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What I Did On My Quasi Summer Vacation

This is a somewhat belated vacation recap, but I included pictures so that should make up for it. And don't work brynnmck and danceswithwords, I did not include any embarrassing photos of you. Though that does remind me I have to send them to you. ;p

Thursday was mostly a travel day. Our big event was meeting brynnmck for lunch. This turned out to be quite an adventure. Bryn has many, many fine qualities and she’s an excellent hostess. Just do not let her give you directions. Though if you need to find a Vet Clinic in Issaquah, I can now get you there. ;p

We left for Vancouver late in the evening. Bryn driving, danceswithwords giving directions, and sdwolfpup and I trying to stay awake in the back. In our defense, SDW was being run ragged with work obligations and I was still on eastern standard time. So while it was ten for them it was one in the morning for me.

The trip to Vancouver was relatively uneventful. We were the only ones crossing the border at around Midnight and there was only one wrong turn into an iffy part of town. The hotel was decent with our room conveniently located right next to the elevator and the ice machine. I’m trying to recall if we watched some vids that night. We may have. I should mention that Bryn packed a DVD player which sounds silly, but we used it *a lot*. As well as the three laptops we had in the room. The only thing I can say with pride is that we did not IM each other.

Oh, and somehow the sleeping arrangements were determined by ship – Lee/Laura on one side and Lee/Kara on the other. I’m guessing things won’t change by the time Dragon*Con rolls around. ;)

I did decide I have to start downloading more vids. Some of the stuff I saw was fabulous! It’s just that prior to DSL downloading was not feasible. I also need to brush up on my critiquing skills because other than “That was really good” and “Did they really submit that?” I didn’t have much to say.

Friday we managed to hook up (not in THAT way pervs) with pukajen who proved an excellent tour guide. She pointed out several ‘X-Files’ locations including the motel that Mulder and Scully stayed at in the pilot (it looks so much nicer on TV) and the exterior of Scully’s apartment building. She also pointed out the famous library or as we like to call it, Where Helo Shot the Rat. She also maneuvered us around road construction which was no small feat. We did manage to see some arrows pointing to production shoots (they are fluorescent pink and green – hard to miss), but, sadly, saw no actual film shoots. My guess is they try to keep them to the outside of town.

Our first destination was the Vancouver Aquarium which is very cool. Not only does it have really big fish....

whales, and dolphins (who apparently when they don’t have an audience don’t put on much of a show – divas) and....

Otters holding hands! This is like the cutest thing ever. Seriously, I think they were the biggest attraction.

After the aquarium, we drove to Granville Island which is a lovely area of shops, restaurants, and a public market. Sadly, do to extreme hunger we missed the market (it closes at 7), but we had a wonderful meal in which I actually ate fish. See, I love shell fish, but generally stay away from just plain old fish. But I opted to try, I believe it was called, Arctic Char which had a salmon/lobster taste to it and it was quite yummy. Afterwards we went to the gelato place downstairs and had gelato to die for.

Losers that we are, we headed back to the hotel after eating to enjoy the rum that Brynn insisted we had to buy (not that I'm implying anything), watched more vids, and of course talked fandom stuff.

Saturday, we sadly had to drop SDW off at the train station because she dutifully returned to work duties and then we made our way to the studios where BSG and the Stargates are filmed. The Stargate studio is easy to spot since MGM has the names of its shows painted on the building. However, over at Vancouver Studios all they have is big letters. Still, we knew we were looking for building C. We saw A, B, D, F, J…I could go on, but no C. Apparently BSG shoots in a bunker. Sigh.

Following our aborted stalking attempts, we traveled back downtown because DWW had seen a billboard for the Mysteries of Egypt in Legos exhibit. Somehow we determined this was at Science World. Science World it should be noted is a children’s museum. Even so, it had some very cool and educational exhibits and not too many kids annoyed us. And some of the Lego stuff was most impressive.

Next stop was the library which I’ve already squeed about so I shall move on. We returned to Stanley Park to enjoy the scenery and walk one of the trails. Geek that I am I actually felt like I was walking around Caprica since it looks exactly as it does on TV. And Geeks that Brynn and I are we got into a discussion about ‘The X-Files’ triggered by this woman who was not keeping track of her little dog and I commented that doesn’t she know what happens to little dogs in the woods and look what happened to poor Queequeg!

Driving out of the park we happened upon a street with a lot of restaurants that looked promising. DWW spotted a tapas place that was excellent. We ordered several items and all of them were terrific. Then we headed over to the dessert bar that I spotted ;) and had slices of cake the size of our heads. :)

Since SDW had taken her vid collection with her, we ended up watching ‘Arrested Development’ that evening which Bryn had never seen and she rapidly became a fan.

We left Sunday and surprisingly got through customs without a hassle. DWW’s bowl of fruit did not get us busted. After crossing the border, I dutifully called my mother to say I was safely back in the U.S. Five minutes later I wished I was back in Canada.

That night we met up with shmarollynn for dinner and had a great time catching up with her as well as passing along bootleg Bamber to her. ;) I only wish we could have spent more time together. Stoopid life getting in the way of our fun. :/

Monday I think was sloth day. Most of the day, DWW and I spent on our computers (though I did manage to get my gmail straightened out for chat purposes so I felt semi-productive) and watching part of the ‘Buck Rogers’ marathon on Sci-Fi. No one should ever wear white spandex. It’s so wrong. And apparently the standard for what’s considered buff has changed *a lot* because when Buck was shirtless I was laughing.

DWW and I did have a plan to visit some museums…which were all closed. Instead we managed to do a quick walk through of the botanical gardens in Bellevue before having to meet Brynn at the car rental place. We ate dinner at Bryn’s, DWW making a scrumptious marinara sauce, made Mr. Bryn watch some BSG vids (thus traumatizing him for life), and watched another ‘Buck Rogers’ ep before heading to bed.

Tuesday we went to the airport and parted company. Is it September yet?

And I know very few of you ship Lee/Laura (you're loss :), but I'm going to pimp the Laura/Lee Fixathon once more since the master list is now up. There's some really good gen stuff up and the two vids that were produced do not have to be viewed as shippy. sdwolfpup's in particular I feel can be seen as a character vid from either POV. Go Look!
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