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Tomorrow I Have To Go Back To Work ::Weeps::

On the brightside, it will only be a three day work week. On the downside, typing this is a bitch because, oh, I cut my finger earlier making dinner. That new knife I got works really well! And between the foot injury and this I'm taking my clutziness to whole new levels.

So out of four days off, I managed to spend three of those days at my apartment. Thursday and Friday I did some major cleaning in preparation for visitors in two weeks. Actually, less than two weeks now. Eeeeee!!! I wish I could have thrown out more crap, but apparently I actually use a lot of stuff. And it's best not to mention some of the cleaning done in the kitchen.

Saturday I went on a quest to find new bedding. The plan is to reuse the comforters (I checked some out anyway and found nothing that compares to the quality of what I have), but I needed a mattress pad and sheets most definitely. I went with the mid-priced mattress pad. Who needs a heavily padded top when you have a pillow top mattress? And the sheets are made of bamboo. Who knew? Which turned out to be softer, imho, then some of the 600 thread count sheets I fondled. So I have bedding, deduced I don't have to move any furniture, but now must await the delivery of the bed.

In addition to cleaning and organizing, I've watched quite a bit TV. Finally saw 'The Notebook' in one of it's millionth showings on cable. Wasn't blown away, but Rachel and Ryan are OMG So Cute! And from all the kissing they got to do on screen I can see why they coupled up. And James Garner broke my heart at one point. But, no, I won't be running out to buy it on DVD.

I watched some of Wimbledon which I haven't done in years. My mother got her wish and saw Agassi go down in flames. Ok, maybe not flames, but it was essentially over after the first set. Neither one of us have ever been fans of his so we enjoyed the moment. ;) I also have enjoyed some good, but short lived TV. I managed to get through the first two discs of Ned & Stacey. Did Debra Messing ever win an Emmy for Will & Grace? I ask, because it now occurs to me she essentially played the same character on both shows so, not really doing much acting. I've watched the first six episodes of Eyes courtesy of romanticalgirl. Tim Daly is far too pretty not to have a successful show on the air dammit. And, right now, I'm watching Slings & Arrows which is making me contemplate viewing Due South. However, I'm too cheap to buy something I've never seen...unless it stars Hugh Jackman or Jamie Bamber. ;)

I'm probably the only person on LJ who hasn't seen Superman Returns yet. I had planned to go, but my movie buddy was out of town and then as I read reactions here I kind of lost interest again.

My big accomplishment is I fixed my e-mail! And I don't know how! I've had to compose all my emails in plain text because when I attempted to use rich text I get booted to a blank screen. Today, _jems_ posted a link to some cool Firefox extensions and I downloaded a couple plus some other updates I happened across and now I can use rich text again. Wheeeee!!!

The only thing I failed to accomplish was writing a single word of fic. Though, by taking care of so much other crap I now feel like I have time to write so maybe it was a good trade off.
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Messing did win an Emmy for W&G a few years ago. I remember it was quite a surprise too, cause it felt like "her time had passed" and that she would just always be nominated but never win. Interesting that she apparently isn't stretching her acting chops too much, based on your Ned & Stacey observations.

And I haven't seen Superman yet either, so you are not alone! :)
Let's see, Debra played a neurotic New Yorker with parent issues who shares an apartment with her sort-of husband. Sound familiar? ;)

And I haven't seen Superman yet either, so you are not alone!

Apparently, there are a few of us hold outs. Maybe we should start a community?
So who makes your new knife? (sorry about the cut)

I had heard you were so not interested in Sups I never bothered to contact you this morning (saw 10 o'clock am with
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So who makes your new knife? (sorry about the cut)

I had heard you were so not interested in Sups I never bothered to contact you this morning (saw 10 o'clock am with <ljuser=zarni> & hubby.

My mom thinks Notebok is a must see for men everywhere
Kitchenaid makes the knife.

There would have been no way I would have gone to a 10am showing. Now having read my friends reviews, I've returned to my original stance of waiting for the DVD.

You mother needs to get out more. :p
You mother needs to get out more. :p

Amen, Sister! You are SOOO Right!!!

I'll post more of a review later, but in general they rewrote Sups as a pining love sick puppy.

Don't think that is spoilery.
BTW I have no idea why lj repeated almost the entire post when I goofed up just the lj user reference.
But Rachel and Ryan? Beyond hot.

They seriously made that film, otherwise, meh.

So you're writing fic now? How did I miss this?

A husband, two kids, Writercon prep, work, original have a few excuses. ;) I could have sworn you read the first fic though. They're both Lee/Laura. The first was the Brig!Fic and the recent one was written for a fixathon.
I'm probably the only person on LJ who hasn't seen Superman Returns yet.

Nope. ;-)

Please be careful! Knives are slippery devils.

Bamboo sheets? If they're as soft as the bamboo yarn I've seen, I'm interested :) Who makes them?

Add me to the list of those who haven't seen Superman. I'm not interested - want to see Captain Jack, and wish Spiderman was coming out this summer!
I'll need to check the manufacturer of the sheets when I get home. I do recall seeing a sign stating they were a Bed, Bath, & Beyond exclusive. And now I'm curious about the yarn!

I think I'll end up taking a pass on 'Superman' now. I've seen too many so-so reviews on my Flist.
Thanks! I checked the BB&B website and I saw the sheets. Lovely colors, and the price for sets isn't bad either. The bamboo yarn I saw at my yarn shop is so soft, like the finest cotton, except the colors seem much more vivid.
I ended up just getting the cream colored sheets because I can be assured they won't clash with the red duvet, pillow cases, and curtains I already have. I can't afford a total room makeover. ;)

I guess bamboo is the new cotton?
Excellent choice - that cream is a really pretty shade too. I know what you mean :) I have a comforter and shams, so if I want to change the color I'll just buy a duvet, less expensive.

It looks like bamboo is the new cotton. The yarn is more expensive, though, so I wait for sales.

I'm probably the only person on LJ who hasn't seen Superman Returns yet.

We are the few, the brave. I didn't have much interest in it to begin with, and a couple of rants about Lois killed what little interest I did have.

You can buy bamboo yarn to knit with too. It's apparently quite soft.
Somehow comments like "Well, it wasn't as bad as I expected" don't encourage venturing to the theater. And Kate has born the brunt of the criticism. Singer can be really hit and miss with casting (see 'X-Men').

Lynn was commenting above about the bamboo yarn. Must be the latest thing. I was clueless until I saw the sheets in the store.
I haven't seen Superman yet either (and prolly won't catch it til it's on in demand) and HOW THE HELL DID I SPACE OUT SO MUCH I FORGOT WIMBLEDON??? (please don't tell your mom that Andre has been one of my tennis boyfriends for years) I will kick myself forever for missing that match :((((

Oh, and since I don't have an icon of Andre, you'll have to settle for my other current tennis boyfriend, Nic Massu ;)
I don't know how I ended up watching Wimbledon. I use to be glued to the TV during the tournamnet when Boris Becker played, but then my interest slowly drifted and I don't know who most of these teenagers are now! Andre kept it close during the first set and then the aches and pains got to him. Plus the guy on the other side of the net is No 2 in the world.
Well, let's hope said 19-yo-Spanish Boy kicks Roger's arse all the way back to Switzerland. It's not that Federer isn't a gracious guy and a great player; I just adore rooting against him!

::Gives Federer the hairy eyeball of doom, which hasn't worked yet, but is still worth trying::

As for Andre's age starting to show, I try not to think about that since he's only a year older than I am. I need him to keep playing so I can stave off the realization that I am getting OLD.

I fell in love with Nic Massu during the Olympics. Go Chile! And I do know who Andy Roddick is at least, since he's my sister's tennis boyfriend. But I guess he's not a teenager any more, and who the heck are all of these kids anyhoo?

I love Due South. Great to see Leslie Nelson as a Mountie in a few epsidoes. Also the show is a unique one. A Mountie who talks to the ghost of his father (who was a Mountie too). A great look at his past near the end of season 1 (with Melina Kanakaredes playing an old flame he had to arrest in the past) in Victoria's Secret and the Mounties on a train episode (All The Queen's Horses)is just freaking great in season 2. Some people say season 3 isn't that great, but it is just as good as the first two.
However, I'm too cheap to buy something I've never seen...unless it stars Hugh Jackman or Jamie Bamber. ;)

I'm so glad you have your priorities straight! ;)

Seriously, Due South is one of my fav TV shows. I'm still irked that it didn't get a very long run, and that it's difficult to get the DVDs for a decent price. I need my hot Mountie, dammit!
You know your Hot Mountie is spending time with a Cylon? ;)

Hey, have you checked out 'Slings & Arrows'? Hot Mountie reciting Shakespeare!
Superman Returns hasn't opened yet here, but I was lucky enough to get invited to a preview earlier in the week. And I (who had low/no expectations) absolutely loved it.

I found it well-written, intelligent and gripping. The homage to the original was there and well done, but it evolved the story in a new and credible way. I thought the performances were mostly excellent - Mr Routh in particular was subtle and engaging. And it had an emotional core! I even shed a tear or two in places. And no one was more suprised than me by all the above.