hadn't come off the rails towards the end. Victor turned out to be a letdown after his true form was revealed (I also predicted he was some distant cousin to the Sleveen). And the Torchwood references and talk of possible character death (Jackie, Rose) was very heavy handed. But the sheer joy presented, as well as well developed supportinbg characters, overcomes the lazy storytelling.
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