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Doctor Who

A question regarding this weeks ep, plus some bitching. ;)

So, was the Doctor announcing he had been a father before a revelation just to Rose or the audiance as well? It certainly surprised me, but I'm new to the fandom so it could be a widely known fact.

I was actually liking this episode up until the last ten minutes or so when the writer seemingly decided to chuck logic. Would 80,000 people disappear on international television and the BBC still focus on the guy running with the torch? Would the guy still be running with the torch? And would they really let some guy on the street pick it up and run into the Olympic stadium with it?

I could also go on about how pissed off at the mother I am. You allow your daughter to be abused for years and then don't want to talk about it with her? Grrrrrrr.

And could the ending have been any more heavy-handed? On the other hand, I'm thinking Rose is going to be just fine because they've made it so obvious she's going to die. I swear, this show is making Ron Moore's writing look subtle.
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