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Anyone else expect a shot of the Doctor running around with a kitchen sink? ;p Is there anything that wasn't thrown in? Let's see we had Torchwood (finally), Cybermen, Daleks, Micky! (OK, did not see that coming - very cool), and OMG heavy handed death monologue by Rose. Considering she's giving it and we are seeing her standing alone on some beach I'm assuming she either is talking about a metaphorical death or she dies and the Doctor finds a way to bring her back.

Overall, I liked this episode, though I think the Cybermen vs Dalek smackdown may be a bit much. And I find it hard to believe that ghosts show up and everyone is calm and rational about it a mere two months later.

I enjoyed Jackie quite a bit. She injected some much needed humor with her repeated "I was kidnapped", not to mention she surprisingly took it all in stride - no panic, no screaming, no accusations. My one quibble would be her speech to Rose about changing too much and becoming unrecognizable. She makes it sound like a very bad thing and I just can't see it as such. Now, if her intent was to stress that Rose is going to change to the point that she no longer fits in in the world she grew up in and will end up very alone and she's concerned, as her mother, about that I can understand. But the way it was written, that's not what I got out of it.

And where is Captain Jack? I thought he was to make an appearance before becoming part of 'Torchwood'? He better pop up next week. Everyone else is!
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