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This evening I went furniture shopping with my mother. She was looking for a table; I was looking for a chair. Surprisingly, when she saw me limping and I explained the foot injury, she did not freak out. And after walking around for a couple of hours the foot actually seems better. At least the limp is less pronounced. Anyway, we both failed in our quests, but I did not leave the store without a purchase. After months of debate and being presented with a not-pushy salesmen and a really, really good deal, I purchased a new queen size mattress. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but I need to point out that the mattress I sleep on now is 29 years old. It may explain some of the back pain I've had recently.

The slight hassle in all this is that the foot injury kept me out of the store until today, the last day of their sale. I missed this Tuesdays delivery from Simmons (they only had one of my choice in stock and it had sold already) and next Tuesday is the 4th which brings us to the 11th. The salesmen seemed a little concerned that I may pass on buying because of the long wait at which point I reiterated that my current mattress is 29 years old and I think I can wait. Delivery is currently scheduled for the 13th at which time I will have friends arriving from out of town. :) I'm crossing my fingers they can deliver in the morning, but mom agreed to sit at my apartment in the afternoon if need be. In the meantime, I have two weeks to look for new sheets. I figure I can make do with the existing comforters for the time being, especially since it's summer, and I'm very picky when it comes to buying a comforter. And I have to figure out some logistics. There is a fairly narrow space between my full size bed and the armoire across from it, so the new mattress may have to go sideways against the wall. Heh, maybe this will encourage me to look for a house. ;)

OK, this may be my most boring post ever.
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And because I am exceedingly nosy, did you get a pillow top or one of those that have the huge foam layer on the top to mimic the TemperPedic?
I narrowed it down to two (both Simmons) and one had the pillow top and the other the memory foam. I kept going back and forth between the two because I didn't feel any difference between the two tops. I finally asked the salesperson what the difference was between the two other than the top layer. This was somewaht a test of him because there was a significant price difference between the two mattresses. To his credit, imho, he did not try to sell me the more expensive mattress and explained that the foam is more expensive and there were a few other tiny differences, but he seemed to indicate they drive up the cost without a noticable difference in comfort. So I ended up going just with the pillow top which my mother said is the one I seemed to keep going back to.

Hee. You probably didn't want that much info. ;)
yes, an old mattress MIGHT explain your back pain.

Hey, if anything else was to explain the back pain I would not be complaining. ;p
I believe, technically, you MIGHT complain if the back pain were inflicted without adequate, erm, return on investment.
Well, I could end it with Lee and Laura breaking in the mattress or me and Jamie breaking it in, but while most people would get I'm kidding, there would be a few who think I've crossed over into teh crazy.

Actually, I got to thinking that in addition to sheets I'll also need a new matterss cover, plus something to cover up the not terribly attractive box spring. Which all made me realize that, damn, this is going to cost some money!

Btw, I'll be hanging out on gmail at lunch if you're around. I had something to run by you, but I can always do it in an e-mail. And, no, it's not a fic plot bunny. Sorry.
Ah, sorry, I'm in the library on one of the insane one-browser-window only computers, which also for some reason don't like gmail. I'm losing track of the time zone math, but I'll check if you're still there when I get home from the seminar.
Not boring at all, in fact, I've been mattress shopping myself, specifically a new box spring. It's what they a low profile box spring, which is about five inches lower than a regular one. So now my bed no longer resembles the Princess and the Pea, and it's low enough for me to boost myself on, and it feels so good to sleep in my own bed again!

You are so right, queen size sheets and blankets can be very expensive - may I suggest you check out QVC? They have excellent quality, and their prices are consistently better than the stores. I say this from experience. I know you need something now, but in the future you might want to check it out.
I had the high rise/low rise debate. I didn't think it was a big issue, but my mother swayed me to the low rise. Which, if I ever get a headboard, may be a good thing to have .
I think you'll like the low rise. And since you bought a good quality one, you won't have to worry about the support issue.
I've ordered from before and been happy with the merchendise I've received. I was going to head to BB&B and Linens & Things this weekend. If I don't find a good deal, I'll take names and check online. ;)
Definitely NOT boring. We want to upgrade our mattress, but that has to wait until we can pay someone to move our heyuge radiator so we can actually get a queen size bed in our "master" bedroom instead of the current full-size. Our bedroom layout is so craptastic; we had more room to work with in our old apartment than in this house!

(see, now THAT was boring, lol)

Glad your foot is finally starting to feel better!