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Spiderman 3

Thanks to the heads up from my Flist, I just watched the teaser trailer for 'Spiderman 3' HERE. Is it May 2007 yet? ;)
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From the trailer I think I will like this movie best of all three. I'm excited for it.

(Look, I'm commenting! *gasp*)
(Look, I'm commenting! *gasp*)

::marks calendar to remember to celebrate anniversary of SDW's free time::

It does look *really* good. And you know me, I'm a sucker for characters with a dark streak. ;-)
It does! And they didn't even show us much of the villians. This looks to be a great ending to the trilogy. :)
Oooh yes, we saw this last night before Superman. Very exciting!

And your Wolverine icon is le yum! ;)
I have to admit, this one looks *really* good. The first one was laughable; I can't even remember how many interior scenes in which you could actually see the microphone. The second one was a pleasant surprise. But the third? Da-yam, I am salivating with anticipation!